Shanghai NYE

Shanghai New Years Eve 2019 Best Hotels to Stay, Deals, Hotel Packages, Best Places to Celebrate and More

Shanghai is a beautiful new years eve party destination in the People’s Republic of China. The city attracts a large number of party goers from various parts of the country. A good number of hotels, resorts, nightclubs, dance clubs and private party venues organizes special New Years Eve party and event to welcome the new…

Shanghai New Years Eve Fireworks

Shanghai New Years Eve Fireworks 2018: Live Streaming Tips and Celebration Information

Shanghai New Years Eve Fireworks 2018 is one of the best moments awaited by everyone. Shanghai does not require any introduction of it’s beautiful new year fireworks. Traveljee is expecting a grand event of Shanghai New Years Eve Fireworks 2018, which will be viewed by thousands of people in the city. Shanghai organizes one of…

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