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6 Best Travel Tips for Solo Travellers in India: Safety Tips, Cost, and More

India is the second largest country in the world by population. India is a very large country in terms of area and different culture in every region.

You can’t understand the whole country in just a few weeks of travel. If you didn’t know what to do while travelling alone in India, then read my best tips & guide here.

Indian Railways Train
Indian Railways Train

6 Best Travel Tips for Solo Travellers in India: Safety Tips, Cost, and More

1. Safety

Safety is the main concern for female solo travellers in India. Due to recent incidents, female solo travellers showed their concern about safety in India. As per my recommendations, avoid walking alone at night in some areas of your destination. In most of the cities, there might be some bad places where you should not walk alone during night. In India, most of cities and places are safe to visit as a solo female traveller but require some tips to follow.

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Travel Safety Tips
Travel Safety Tips

2. Transportation

India is the 7th largest country in the world by area. So, you have to plan your travel in advance for one place to another. It will save your time and money. Indian Railways is the best and safest option to reach from one destination to another. It is also cheapest mode of travel in the country. They have widest network in the country, connecting major cities of India.

If you are thinking to travel through Indian Railways, book your tickets in advance to avoid waiting. As per my experience, most of express and super fast trains run fully packed in all classes i.e. Sleeper Class, Chair Car and AC. You can book your train tickets in advance through the online portal of the Indian Railways.

Indian Railways
Indian Railways

3. Accommodation

India is one of the cheapest country for travellers. You didn’t require to spend a huge budget on the accommodation. If you are a male solo traveller, then guest house is the best and cheapest option for the accommodation in India. Sometime, there is a safety concern for the female solo traveller in India while selecting accommodation. I am also recommending you to select budget hotels for your night stay instead of cheap guest houses.

4. Buy bottled water

In India, it is difficult to find pure drinking water in many places. It is not advisable to drink any water in the country. You should buy bottled water from any hotel, restaurant or even from PAN shops. If you didn’t want to waste your time finding mineral water from these places, simply carry a drinking water from your hotel.

5. Visitors Fees

In most of tourist places in India, there are two types of entrance fees i.e. fees for Indian nationals and fees for foreigners. You have to pay more visitor fee, if you are foreigner visiting a tourist place in India. So, get details of visitor fees before finalization of your plans.

6. General Tips

If you follow above mentioned travel tips, then I don’t think you may require further tips. Still, I want to add some other miscellaneous tips such as avoid open food, do not open your purse in public places, don’t be friendly too much with unknown persons and many others.

Article Title: 6 Best Travel Tips for Solo Travellers in India: Safety Tips, Cost, and More
Article last-republished on September 8, 2019.

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