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Top 10 Most Unusual Borders in the World [with Pictures]

The number of unusual borders around the world are less and can be counted with fingers. The bizarre borders are must to see for the people who loves to explore unusual things around the world. The border dispute between two countries are nothing new to the world. However, bizarre borders are so much unusual things among the tourists.

Let’s find out the unusual borders in the world with pictures.

10. Egypt and Sudan Border (Halaib and Bir Tawil)

Earlier, border was created between Sudan and Egypt in 1899 but the United Kingdom drew a different border between these two nations in 1902 inadvertently i.e. Bir Tawil which is 795 square miles plot in total size. Halaib has a lot of natural resources and the best area for the development for any nation. Both countries (Egypt & Sudan) claimed this territory (Halaib) but no one is ready to take Bir Tawil. So, Bir Tawil is the second land of piece after the Antarctica which is not claimed by any nation.

9. Russia, North Korea and China (Tumen River)

The Tumen River is situated in the Northeastern Asia. Almost three countries borders are connected with this river i.e. China, Russia and North Korea. If we start our journey from North Korea side and after a half mile distance, you will pass through China and end your journey in Russia which makes it one of the most unusual borders in the world.

Russia, China and North Korea
Russia, China and North Korea, Photo Credit: Google Maps/Business Insider

8. The Gambia and Senegal

The Gambia and Senegal have one of the unusual borders in the world. The Gambia lies entirely within Senegal. The Gambia was the British colony in the past and now an independent country in the African continent.

The Gambia and Senegal Bridge
The Gambia and Senegal Bridge, Photo Credit: AFP/African Development Bank

7. Spain and Morocco Border (Ceuta)

Ceuta is one of the autonomous cities in Spain which has border with Morocco. Ceuta is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Morocco has claimed autonomous city of Melilla, Ceuta and some other Mediterranean islands. After this claim, Spain has built 3 meter fencing to prevent any misdeed by Morocco.

Spain and Morocco Border
Spain and Morocco Border, Photo Credit: Reuters

8. India and Bangladesh Border (Cooch-Behar District)

The border of India and Bangladesh which passes through the district of Cooch-Behar is included in one of the most unusual borders of the world. This border connects India and Bangladesh.

India and Bangladesh Border
India and Bangladesh Border, Photo Credit: Shazia Rahman/GettyImages

7. South Korea and North Korea Border (Korean Demilitarized Zone)

North Korea and South Korea are at the war since many decades. This 258 kilometres of land is known as the Korean DMZ which divides both countries. The border is also one of the most heavily militarized borders in the world. You can find 24 hours of patrolling soldiers on the border. A cease-fire agreement was made in the year 1953 but we can’t find any peace between these two countries thereafter.

South Korea and North Korea Border
South Korea and North Korea Border, Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

6. The Netherlands and Belgium Border (Baarle-Nassau/Baarle-Hertog)

Baarle-Nassau is a small town, situated in the Netherlands. Baarle-Hertog is also a small town, situated in the Belgium. Both countries have much complicated border which passes through some houses. It makes one of the most awesome and unusual borders in the world. We are recommending you to visit this place once in your life.

5. Nepal and China Border (Mount Everest)

The Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Are you confused, why mount Everest here? Isn’t it strange? The Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, passes through the two countries Nepal and China. Even border of these two countries also passes from the middle of the mountain. It is also considered as the highest border area in the world.

4. Canada and US Border (Derby Line, Vermont)

Derby Line, Vermont separate the United States and Canada. In some cases, border passes from various houses and buildings of the town. You will also find some houses in Derby Line, which falls in both countries. Their kitchen falls in one country and bedroom falls in another country. So, Derby Line is also included in the list of the most unusual borders of the world.

Canada and US Border
Canada and US Border, Photo Credit: Haskell Free Library & Opera House

3. Azerbaijan-Armenia Border

Azerbaijan and Armenia border has total four exclaves which lies in the opposite side of the country. For example, Naxcivan exclave is mostly located in the Armenian territory but power holds by Azerbaijan. It is one of the most interesting facts about the both countries.

2. China-Pakistan-India Border

Karakoram Range, Kashmir is the point where India, Pakistan and China borders meet. It is one of the most disputed areas in the world and still there is no final agreement done by any country. China-India and Pakistan-India already fought full-fledged war in the past.

1. United States – Canada Border (Angle Inlet)

Southeastern Manitoba, Canada which lies in the parts of the Lake of the Woods in the United States which is also known as Northwest Angle. Manitoba and Ontario or Minnesota is the only way to reach the exclave. United States and Canada have one of the best diplomatic relations in the region.

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