Christmas is the most popular festival in the world. It will be celebrated by the millions of people around the world. We are also going to celebrate it with friends and family members. Christmas is also known as xmas in India. Most of people want to travel across the country to enjoy their favorite destination. Many people have these questions, Do Indians celebrate Christmas? How do Hindus celebrate Christmas? How is Christmas celebrated in India? and so on.

We have provided here the list of the best tourist places on this Christmas in India. All these tourist attractions will make your festival more enjoyable.

Christmas 2016: Top 7 Christmas Destinations in India

1. Goa

Goa is one of the most visited states in India by a number of the foreign tourists. It has the most beautiful beaches which attracts millions of tourists every year. Besides this, Goa has a large population of Christians, they celebrate Christmas with joy and happiness. Goa is also considered as the the perfect place to enjoy the traditional celebration with friends and family members here. Goa is also a popular Christmas vacation destination in India.

Goa’s local people also celebrate Christmas by decorating their home, mass prayer at churches and lots of other things. All these things make Goa the most favorite Christmas destination in India. You would have best Christmas in India by spend your time in the state of Goa. It is also considered as one of the best places to visit in India during Christmas.

Goa Christmas Church
Christmas Celebration in Goa’s Church

2. Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India due to its historical value. There are large numbers of Christians residing in the city. Mumbai has vast number of Churches, which organize midnight mass on Christmas eve as per the tradition. The city of Mumbai has a good number of churches which are included in the list of top 10 churches in India.

Church Gate, Bandra, Hill Road are the most popular places in the city of Mumbai, where you can celebrate Christmas with your friends and family members.

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Mumbai Church
Church in Mumbai

3. Kerala – God’s Own Country

Kerala has also large numbers of Christians. In addition to this, Kerala is also widely known as the favorite tourism destination in India like Goa. It has also beautiful and clean beaches, which will make your vacation tour enjoyable. There are so many attractions in the state, where you can find a midnight mass on Christmas eve. It is also considered as one of the best places to visit in India during Christmas week.

Kerala state has a good number of beautiful churches and you would forget to go elsewhere in your next vacation.

Kerala Church
A Church in Kerala

4. Bangalore – IT Hub of India

Bangalore is the most advanced city of India and one of the most advanced cities of the world as reported here. Bangalorean Christians also celebrate Christmas with lots of joy and happiness. There are also numbers of Churches do midnight mass which happens on the eve. For example, St. Mary’s Basilica, Christian Fellowship Church, City Harvest AG Church and more.

St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore
St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Bangalore

5. Chennai

Chennai is one of the fastest growing metro cities in India. There is a good population of Christians in the city. There are also so many areas where Christmas is being celebrated every year. Chennai is much popular among tourists who want to travel in South India.

Chennai Church
A Church in Chennai

6. Diu and Daman (UT)

Diu and Daman both are the Union Territory which means there is no state Government. Daman and Diu, both cities are managed by the Central Government of India.

Diu and Daman have large numbers of NRIs (Non Resident Indians). Most of NRIs visit both cities in the winter season to celebrate Christmas. Both cities have wonderful and many beautiful beaches, which attract thousands of tourists every year.

I have visited Diu for a week and my experience was the best. I love Diu’s beaches and its historical places. Every year, large number of foreign tourists visit Diu and Daman to celebrate the Christmas especially from western countries.

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Diu Beach Image
A Beautiful Beach in Diu

7. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is another most popular Christmas destination in India. Pondicherry was once a French colony in India. It is also widely known as “India’s little France”. It has so many beautiful and spectacular beaches for the celebration of this festival as well as traditional churches.  It is one of the best Christmas celebration places in India and you should not miss an opportunity to visit it once in your lifetime.

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Pondicherry has so many scheduled programs for this festival week in churches such as ‘The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception’ and ‘The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church’.

Pondicherry Christmas

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Article last re-published on August 28, 2016.

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