Goa Church During Christmas

Top Christmas Destinations in India for Best Christmas Attractions and Markets

Christmas Destinations in India are lot in numbers but Traveljee has compiled a list of amazing places to celebrate. In recent years, Christmas holidays in India are becoming more popular among the youth. A lot of people looking for Christmas getaways in India where they can celebrate Christmas in good way. In past, foreign tourists have common question, how is Christmas celebrated in India? But India is becoming a popular Christmas destination around the world.

So, let’s see amazing list of best tourist places on this Christmas in India.

1. Goa

Goa is one of the most visited states in India by a number of the foreign tourists. It has many beautiful beaches which attracts millions of tourists every year. Besides this, Goa has a large population of Christians, who celebrates the Christmas with joy and happiness. Goa is a popular Christmas vacation destination in India.

Goa’s local people also celebrate Christmas by decorating their home, mass prayer at churches and lots of other things. All these things make Goa the most favorite Christmas destination in India.

Goa Church During Christmas
Goa Church During Christmas

2. Mumbai

Mumbai is a home of large numbers of Christians. Mumbai has a good number of Churches, which organizes midnight mass on Christmas eve as per tradition. It’s a good way to celebrate and welcome Christmas holidays in India.

Church Gate, Bandra, Hill Road are popular places to celebrate Christmas in Mumbai.

Gateway of India, Mumbai
Gateway of India, Mumbai

3. Kerala – God’s Own Country

Kerala has also a large number of Christians. It has many beautiful and clean beaches, which will make your vacation memorable. Almost all churches in Kerala organizes midnight mass on Christmas eve. Kerala is considered as one of the best Christmas destinations in India for celebrations.

Kerala is a popular Christmas destination in India among the domestic and foreign tourists. It should be on your list for next holiday for Christmas in India.

4. Bangalore – IT Hub of India

Bangalore is the most advanced city in India and one of the most advanced cities of the world. Bangalorean Christians celebrate Christmas with lots of joy and happiness.

There are also numbers of Churches do midnight mass which happens on the eve. For example, St. Mary’s Basilica, Christian Fellowship Church, City Harvest AG Church and more.

5. Chennai

Chennai is one of the fastest growing metro cities in India. There is a good population of Christians in the city. There are also so many areas where Christmas is being celebrated every year. Chennai is much popular among tourists who want to travel in South India.

6. Diu and Daman (UT)

A good number of domestic and foreign visitors prefers to spend their Christmas holiday in Diu. Both cities have beautiful beaches especially in Diu for your perfect Christmas holiday and vacation.

I have visited Diu twice in the past and the experience was amazing. I love Diu’s beaches and it’s historic fort. It’s a popular new year’s party destination in India too!

7. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is another popular Christmas destination in India. It is also widely known as “India’s little France”. It has so many beautiful and spectacular beaches for the celebration. It has several traditional churches for midnight mass. It is one of the best Christmas celebration places in India.

Pondicherry has many scheduled programs in December especially in Christmas week  in churches such as ‘The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception’ and ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church’.

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Article Title: Top Christmas Destinations in India for Best Christmas Attractions and Markets

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