India is one of the most inexpensive destination in the world. If you have traveled extensively in Europe, Middle East and North America then you will find India as the most inexpensive country to live in with extremely low budget. Prices of most products are cheap and comes in everyone’s budget. This low budget living fuel enthusiasm in traveler like me. It is very easy to live in India with US$10 per day without any hassle with minimal requirement life. I have given here Indian Rupee’s exchange rate with major currencies of the world.

Exchange Rate with Major Currencies

US$1 = Rs. 64.55
One Euro = Rs. 68.42
One British Pound Sterling = Rs. 80.10
One AUD = Rs. 48.39
One CAD = Rs. 48.36
One Saudi Riyal (SAR) = Rs. 17.22
One Nepalese Rupee = Rs. 0.63
One NZD = Rs. 44.94

How Much Does it Cost to Travel and Live in India

There are various cost including here such as VISA fees, accommodation, food, transportation, entrance fees for sites, internet charges and mobile call rate/SMS rate and so on.

VISA for India

India has a very liberal VISA policy for foreign tourists except some countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Recently, Indian Government has implemented a step which will provide VISA on Arrival to all countries residents except a few countries. In this new VISA policy, almost 180 countries tourists will get VISA on Arrival.

The Government of India already set up special web portal to cater the online applications. You must need to apply online for VISA on arrival and your application will be cleared within three working days. The visa fee for India is depend on various factors.

Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

Accommodation in India

India is an unique country where rich, poor and middle class people living their life peacefully. India offers luxury hotels as well as budget hotels for tourists. It’s an easy task to find budget hotels in India starting from just Rs. 500 (US$7.74). There are so many hostels and guest houses in India which provides rooms starting from just Rs. 100. So, you didn’t required to worry about your accommodation in India.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Are you looking for luxury hotels in India? Then don’t worry! Most of Indian cities have three star as well as five star hotels. Most of three star hotels in India rate start from Rs. 3000 and five star hotel rate start from Rs. 6000. Medium budget and high end budget hotels has Television set (TV), Internet, good cleaning, mattress, clean room, hot water, good furniture and so on. India has so many heritage hotels which provides best accommodation services to feel like royal.

A good number of online travel booking websites offers good discounts on hotels and travel packages on advance booking., MakeMyTrip, Musafir and ClearTrip are popular travel booking websites in India.

Food in India

Indians are food lovers and they loves to taste each and every food item. So, you can find food stalls in every street and roads in India. It’s an easy task to find a restaurant as well as small food stall in every corner of Indian cities and towns. Food is not much costly if you are not expecting a luxury life during your visit in the country. I have mentioned some of items / plates / dishes prices in restaurant or food stall. These items may be more costly and expensive in three star hotels and five star hotels.

Gujarati Thali

  • Gujarati Thali Prices (it includes dal bhat, batata, butter milk, papad and others) – Rs. 100 – Rs.200
  • Simple Dosa (Saada Dosa) – Rs. 50 – Rs. 60
  • Masala Dosa Rs. 50 – Rs. 100
  • Tea from tea stall – Rs. 10 – Rs. 20
  • Sandwich with butter – Rs. 30- Rs. 50
  • Chinese Bhel – Rs. 60 – Rs. 150
  • Punjabi Sabji (Veg. dish) – Rs. 100 – Rs. 350

Transportation in India

India is the 7th largest country in the world by area. Indian cities are not well connected through air route except major cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai. In this situation, Indian Railways and Public Bus Transportation helps you to reach your destination in less cost.

1. Indian Railways : It is one of the largest rail networks in the world. It is the cheapest transportation facility in India. It has a wide range of classes i.e. general class, 1AC, 2AC, 3AC, sleeper class and chair car. Sleeper Class is frequently used coach which is a reserved coach where each and every seat is allocated. While general class which is also known as third class has no reserved seats and most inconvenient any number of passengers can board into this class which makes it miserable. 1AC, 2AC and 3AC are most popular class among rich persons in India because it provides reserved seats (allocated seats), comfortable seats (bed), air-conditioner, electronic separate plug and best quality pillow and blanket.

Indian Railways

It is always recommended to reserve your seat prior to one month, otherwise you have to suffer to get confirmed seat in any given train in India. For latest fares, and reservation status information, please visit the official website of IRCTC.

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Buses : In India, government as well as private companies runs buses in short and long routes. It’s not an easy task to travel in buses in long routes if buses didn’t have good quality seats. Traveljee always recommended Indian Railways in long distance. Buses are okay in short distance such as 1 hour, 2 hour or even 3-4 hours journey.

Delhi DTC Bus


Rate of ticket is vary depend on the route, type of bus, operator either government or private and so on. Sometime, government buses have fine quality seats with less ticket rates. However, in some places, government buses quality are worst. Sometime government buses are overcrowded and less passenger friendly. Its your luck!

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