India is the fastest growing economy in the world. In the past, it was dream for India to have a high rise building due to low demand of real estate space. Now, there is a high demand of real estate space which leads to more high rise buildings in the country. Before few years ago, most of high rise buildings were built in the metro cities. Now, even Tier II cities are developing high rise buildings.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in India by height

1. Imperial Tower 1, Mumbai

Imperial Tower 1 is the tallest building in the country. It was developed by Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd, a giant construction group of the country. There are 60 floors in the building with height of 254 metres (833 ft). It was opened in 2010 for the public for residential purpose.

2. Imperial Tower 2, Mumbai

Imperial Tower 2 is second tallest building in India. It was developed with Imperial Tower 2 i.e. both are twin towers. All things are same such as height, total floors, space and purpose. It was also developed by the Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd.

Imperial Tower 1 in Mumbai
Imperial Tower 1 in Mumbai 

3. World Crest

World Crest is also known as “World One” tower which is the third largest in the country. After its completion, World One become the tallest residential tower in the world. It was developed on the land of Shrinivas Mill by the Lodha Group. It is located at Upper Worli in Mumbai. It is expected that it will cost US$300 million.

World Crest, Mumbai
World Crest, Mumbai

4. Lodha Bellissimo Tower 1

Lodha Bellissimo is the fourth tallest building in the country. It was developed by the Lodha Group, a pioneer in building high rise apartments. There are total 53 floors with height of 222 m (728 feet). The construction of this building was completed in 2012.

Lodha Bellissimo Towers, Mumbai
Lodha Bellissimo Towers, Mumbai

5. Lodha Bellissimo, Tower 2

Lodha Bellissimo is another tallest building in Mumbai with height of 222 m (728 ft). Its construction was completed in 2012 and opened for public as residential tower. There are total 53 floors in the building.

6. Kohinoor Square

Kohinoor Square is the sixth tallent building in the list with a height of 203 m (666 ft). It was developed by Kohinoor Group with a cost of US$350 million. It is located at Shivaji Park in Mumbai with purpose of shopping mall, hotel and residence.

Kohinoor Square, Mumbai
Kohinoor Square, Mumbai

7. Vivarea 1

Vivarea 1 is one of the tallest buildings in India. It was developed by K Raheja Corporation with purpose of residential flats. There are total 45 floors with a height of 200 metres (656 ft). It was opened in 2012 for public.

Vivarea, Mumbai
Vivarea, Mumbai

8. Vivarea 2 – Information is same as 7th number.

9. Vivarea 3 – Information is same as 7th number.

10. Ashok Towers D

Ashok Towers D is one of the tallest buildings in India. It was developed for the purpose of residential tower. It has total 49 floors with a height of 193 m (633 ft). It was opened in 2009 for public.

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Article last re-published on April 14, 2015.

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