Titanic II ship is the much expected and awaited ship around the world. It was due in 2016 but the developer cancelled it by 2018. It was first announced by the Australian billionaire Clive Palmer in April, 2012. The construction of Titanic II ship was delayed and the final launch date was set 2018. The launch date was set 2016 when it was first announced.

Original Titanic Ship. Image Source: IrishCentral.com

Approx. Cost

According to the latest reports, Titanic II ship will cost about $500 million. It will be considered as one of the most expensive cruise ships in the world.

Expected Release Date

In the first announcement, the developer set the launch date 2016 year. In 2016, the company again delayed the launch date to 2018 year due to some reasons. However, many experts claimed that the launch date will again be delayed. A large number of passengers are waiting for titanic release date and we too!

Financial Issues

Clive Palmer was failed to raise the capital to construct the replica of original Titanic. Even the Titanic II Ship’s proposed construction company also stated that the work is halted at the site. Palmer failed to get funding for his venture. According to the latest reports, his corporate jet was put up for sale and his charitable contributions had declined.

Delay, Delay and Just Delay

A spokesman told the reporters that the project is just delayed and the company is going to launch the Titanic II ship in 2018. CNN also published an article stating the project is delayed by two years and pushed back to 2018. A few experts and news reports have also surfaced that the Titanic II Ship will not sail in 2018 because no construction work started till date. Titanic release date is not finalized yet and we are not seeing anything happens in near time.

Maiden Voyage

The Titanic II Ship is expected to start it’s maiden voyage from Jiangsu, China and travel to Dubai, UAE. However, this information is not finalized. The Titanic 2 maiden voyage date is not announced yet by the company.

Ticket Prices

The company didn’t provided any information on ticket pricing and number of rooms for passengers. A large number of people shown their interest to buy Titanic II ship tickets in its maiden voyage.

Modern Facilities

“The new Titanic will of course have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st century ship,” said James McDonald, the global marketing director of Palmer’s company Blue Star Line.

Photographs Released

Blue Star Line has released the photographs of the expected cruise ship.

Latest News

According to official Twitter handle of New Titanic, the construction of new Titanic aka Titanic II Ship is going on in Daying county, Sichuan, China. The photographs are given below.

New Titanic II Ship Construction Site, Image Credit: New Titanic Twitter Handle (Verified)

Fast Facts About Titanic II

  • Decks: 9
  • Construction Timeline: TBD
  • Height: 174ft
  • Crew: 900
  • Maiden Voyage: Scheduled for 2018
  • Maximum Speed: 24 knots
  • Lifeboat capacity: 2700
  • Construction company: CSC Jinling Shipyard in Jiangsu, China
  • Passengers: 2435
  • Cost: TBD

Questions Asked by Our Readers

Q. 1: How much did it cost to ride the Titanic?
Answer: The final ticket prices for Titanic II Ship is not announced yet.

Q. 2: What is the sailing date of Titanic II Ship?
Answer: The final sailing date is yet to be announced by the parent company.

Q.3: How many boats new titanic will have?
Answer: Based on news reports, Titanic II Ship will have enough number of life saving boats.

Q.4: Are they really making Titanic 2 Ship?
Answer: It’s a difficult question to be answered. We don’t know the current status of Titanic 2 Ship construction.

Q.5: When is Titanic 2 coming out?
Answer: We don’t know the exact date of Titanic II launch but based on media reports, Titanic 2 Ship will sail in 2018.

Q.6: What is the construction cost of Titanic 2 Ship?
Answer: The approx. construction cost of Titanic 2 ship is $500 million. The construction cost may be increased as the project is being delayed by a few years.

Q.7: Titanic ticket prices then and now?
Answer: The original Titanic ship ticket prices (RMS Titanic ship ticket prices) were ranged from £870 or $4,350 (first-class parlor suite), and £8 or $40 (third-class passage), according to the The Washington Times. Based on inflation, the ticket prices are now equals to $50,000 to $460.

Q.8: What is the cost of Titanic 2 ticket prices for 1st class?
Answer: The Blue Star Line is yet to announce the ticket prices for all class including 1st class for Titanic 2 ship.

Q.9: Where to reserve / book your tickets for Titanic 2 Ship?
Answer: The company is not taking any titanic 2 booking right now. Just wait and watch!

Article Title: Titanic II Ship Release Date 2018, Ticket Prices, Construction Cost, Facts
Article last re-published on April 8, 2017.

42 thoughts on “Titanic II Ship Release Date 2018, Ticket Prices, Construction Cost, Facts”

  1. I just wonder if the ship will be sailing in any kind of cold water. Because if there is a chance of icebergs. Liverpool would be absolutely insane. History could repeat it self . Surly praying that God wouldn’t allow it to happen again.

  2. Im shocked to see that peiple have not learned from history. All the comments of history not repeating itself and that this obe will not sink is just putting it out to the universe that more lessons are needed and thats unfortunate. Any ship can sink, any plane can crash.. its just how it is! Humans need to stop believing we are the power because mother nature will always push us back down to humbleness.

    Still with all of this, I would have to be on this ship if it will actually be made. I have studied the Titanic for 20 years and even though i would be nervous about another sinking, i would just have to see the ship for myself. If they design the ship like the first, than at least i could see as close to the first ship as i could. I do wish i could go down on a submarine and see the true ship but thats not easy to do.

  3. I am 16 as of right now and turn 17 in December. I want to get on first class because my favorite actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) may be on there but dont know what to do. My dad doesnt want me going because history repeats itself. I am trying to save money for it now and was wondering how much i need to save.

  4. I saw on another sight that the tickets cost 900,000 to a million per ticket per person why that much? Just for one cabin

  5. This would be one the most lovely highlights of our marriage to celebrate our 50th on board of The Titanic 2 we cant wait to hear the news of the sailing dates and tickets…. we are so excited, and thank you to all involved to keep history alive and the for the memories we will be able to build and create with our family on the Titanic 2. Again we are so excited and we will be watching for updates

  6. This would be the highlight of our marriage to celebrate our 50th on board of The Titanic 2 we cant wait to hear the news of the sailing dates and tickets…. we are so excited, and thank you to all involved to keep history alive and the for the memories we will be able to build and create with our family on the Titanic 2. Again we are so excited and we will be watching for updates

  7. I am very excited about witnessing the Titanic II being built. I am not surprised that the ship is taking a while to be built, because the original Titanic took years to be built and planned. Even it took years, there were a lot of technical issues and miscommunication with other ships. For this project to take a while and be launched next year, it would be great, because that means that every detail of the ship and its crew is going to be well-thought out and the safety procedures would be well-planned out. I hope people don’t say that this ship is unsinkable, because that quote alone sunk the original Titanic. Like the survivors of the Titanic had said, “The sinking was an act of God.” This means that man-made objects cannot be placed above God, because God punishes for that. I pray each day that this project is safe, complete, and that we all get to enjoy it. This is a true part of history and I would love to be a second class passenger or a first class passenger. I have my wardrobe planned out, all I need is the second class ticket or the first class ticket. I am very excited about this and I cannot wait! Email me on the updates on the tickets and the day as well as time of the Titanic II launch. Also, the Titanic had it’s on ferry for the passengers to ride in it to go directly to the Titanic. Would the Titanic II have the same thing?

  8. I want to take my daughter on the Titanic 2 when will you know how much the tickets will be for definite prices

  9. I would give my life to sail on the Titanic II. Even if it perished I would be honored to go down with it. I would like to know how much it would cost to purchase a ticket or work on the ship in some way. I have always been so fascinated with the Titanic and would do whatever it takes to be a part of it.

  10. I probably know everything that you could know about the titanic and it would be a dream come true to be able to go on that ship. Also I do not think that it will sink because there was an article that said that all the technology would be 21st century tech and that there would be enough life boats for everyone. Also for tbhe people on the look out they could actually give them binoculars so that they can see. Please help me figure out the ticket prices for 6 people. It would be a dream come true 😉

  11. I am a 28 year career hairdresser with 8 years managerial experience. How does one apply for employment on the ship for the maiden voyage and thereafter? Nobody will run that ships salon like I will!
    Dano DeVries, New Jersey.

  12. How much cost of Titanic 2 tickets? I would like to purches two first class tickets. If anyone know please inform me..because its my passion. And I think it never sink again..

    1. Yahhh I will shee titanic movie I get a hurt so many dead n capton dead n I hope titanic ship is the best ship n strong ship very powerfull ship n I bigest fan of titanic 2 n I very happy titanic is back yuppppp…….!!!!! We I luv u titanic

  13. It would be absolutely great to be a part of Titanic II voyage. I will do anything ( except theft ) to get this ticket and will try my best to be a part of this voyage. One thing for sure, it will not sink. We all will be safe.

  14. It will be a disaster. It will sink. Mark my words. May not have as many casualties but there will be a tragic outcome.

    1. Hi my name is Seth Harrison and im going sail on this Titanic. I don’t think history would repeat its self. If it does come to that point then i guess ships like that were not meant to be in the water any more. What I’m trying to say is maybe it will sink maybe it won’t but im 97.6% sure history was not meant to repeat.

      1. It’s not the historical issue of repeating itself, it’s the cheap Chinese metal which will rust before the ship reaches its final destination.

        Made in China = Buy extra life insurance

  15. You are confusing two projects. The ship that is currently being built in Sichuan, China has NOTHING to do with Clive Palmer’s project. It is a stationary all-Chinese replica that will never leave a far-inland reservoir in the river Qi, where it will be a floating hotel and a theme park attraction.

    There are so far no signs that Clive Palmer is building anything or that his project will ever come to fruition. Even the revised launch date of 2018 is pretty impossible now. We are well into 2017 and no construction or even steel cutting has started.

    Forget about Palmer, at least for now. In 2019 you can at least go to a Titanic-shaped floating hotel in China. All the iconic locations, like the Grand Staircase, will likely be reproduced with fair accuracy.

  16. Just an ” OMG ” . I have been a die hard fan of titanic . Ask me anything bout it …answers r wid me 24×7 hours . I would just love to purchase a first class ticket nd experience d beauty nd d nature of d ship . Just go back in those times nd feel it .

  17. I’m too excited for this titanic replica..i’m always facinated by the ship..l would like to purches a third class ticket …to explore the trip adventures way….and i dont think that it’s going to sink again…and if it will we are not going to die like Jack cause this time there will be enough life boats…i does’nt matter if it’s sink again..may be i’ll have a life time experience to remember..because i’m going to got into the life boat…

      1. There actually were not enough boats, Louise. While the boats that were there may have not filled up to capacity, the originals Titanic could have held 64 rescue boats total but due to the belief that it was unsinkable, the designers decided against adding all 64 boats due to wanting to save space.

  18. I think it is Great for them to build another Ship like Titanic. My Brother Michael had always been a Big Fan of the first Titanic. Oh how, I wish that I could purchase 8 Tickets so, that My Parents , My Brother and his Wife , My Wife and Myself, and MY Wife’s Parents, could all take a Ride on the Greatest Ship Ever Made since the First One in 1912… My Brother did a whole Article on The Titanic back in the 5 th.grade. And since then, he talks about how, he would love to see the New Titanic 2 and possibly go on a Cruise on The Titanic 2. So, If anyone is interested in helping me out and purchase the 8 Tickets for me, I would be totally Greatful. Sincerely, Brian Anderson

  19. Wow, after the first Titanic, they are building another one? This is not a brilliant idea after what happened to the first Titanic. I mean come on, what if the new ship sinks, who in their right mind would build a second Titanic? Although, I wonder if the Titanic was jinxed or something. One of the people said from the movie, “God himself cannot sink this ship.” If I were the person that came up with this idea, I would cancel the trip. I just don’t think it’s safe.

    1. Some people would definitely say that the titanic was cursed especially seeing as how it was a sister ship of two others (the Britannic and the Olympic) all of which encountered disaster on their maiden voyages. Whilst the Olympic survived and managed to become a reliable vessel well-known for its use in the world war, both Britannic and titanic sunk on their maiden voyage.

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