How to Monetize Your Travel Blog to Make Money Online

Travel blogging is the latest trend among tourists. They make money online while travelling. It is the superb job if you love travel and still wants to make money. You will be paid for writing your travel experiences, paid trip, free tour and so on. You can do all these things by doing blogging about travel. Most of people like travelling but they pay expenses their own. Have you ever seen a person travel and make money? Yes, they must be travel bloggers. So, if you have travel blog/site and thinking how to monetize travel blog then read my best tips & guide.

7 Ways to monetize your travel blog to make money online

1. Google AdSense

Yes, its Google AdSense which makes easy for thousands of bloggers to fulfill their dream. It is the most popular monetizing method to earn money writing for travel blogs. Popular blogs and websites use Google Adsense such as TechCrunch, Digg, PlentyOfFish (POF), Mashable and eHow. I think this list is endless because most of popular websites are monetized with Google AdSense for higher earnings.

As per my experience, it is not easy to get into AdSense. You must have decent and unique content with good numbers of visitors. Please follow their policy to get approved. Our blog Traveljee.com is also using Google AdSense to monetize travel content. So, it is the most easiest way to earn money from travel blog.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

2. Make Commission on Hotel Booking Affiliates

Who will visit your travel blog? But obvious, tourists. Most of them always looking for information on various hotel deals. Provide them best information on particular hotel with your review and put your affiliate link in the article. If your reader find that article useful and trusted, he/she will book through your links and you will get paid by the hotel. Most of hotels provides decent commission.

Affiliate Marketing Image
Affiliate Marketing Image

It requires so much targeted traffic to get good commission. Travel blogs which are getting less page views/visitors are recommended to do not try hotel affiliates. They should use Google Adsense to monetize their travel websites.

3. Paid Post / Guest Post

Paid Post and Guest Post are the latest trend among travel bloggers. Lots of travel agents, travel companies and travel portals wants to increase their business online. So, travel blogs are the best way to promote their company. Rate is depend on your Alexa ranking, DA and PA, Total Page views/visitors and more.

Accepting paid post is the strictly prohibited by Google Webmaster Guidelines. So, be careful and think twice before accepting any bad paid post or guest post.

4. Make Commission on Flight Booking Affiliates

My first sentence for flight booking affiliate is, I don’t like it! You have to sell flight tickets to your readers to make tiny commission. So, why sell tickets to someone with big amount and get less commission? It’s better to create your own product and sell it (next monetize method).

5. Create your own Product and sell it

Well, I will not try flight booking affiliate and hotel booking due to less conversation rates. They provide good commission but all over earnings will be less compare to other monetize methods. It is better to create your own travel related product and sell it online. For example, create travel guide ebook and sell it with cheap price such as US$1.99 or US$4.99. Less price will increase your sell as well as popularity of the book.

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6. Provide Local Tour Guide Service

If you are located in major city of your country then local tour guide is the best option. Create a separate page with title ‘<city name> Tour Guide’. Provide essential information such as your expertise area, rate and benefits your tour guide.

7. Earn money from Travel Photography

Travel photography is the best way to earn money. Be in touch with popular magazines, news papers and travel blogs/websites. Sell them your beautiful and unique photographs for publication. It is the steady income to start your own travel photography business. It is also one of the best method to earn money while travelling abroad.

Which is your favourite way to monetize your travel content?

Article Title: How to Monetize Your Travel Blog to Make Money Online
Article last re-published on July 30, 2019.

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