The world is changing everyday due to the latest technology. Lots of innovations carried out everyday in the world. The modern technology has changed the lives of human being worldwide. We have identified 10 cities which have the most high-tech living and modern infrastructure. We have considered the facilities while making this list, such as high speed internet, communications and lifestyle.

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Top 10 Most Advanced Cities in the World

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. It is the most high-tech city in the world. Tokyo is world’s one of the largest metropolitan cities with a total population 13,185,502 as per 1st August, 2011. In the city of Tokyo, the most of people use high speed Internet connection, Smartphones, telephones and advanced technology. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Tokyo is well connected with other major cities of the world.

Tokyo is also widely known for its skyscrapers. The people of Tokyo have latest cars, modern house/flats, best roads, infrastructure and much more. Tokyo has also one of the fastest rail lines in the world. The major airlines have direct flights to Tokyo from the major cities of the world.

Tokyo Night Skyline

2. Silicon Valley, USA

Silicon Valley is the most popular area in the state of California for its information technology related companies. Already thousands of people working in the IT industry in Silicon Valley. The most of citizens working in the high-tech industries as well as having the high-tech lifestyle. The world’s most popular tech companies are having headquarters in Silicon Valley such as Google, Apple, Facebook and so on. There are also countless tech companies, which have their offices in Silicon Valley such as Facebook, eBay, Intel, HP, Sun Microsystems, AOL, Mozilla, Symantec and others.

Silicon Valley View

3. Singapore

Singapore is the most popular destination for modern technology in the Asian continent. Singapore is the most hi-tech city in Asia. There are lots of companies, which have their research centers in Singapore such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Fuji, Temasek Holdings, Google and others. Singapore is also known for its high-rise buildings and apartments. The city has so many modern marvelous architectures such as the Marina Bay Sands, Underwater World and others.

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Singapore provides the free high speed Internet to its citizens. The majority of stores accepts Credit Card/Debit Card as well as mobile payments. Singapore uses toll technology which will identify how much time you have used road, based on that, it will charge you.

Singapore City Skyline Image

4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the high-tech capital of South Korea. The capital of the country is the world famous for its high-tech lifestyle. Seoul is the headquarters of so many global companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and many others. Seoul only accounts of 0.6 % total land of South Korea but it accounts 21% of GDP of the country. Seoul is another city from Asia with high-rise and skyscraper buildings everywhere in the city with latest technology. The most of the citizens in the city works in the high-tech industry.

Seoul City Aerial View

5. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and one of the fastest growing financial hubs of Asia. Taipei is one of the most advanced cities in the world. Taipei has high speed internet in the city in the most of areas and public place. Taipei has planned to double the current speed to 1 GBPS in the whole city by 2015. Taipei is also famous for its one of the tallest buildings in the world, named as ‘Taipei 101″.

Taipei Skyline during Night

6. New York, USA

New York is the financial capital of the world. New York is also the famous city for its high-rise buildings as well as the best internal transportation system. New York has the best subway facility in the world, which connects the entire city. The most of people are working in high-tech or its related industry in the city. There are countless tech companies, employs thousands of the people in the city. New York is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The people of New York use the most advanced technology in their daily life such as latest Smartphones, gadgets, electronic devices. They have also good Internet penetration compare to other cosmopolitan city.

Times Square New York Image

7. San Francisco, California, USA – Tech hub of America

San Francisco is one of the leading tech hubs in the United States. San Francisco is also the most popular destination for startups. There are so many large corporations and innovation centers located in the city. SF was one of the destinations of the dot com boom during the 1990s. At that time, lots of new tech startups were launched. At this time, still, lots of tech companies have their headquarters here.

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San Francisco is also having the most advanced citizens in the world. The people of the city of San Francisco use the most advanced technology in their daily life. The city has also the best and the most modern infrastructure with all the modern amenities.

San Francisco City Image

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the costliest cities in the world. Hong Kong is widely known for its high-rise and skyscrapers in the world. Hong Kong is the financial hub of the Asian continent. The people of Hong Kong know better how to use the technology in their daily life. In Hong Kong schools, students make their attendance with fingerprints. The Internet speed is one of the highest in the Asian continent.

Hong Kong City Skyline

9. Stockholm, Sweden – Europe’s Best City

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Stockholm recently emerged as the fastest growing technology hub of Europe. There are large numbers of tech startups are located in the city of Stockholm. These companies employ the thousands of people, which makes it one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the European continent.

The people of Stockholm enjoy the high speed Internet, computerized offices and schools. People didn’t require to visit any Government office because the most of the works of the Government can be done from online.

Stockholm City Aerial View Image

10. Bangalore, India

Bangalore is the fastest growing information technology hub of India. There are thousands of people are connected with the IT industry in the city of Bangalore. The major companies have opened their offices in the city such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Sun Micro-systems, Wipro, Infosys, TCS and much more.

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The people of Bangalore enjoy the high speed internet, the best infrastructure and the modern technology. Bangalore is also widely known as the “Silicon Valley of India”.

Bangalore Royal Palace


Article last re-published on February 19, 2015.

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  1. You guys wait a minute have you ever been to TOKYO have you seen its architecture. Am talking from exprience i dont know maybe its just that i get inspired so early. I advise you guyz to go there and see what am talking about for yourselfs

    1. i think it wont be that easy for hyderabad to overtake bangalore. in the next few years there is going to be even more development in bangalore and where bangalore could feature in top 5 and go better in rankings

    1. It is idiot. Bangalore is going to be the IT hub of the world overtaking silicon valley in USA within four years in 2020. Majority of the electronics and IT products that world uses are designed in Bangalore and manufactured in China. Even your computer. If you don’t know anything, then don’t comment. You will be humiliated.
      I don’t know where all these people are coming. Dude this is 21st century. Grow up.

  2. Hi!

    It is an amazing article regarding the list of the most advanced cities in the world. I am looking for the list of the most advanced cities in the world in countries Egypt, China, USA, India, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Spain, Norway, South Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

  3. Surprised Seattle wasn’t included on the list, though maybe it’s based more on judging the local infrastructure than the “culture”. Recently used to work for an international corporation located in the Seattle area, and whenever dealing with other offices around the world, it was easy to notice just how savvy and comfortable most Seattle folks are with hi-tech, certainly compared to most other urban areas, including many on this list. And among other things it’s very common there to find parents and kids who can configure a home router to network the family computers, just as easily as they can navigate their tv or park their car. And it’s no coincidence that Seattle and the Puget Sound region are also home to many of the top sci-fi authors in the world, whose business it is to imagine our future tech (Greg Bear, Nancy Kress, Lucius Shepard, Vonda McIntyre, Joanna Russ, Ted Chiang, et al).

  4. I think this ranking is cool with Singapore in the first three, but a month ago Singapore ranked sixth things are really changing, I’m so glad.

    1. Yes Prince Jonason, Singapore is one of the best city to live in the World. They have everything to offer any person requires. I really love this city.

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