Due to the growing economy, the Indian tycoons are creating records in building the most expensive homes in the world. It is a dream for each and every middle-class man in India to own a home in their own city. You just need to whopping money to buy a good flat or house in metro cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and such other cities. Do you know, which are the most expensive homes in India? Traveljee has compiled a such list to show how rich Indians spend their money to build their dream home.

7 Most Expensive Homes in India

1. Antilla, Mumbai

Antilla is one of the most talked homes in India. It is the official residence of Mukesh Ambani, the major stake holder in the Reliance Industries. According to various reports, he spent a whopping US$2 billion to build his dream home. US$2 billion is equivalent to many countries GDP such as Grenada, Saint Lucia, Comoros, San Marino, Solomon Islands, Dominica,Tonga and many others. The house built on a land of 400,000 square feet, 27 floors high montrosity, for 5 people! Antilla is located in the South Mumbai, one of the most expensive areas in the city. FYI, Mukesh Ambani hired a staff of 600 to maintain the residence.

Antilla - Mumbai, India

2. Abode, Mumbai

Anil Ambani is real brother of Mukesh Ambani, who owns the most expensive home in India. Anil Ambani want to give tough competition to his brother by owning one of the most expensive homes in India. According to the media reports, the cost of the building is reaching US$1 billion which may increase in future. Abode is currently under construction and will be ready in near time. Anil Ambani is the major stake holder in Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG).

Anil Ambani Abode in Mumbai

3. JK House, Mumbai

JK House is under construction and it looks alike Antilla, owned by Mukesh Ambani. Gautam Singhania, one of the richest persons in India developing JK House in Breach Candy, Mumbai. The home is 30 levels and has all luxury amenities to fullfill the need of Gautam Singhania. The house will also have private helipad in the building, according to the recent reports.

JK House, Mumbai

4. NCPA Apartments

The NCPA Apartments, located at Nariman Point, Mumbai are one of the most expensive homes in India. You often read in the news, that how a flat sold for a hell amount of money (read truck-load of money). In the past, a 4BHK flat has been sold for Rs. 34 crores! So, you should imagine the total value of the apartment. The most of owners must be a millionaire or billionaire to own such a expensive flat!

NCPA Apartments

5. Mannat, Mumbai

Mannat, the official residence of the king of Bollywood is considered as one of the most expensive homes in India. Shahrukh Khan is also named as the second richest actor in the world with a whopping net worth of US$600 million. Mannat has also all the modern amenities such as private swimming pool, a large number of bedrooms, round the clock security, and much more. The valuation of Mannat is around Rs. 120 – 150 crore according to the latest news reports.

Mannat, Mumbai

6. Bakhtawar, Mumbai

Bakhtawar is the official residence of Ratan Tata, the former Chairman of Tata Group, a multi-billion business group. Bakhtawar has all the modern amenities such as infinity pool, gym, a lot of bedrooms, private helipad, media room, sun deck, lounge, and much other. This home is spread over a land of 13,350 square feet and has seven levels. Ratan Tata is also known for his noble nature and clean image in the country.

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7. White House in the Sky, Bangalore

It is the only house which made into the list of the most expensive homes in India. The White House in the Sky is the official residence and dream home of Vijay Mallaya, the chairman of UB Group. Vijay Mallaya is one of the personalities known for his lavish lifestyle. It is currently under-construction. The cost of White House in the Sky is expected between Rs. 125 – 150 crore.

Article first published on February 9, 2015.

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