Mysore, Cleanest City in India

10 Cleanest Cities in India 2016-2017 based on Swachh Sarvekshan

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. The country attracts a large number of international tourists each year, thanks to it’s historical attractions, historical caves, beautiful beaches, forests, religious places, royal palaces, and much more. The dirty roads, and dirty tourist attractions are common complaints among the foreign tourists. To improve the situation, the Government of India started giving rankings based on rating before a few years ago.

Mysore is consistently ranking the cleanest city in India in other surveys too. Chandigarh is also ranking on the top position after Mysore. So, let’s see other cleanest cities in India based on rating given by the Government of India.

Mysore, Cleanest City in India
Mysore, Cleanest City in India

10 Cleanest Cities in India 2016-2017 based on Swachh Sarvekshan





Mysore Karnataka





Tamil Nadu


New Delhi




Andhra Pradesh




7 Rajkot


8 Gangtok





10 Greater Mumbai


In the list, Mysore has been ranked as the cleanest city in India with the highest rating. Greater Mumbai was ranked tenth cleaned city in India. No city was included from the state of Kerala.

In this national city rating, large cities have been included by the Ministry of Urban Development. All these cities were divided into zones and each city was given several indicators. All these cities were categorized into four color categories according to their level, i.e. red, black, blue and green. None of the cities were rated as “Green” in the list. Mysore was rated the cleaned city, followed by Chandigarh in the second place.

Gujarat’s two cities included this year, which are Surat and Rajkot. Surat is ranked sixth cleanest city in India, while Rajkot is ranked seventh in the list of cleanest cities in India.

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Article Title: 10 Cleanest Cities in India 2016-2017 based on Swachh Sarvekshan
Article last re-published on February 13, 2017.

10 thoughts on “10 Cleanest Cities in India 2016-2017 based on Swachh Sarvekshan”

  1. Mansoor Abbas Desai

    Being Mumbaikar, I am ashamed that my city is one of the filthiest city.The municipal corporation of Mumbai is the richest corporation in the world.So where all those monies goes? Anyone can guess.

  2. Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh seems to be one of the cleanest maintained city despite the influx of 50 to 70 thousand pilgrimage a day throng from different corners of the country and from a broad. The review needs a check up and revision

  3. StuckInBangalore

    Bangalore is a filthy place. Unbelievable that it is listed here. So that means all other cities are as bad as Bangalore i guess ??

  4. It is a sad thing that no city is made to this list from Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India by population. I think everyone should share this article “Top 10 Cleanest Cities in India” to make people aware about their cities have not made into this list. Thanks!

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