India is a land of beautiful roads and scenic highways. There are a large number of beautiful highways as well as inter-states roads are constructed in India. You should not forget to drive from these beautiful roads in India once in your life. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 beautiful, spectacular and scenic roads in India. So, let’s see!

5 Beautiful, Spectacular and Scenic Roads in India

1. Manali to Leh

Manali to Leh road is considered one of the most dangerous roads in India. It is also one of the most beautiful roads in India. The National Highway Leh-Manali connects Ladakh and Manali. This highway is a 490 km long road, with an elevation of more than 4000 m. You will get a stunning view of beautiful vallies during your trip from this highway.

Manali to Leh

2. Delhi to Jaipur

Delhi to Jaipur is one of the most beautiful roads in India. It is a 238 km highway between Delhi and Jaipur and may take up to 4.5 hours of travelling between two beautiful states of India. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are the most beautiful triangle of the country and also known as Golden Triangle of India.

Delhi to Jaipur

3. Jaisalmer to Barmer

Jaisalmer and Barmer are already most beautiful cities in the state of Rajasthan. Thar Desert is spread over many cities, especially from beautiful city Jaisalmer to Barmer. Jaisalmer to Barmer is 2 hours amazing road driver with distance of 159 km through the desert circuit, sand dunes along with the desert animals.

Jaisalmer to Barmer

4. Mumbai to Pune

Mumbai and Pune are one of the largest cities in India. Both cities are blessed with a beautiful Mumbai Pune Expressway. It is the first six-lane expressway in the country. It was constructed in the year 2002 to ease the traffic from the road. When you drive from this expressway, you will enjoy beautiful hills and natural surroundings.

Mumbai to Pune

5. Darjeeling to Gangtok

Darjeeling and Gangtok are one of the most beautiful travel destinations in India. When you drive from Darjeeling to Gangtok, you will see beautiful and marvelous hills. It is a life time experience which you will not forget. It is one of the most beautiful roads in India.

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Darjeeling to Gangtok

Article first published on June 5, 2015.

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