Are you planning to visit India for the first time? Are you worried what to talk and what no? Then we have written this article specially for you. In this article, we have provided information on things you should not talk in India if you are a foreign traveller because most of Indians know what to talk and what not to talk anywhere in India due to some sensitive issues and problems. So, let’s see!

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5 Things You Should Not Talk in India If You Are Foreign Traveller

1. India – Pakistan

India – Pakistan relations are not good after partition of undivided India. So, it is very sensitive point for Indians. Thus, without knowing all things, a foreign traveller should avoid talking about India – Pakistan topic.

2. Political

Do not favor or oppose any political party in India. You will be greeted very well and honoured by everyone if you could avoid political discussion in India. If you praise any particular political party in India, then other party supporters would not like your point of view. So, it is better to avoid these types of topics while you travel in India.

3. Do not favour Pakistan

Many people in India consider Pakistan as one of their enemies. So, it is better to avoid discussion about Pakistan. Do not favour Pakistan at any places in India during your trip in the country. However, most of Indians want peaceful relations¬†with Pakistan, but due to political issues, it couldn’t happened.

4. Gay/Lesbian

It is not in culture of India to show your affection towards anyone in public places. So, Gay and Lesbian things are too much far away in the country. Most of people do not like to talk about gay and lesbians matter. Most of people shy to talk about these topics and consider it as sin. So, it is always better to avoid any discussion on gay/lesbian thing in public places. However, you can discuss it with known persons to you in your private and closed room.

5. Religion Discussions

It is one of the most sensitive topics in India. People would love if you praise their religion group but don’t ever try to go against them. If you don’t know anything at all, then don’t speak anything about religion topic, just listen what others are saying. Also, do not share your opinion, if you are not sure.

We hope that the information and tips will be useful to all foreign travellers.

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Article first published on October 9, 2015.

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