Diu is a beautiful travel destination, located near the state of Gujarat. Diu is a popular new years eve party destination in India. The city of Diu has a good number of beautiful beaches where you can celebrate new years eve, special occasions, picnic, and much more. Diu is always preferred party destination as well as holiday destination for the most of people in the state of Gujarat. You should not forget to visit this beautiful travel destination once in your life.

11 Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Diu for Memorable Trip

1. Diu Fort

Diu Fort was built between 1535 and 1541 AD. It is very outsized and magnificent structure, located on the coast of the island. This fort is surrounded by sea from three sides and a channel on the fourth side. A glorious view of sea can be seen from this fort. There is a giant structure on the top which now houses a Diu Jail and a light house, whose beam reaches about 23 kms away. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Diu.

Diu Fort, Diu
Diu Fort, Diu. Image Source: highwaydiaries.com

2. Fortress of Panikota

Fortress of Panikota is located in the middle of the sea which is a glorious stone structure. It was built right at the mouth of the creek. To reach this fortress, motor or a canoe is used. It has a light house and small chapel. This fortress gives a striking view seen from jetty, from the fort, or from the village of Ghoghla or from Diu proper.

Fortress of Panikota, Diu
Fortress of Panikota, Diu. Image Source: jyoti pb

3. Gangeshwar Temple

Gangeshwar Temple is located in Fudam village. It is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. In the middle of the rocks on the seashore, and waves of the sea washes five lingas. It is assumed that this lingas were built by 5 brothers of the Mahabharata. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Diu by religious tourists.

Gangeshwar Temple, Diu
Gangeshwar Temple, Diu. Image Source: diutourism.com

4. St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church was built during the 17th century which is devoted to the Lady of Immaculate Conception. It is the most beautiful complex among all Portuguese churches in India. There is a great shed filled with heavy dark wood inside with a small cloister to next door. The main foyer of the church is decorated with volutes and case like motifs. You should not forget to visit this beautiful and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Diu by foreign visitors.

St. Paul’s Church, Diu
St. Paul’s Church, Diu. Image Source: krishnaparkresortdiu.com

5. Jallandhar Shrine

Jallandhar Shrine is located on the hills. It is close to the beach. It consists of a niche in which stone curved face of Jallandar can be seen. The temple of Goddess Chandrika is located near shrine. It is the best place for relaxing in the evening. It is also one of the most important religious tourist place in the city of Diu.

Jallandhar Shrine, Diu
Jallandhar Shrine, Diu. Image Source: nivalink.com

6. Diu Museum

The old St. Thomas Church was transformed into museum as there were no buildings in Diu to display the antiques. Wooden carvings, statues, idols, shadow clocks and other things collections are displayed here. It is an amazing place to see various types of antiques. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Diu for history lovers.

Diu Museum, Diu
Diu Museum, Diu. Image Source: holidayplans.co.in

7. St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church is a building having spooky, collection of tattered catholic statues. On 1st November, it is used for a packed out mass. There is a guest house upstairs and an amazing view can be seen from the roof. This view is very nice to see. St. Thomas Church is also considered as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Diu.

St. Thomas Church, Diu
St. Thomas Church, Diu. Image Source: indianholiday.com

8. Zampa Gateway

The construction of this gateway was completed approximately in the medieval era with the unique architecture. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Diu for all visitors. The walls and gateway have an amazing carving of lions, priests and angels. Inside the gate way, there is a chapel which was built around 1702 AD which is very beautiful.

Zampa Gateway, Diu
Zampa Gateway, Diu. Image Source: flickr.com/photos/asienman/

9. Ghoghla Beach

One of the most beautiful beach in Diu is Ghoghla Beach. This beach has a number of facilities to enjoy various sports like parasailing and other. It is a sandy beach and widely popular among the tourists. One can have fun and pass hours enjoying on this beautiful beach.

Ghoghla Beach, Diu
Ghoghla Beach, Diu. Image Source: panoramio.com

10. Nagoa Beach

Nagoa Beach is situated in the Nagoa hamlet of Bucharwada village. This beach is very beautiful, long, palm – fringed and quiet. Nagoa Beach is widely known as safe beach for swimming. It is also one of the most visited beaches in Diu.

Nagoa Beach, Diu
Nagoa Beach, Diu

11. Gomtimata Beach

Gomtimata Beach is located on the western end of the island. This beach is one of the best beaches of the region. It is long, secluded and spread with natural white sand. It is a beautiful beach where hours can be spent.

Gomtimata Beach, Diu
Gomtimata Beach, Diu

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Article first published on December 30, 2015.

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