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How to Deal with Beggars in India [Best Tips & Guide]

India is one of the largest economies in the world. Still, India is suffering from the massive poverty. As per the latest report, almost 25% people living below the poverty line. It is the strange situation for those tourists not used to seeing it.

Most of tourists become confused, what to do? How to deal with these beggars? It is the regular thing for each and every Indian to deal with the beggars. I am going to share my best tips and guide which will help you to deal with beggars in India.

Beggars in India
Beggars in India

4 Best Tips on How to Deal with Beggars in India

1. Don’t give money, give food

It is my experience that you should not give money to any beggars in India. In some cases, children are used to get good money in the name of begging from the people. Most of children begging on the roadside or elsewhere, money will be taken by his/her parents or boss. So, try to avoid giving any money to beggars in India. Suppose, if you have given money to one beggar then countless beggars will follow you!

If you are really shocked by the beggars condition, then give him/her food. It is the best way to help beggars in India. So, your money will not be wasted by giving food to beggars.

2. Organized begging

In some cases, begging is the organized business run by business minded criminals. They often kidnap children to use them in the business of begging. If you are going to help beggars by giving him/her money, all the money will be taken by his/her boss. So, don’t promote beggar’s boss by giving your hard earned money.

3. Don’t show your wallet/purse

I am recommending you to do not open your wallet in the public area where beggars are there. They will immediately follow you to get some money from begging. In rare case, some beggars are also thieves. So, it is always advisable to keep your wallet secure. Keep some change and a few money in your pant to avoid this situation.

4. Keep some chocolates with you

If you don’t have time to purchase food for the beggars, then keep some chocolates for children to create smiles on their face. Smile on children will also give you positive energy. You can also use these chocolates to give other normal children to create smiles on their face.


You should not consider all the beggars as a lazy person because sometimes they have suffered in their life. Every beggar has their own story and life. Don’t judge all the beggars the same way in India. In some situation, they didn’t have any other options other than begging.

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Article last re-published on February 26, 2020.

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