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5 Topics You Should Discuss While Travelling in India

India is world’s second largest country in terms of population. So, you will find many types of people who believes in religious, modern technology, atheist and others. That’s why, it becomes important for any traveler to discuss on particular topics which interest you and opposite person.

Please try to avoid any controversial religious discussion. We have mentioned 5 most important topics which can be discussed during your visit to India.

Indian Republic Day Parade
Indian Republic Day Parade

5 Topics You Should Discuss While Travelling in India

1. Corruption

Corruption is the main problem of India. Every common man in India is suffering from corruption in the system. Most of politicians in India are corrupted and they are not interested to remove corruption. That’s why people everywhere discussing corruption. At every place, people often show their anger against corruption. So, it is the best topic to discuss with common man in the country.

Common man in India is helpless and they didn’t have any voice heard except voting time. So, if you have any topics which are related to corruption then definitely they will discuss with you.

2. Technology

Indian people has seen communication revolution in recent years. Before 1 decade ago, mobile communication was the luxury. Now, it is difficult for any common man to live without mobile phones.

Technology becomes integral part of every common man in the country. They purchase latest smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. You can share your thoughts on latest technology including mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets. People will love to hear from you if they will find things interesting.

3. Education

Before 2 decades ago, education was not so much important for lots of Indians. Now a days, education becomes integral and most important part of life. Majority of people considering education as the primary source of progress. So, you can share your thoughts on latest education trends, courses, career opportunities and much more. If you can provide better advice and discuss on future trends, they will be more than happy with you.

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4. Development

In India, people wants to make India most powerful country in the World. So, they always discuss about development of the country. Try to make some points where India is lacking which will make big impress of yours.

5. Politics

In India, most of people hate politicians. They always blame Indian politicians for the lack of development and problems of the country. So, try to understand the politics of the country and make some valid points about the politics. Do not take any side of the political party when you take part in the discussion.

Article Title: 5 Topics You Should Discuss While Travelling in India
Article last re-published on September 2, 2019.

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