India is growing at very fast rate in all sectors such as technology, communications, infrastructure, education and many more. India’s Bangalore is widely accepted as one of the most advanced city in the world as per information given here. Other cities are also in the race to compete with Bangalore to get no. 1 position in India.

Top 10 Most Advanced Cities in India in modern time

1. Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Every year, thousands of new start-up starts here in IT industry. It provides the best opportunity for IT experts to make their career here. Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of India due to thousands of IT companies which provide employment to a large number of people.

Bangalore is also ranked in the list of the most high tech cities in the world. Bangalore has good infrastructure, communication facilities, transportation, IT parks, talent availability and much more.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

2. Pune, Maharashtra

Pune has been ranked at #2 position due to thousands of IT companies. Pune is on the way to become the next IT hub of India after Bangalore. There are already large numbers of IT and IT related companies doing business.

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Phoenix Market City Pune

3. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad is the capital city of Andhra Pradesh state. Hyderabad has also emerged as the tech hub of the country due to a business friendly policy of the state government in the tech industry. Already thousands of people working in the tech industry. Hyderabad is having state of the art infrastructure, availability of talent pool, best policy and thousands of companies working in the industry makes Hyderabad as one of the most advanced cities in India.

Hyderabad has the best infrastructure compare to other cities of the state. It provides best high speed Internet, best transportation, availability of talent pool, communication facilities, educational institutes and much more.

Hyderabad City

4. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai is the financial capital of the country. Besides financial capital of the country, Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra state. Due to Hindi film industry, Mumbai is also considered as the entertainment hub of India. In recent time, Mumbai is the fastest growing tech center of Maharashtra after Pune.

Bandra Worli Sea Link Mumbai

5. New Delhi. Delhi

New Delhi is the national capital of India. Political activities are routine for the local people. Besides this, development of the city has been on the fast track due to hard working people and effective policy. New Delhi provides the best transportation facility such as metro rail and bus transportation.

Select City Walk Shopping Mall New Delhi

6. Gurgaon, Haryana

Gurgaon is the most high tech city of Haryana state which is situated in the NCR (National Capital Region) region near New Delhi. Gurgaon has been ranked as most prosperous city in India. There are so many large companies working in the city, some of them are included in the list of Fortune 500.

Gurgaon City

7. Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana

Chandigarh is the first planned city in India after independence of the country. It is working as the capital of Punjab and Haryana states. Chandigarh has the best infrastructure, transportation facilities, communication facilities and best manpower.

Chandigarh City

8. Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Noida’s full form is New Okhla Industrial Development Authority which is the most developed region in the country. NOIDA is also considered as the fastest growing urban region in the country with best infrastructure. Noida has most of the facilities, which a modern city requires to live the good life.

Noida City

9. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad is the financial capital of the state of Gujarat. It was once known as the ‘Manchester of India’ due to large numbers of cloth mills. Ahmedabad has large numbers of bridges, tech companies, most advanced communication systems, availability of talent pool and much more.

Alphaone Shopping Mall Ahmedabad

10. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu state. It is also the largest city of South India. Chennai is considered as one of the busiest ports in the country. Chennai is another high tech city of India and ranked at #10 position in our list.

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Phoenix Mall Chennai

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Which is your favorite city from the above list of Top 10 Most Advanced Cities in India in modern time?

Article last re-published on February 25, 2015.

182 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Advanced Cities in India in modern time”

  1. Hold on guys !
    It has to be always Bangalore topping the above list…….reason ???
    Reason being Bangalore is now the No 1 ranked city in the list of World’s Top 10 most Dynamic cities for the year 2017.It has even outclassed famous cities such as London and San Francisco to top the list.Hyderabad however is placed at No 5 spot.No other Indian city has been able to make it to this list.

    Bangalore rocks……and will continue to do so.

  2. Mumbai was named an alpha world city. It is also the wealthiest city in India, and has the highest GDP of any city in South, West, or Central Asia. Mumbai has the highest number of billionaires and millionaires among all cities in India. Mumbai has been ranked sixth among top ten global cities on the billionaire count with 28 and 46000 millionaires, with total wealth around $820 billion 48th on the Worldwide Centres of Commerce Index 2008, seventh in the list of “Top Ten Cities for Billionaires” by Forbes magazine (April 2008), and first in terms of those billionaires’ average wealth. As of 2008, the Globalization and World Cities Study Group (GaWC) has ranked Mumbai as an “Alpha world city”, third in its categories of Global cities. Mumbai is the third most expensive office market in the world, and was ranked among the fastest cities in the country for business startup in 2009. Mumbai, the commercial and financial capital of India, has most of the high-rise buildings in India, since land in the city is expensive. More than 3000 high-rise buildings have already been constructed in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is the city with the 11th highest number of skyscrapers in the world. Most of skyscrapers in Mumbai are residential.If you have been exploring Mumbai and admiring its skyline, you would have noticed World Towers.

    World One, dubbed as the tallest residential tower in the world, is kissing the Mumbai skies with its three towers-World Towers, World Crest and Codename Trinity.

    They are spectacular 117-storey towers that are uniquely curvilinear in shape. @@@@@ SO DON’T COMPARE M U M B A I because it’s indian Dubai

  3. Bhubaneswar new IT capital in india temple city of india first wi fi city in india first street store in india first smart city in india world bank report Bhubaneswar as the best place in india to do business kalinga war history from Bhubaneswar dhauli giri Bhubaneswar one of first planning city in india 5th world trade centre in india 344 in world now Bhubaneswar is very largest area Bhubaneswar top city in india by tier2 city rank now Bhubaneswar come soon tier1 rank Bhubaneswar beautiful city in india Odisha richest raw materials state in india and side for sea beach Odisha is the top investment destination in india by times of india once time konark sun temple seven wonders of the world odia language 6th classical language in india Odissi classical dance in india any others you come odisha and see Bhubaneswar and all odisha very rich culture thank you Himanshu panda badabarena Cuttack

  4. Where’s KOLKATA, The cultural capital of India, the ex capital of India, the second largest city of India? How can you forgot to include it in the list? The city of joy and heritage, the 3rd richest city in India, and foremost, the Pride of India

    1. I would love to go back and visit, we had fun, the people were kind , and the food is the best in the world, but India lacked the infrastructure when we were there in the 90’s. Everyone on our India tour had respiratory issues / sinus issues from the poor air quality, even the beautiful hotel in New Delhi had a lingering thick smog inside the hotel, it was bizarre to see . You may not see it in some of the pictures, but there is a thick lingering smog in the air nothing like we’ve ever seen in the states, Los Angeles doesn’t even come close.

  5. This info has 1 correct thing that I haven’t seen in other webs . That good point is they have not included Kolkatta . The least advanced city of the whole lot in India .

  6. According to me Pune is best city but Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata,Chennai,Benglore & Hyderabad are the pride of our India!Jai hind!

  7. Pura ka pura India best hai hum duniya me Indians ke naam se pehchane jate hai delhi ..Mumbai …Bangalore.. pahechan se nahi..

  8. India has so many beautiful cities like.. Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, etc… Its time the development has to take place in Tier II cities as well.

    I am a South Indian and haven’t got a chance to visit any North Indian cities except Pune & Mumbai. So I wouldn’t comment on them. Bengaluru is definitely a big city but there is so much pressure on its infrastructure & transportation due to large number of people coming from other states for job opportunities. In south Hyderabad & Chennai seems affordable with respect to the cost of living. Chennai has diverse industries than Hyderabad. It is only Pharma, IT & Telugu Film Industry that seems to be doing a lot of business in Hyderabad which has x2 times better infra than Bengaluru and yes bifurcation has hit its plans to beat Bengaluru.

    There is so much of competition to Bengaluru from other cities like Chennai, Hyd, Pune, Mumbai & Amaravathi (Latest to come in the list). I agree it would take sometime for the new capital to take its shape but yeah this will be a kickass to the headstrong boss Bengaluru which surviving by the taxes from people of others states. I don’t think it stands a chance to top because of so much pressure on it. It is the companies which have move out of Bengaluru to other cities as Employees are seem to be coming in late to their offices due to the heavy traffic and ultimately threatens the productivity. I assume that Maharashtra is best in lobbying for the companies to start their business there as I see Mumbai and Pune doing rapid strides but again the teething problem there is the cost of living for the common man.

  9. Gurugram is called the millennium city of India
    Noida got the world class Formula race track
    Connaught place is the most expensive office market in India.
    Delhi is 2nd most populated city in the world
    Population of Delhi is more than Bangalore,Chennai and HYDERABAD combined together . If delhi is bad why are so many south indian s are staying in Delhi

  10. Dear friends every city has its own uniqueness speciality and flavour. Crime is going on every city but it gets highlighted in Delhi and Mumbai because they are 2 most important cities in India so every thing gets a highlighting there. Jo log Delhi ko bekar aur kharab kah rahe hai unhone delhi ko samjha hi nahi .new Delhi is modern and old Delhi is INDIA s culture it is the perfect place now NCR
    IS also included in delhi so it can also be called as a IT hub in places like Gurgaon and noida.

  11. First of all, all cities in India need to be clean. In my observation all cities in India are dirty, poluted, dusty and overcrowded. Only Chandigardh is clean..What is the point talking high and mighty about cities when there are many slum areas in India. I saw many poor people are staying under overhead bridges..they live there by sleeping, cooking, eating, bathing and changing clothes over there. I saw slum areas in the city centres of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities as well. I saw many people urinating at the roadside. India is still far far far away compared to many Asian countries which are doing well. India is still dirty and undeveloped. FIRSTLY, Indians need to learn to be clean and keep their country clean.

  12. Chennai also named as Detroit of Asia nd it’s civilization and infrastructure rapidly growing up to leading extent, the only drawback which u can pinpoint is that it’s weather and language. Other than that Chennai city is the
    Best city in India compared to others and it still didn’t lost its culture yet too. When compared to IT after bangalore it’s Chennai. Survey the results properly.

  13. This is a freaking rank list considering Chennai at last which must be supposed to second at least in the rank list. Ha ha ha incredible to know Chennai at last. For ur kind information Chennai tends to be southern capital of India.. So better next time know it’s value rank it.

    1. joke on you, Bangalore has the least no of slums compared to the other cities mentioned above, so get your mind refreshed!! most of the people living in slums are tamiliens and Telugu people who come here searching jobs

      1. You shutdown .tamiliens are good people ,they are the future of India ,go and search Google ,tamiliens are the most educated and literate people in India above 89 percent are Tamil people .without state Tamil nadu .india has is low in world literacy list , most of the engineers are in Bangalore are Tamil

        professionals, the population and development of city is maximum Tamil professionals ,kanada people is minimum only in development of Bangalore . maximum Bangaloreans are simply unemployed, I also visit Bangalore and see what are going on .you realise the truth of Tamil people , I am not harsh you. In India most of Tamil people are fullfill their future and well settled

  14. very soon Nashik will be on top of the list as its nearer to Pune, Mumbai (also serving best alternative to both) n 4th fastest growing city India…best geographical location n cool environment etc…. just little attention is needed

  15. Bangalore is always top city .people who comment badly for Bangalore and Karnataka they are tasteless,illnatured,not mannered.

  16. You can put chennai last as per your list, but this is the truth …
    here is the truth

    chennai has been named as the 9th best cosmopolitan city in the globe …. LOL for u … if u wanna give us 10 h place ….. any calrification search google

  17. One of the friend was telling that kannadigas are illiterates…..i really pity at his ignorance…..let me tell u first itself that im nt a kannadiga.
    Kannadigas are the soft hearted and calm going people..they always treat others with respect..

    Mokshagundam visveswaraiah was the first indian to get the title SIR from the british queen and the first scientist to get Bharath ratna..

    Karnataka has received more than half a dozen of gnanapith awards given by the Indian govt(highest ever tally)

    Shakuntala devi…considered as the greatest mathematician of india…

    Infosys naryana murthy

    Wipro ajim premji

    A. Subbarao pai(founder of canara bank)

    Nandan nilekani (person behind aadhar card project)

    Kiran mazumdar shah (biocon india)

    A.B. Shetty (founder of vijaya bank)

    C.B. Muththamma(first IFS officer in India)

    SPORTS : Anil kumble…ravi sastry…..uthappa…..aswini nachappa….prakash padukone….aswini ponnappa….mahesh bhoopathy….rohan boppanna

    bollywood : aishwarya rai….shipa setty…..girish karnad….rohit shetty…deepika pasukone.etc..

    and many more other kannadigas have contributed to the pride of india and u say thay they are illiterates….it’s very bad….

  18. Hii friends….let not these number games divide us..don’t forget that all these cities together make india and we are all indians at the end of the day..
    And it’s irrational to compare mumbai..delhi…kolkata…chennai with rest of the cities of india…..because all the above cities were been exposed to development from the colonial rule itself i.e, more than 200 years itself and where as banglore….hyderabad….pune…kochin…surat…ahmedabad….viza..etc have started started their journey only from the recent decades…so i think it’s the time not to diverse among ourselves but the time to unite ourselves…

  19. Hyderabad is the best city for business and investments. With proactive government and best industrial policy TS-iPASS, its making rapid progress in attracting global and national business giants, including Google, Amazon, Apple, etc in the technology sector. It also has major Aerospace Special Economic Zone, and plans are to start a dedicated Pharmacity, as SEZ for Pharmaceutical Industries spread over 6000 acres.

  20. When will u all grow up ?

    When will u all feel India is 1… why are u people breaking India into pcs

    Please stop this .. and think how to make India no 1

    When u people have so many things fighting to win a single berate which has city is best.. how will u face the world..

    God bless india

  21. Pune is really cool. Good weather, friendly people, no language problem everyone speaks hindi. Marathi is also easy to learn.
    traffic is under control, new projects are going on.
    N number of weekend gateways, lot of one day trips can be possible, whole city is surrounde। By hills, you won’t find any other city with so many hills & sanctuaries inside the city limits.
    largest student crowd in india…25 colleges within the range of 5km which is unique, and many more in and around the city. It is the educationa। Hub of India. IT is also growing at full speed.
    cost of living is not the highest in the list, also it is quite safe for women. We have largest no. Of women bike riders in india. I am not telling it is the best but people should know about it.
    In my view every city has its unique flavour that’s why our county is uniqu। .

  22. Delhi NCR leades the pack. We have got the best roads here. Good infrastructure and lot of companies are coming in Noida and Gurgaon .

    1. But Hyderabad is not even part of India. it is occupied by India. At the time of independence 1947 Hyderabad was not part of India.

  23. Dear all,
    I’m basically a tamilian n working in Bangalore now from past 3 yrs. I did my Engg. in Chennai n so i was there in Chennai for 4 yrs.
    In my point of view, Chennai has lot of places to roam around n of course its hot! Bangalore has more no. of pubs n bars but there is a lag of variety of outing choices within the city. Bangalore’s weather was great for past 2 yrs n this summer is terrible in Bangalore. Its not in our hands that a city is hot r cool. But this summer has made Bangaloreans to say “Chennai is better i think!” Yes am hearing such comments from my colleagues!
    And the thing is Chennai comes under 4 cities of india which are categorised as metro cities. (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai). So a metro city should be compared with another metro city only! I’ve been to Mumbai for few months n as per me Mumbai is the only city that can be compared with Chennai as both cities r having hi-fi areas & slums!

    1. Sir U are living in BC. Those days are gone.. .. Your joke “Chennai has a lot of places to roam around…..You need to cover your nose and roam or else you may even faint “. In chennai you can only see movie and go to the dirty beach. Bangalore has so many things.. Trekking, Gliding, Good parks in most of the locality,Good picknic spots around , Good water parks, very good resturants and still so many things. To roam around bangalore is the best place

      1. You bangalore screw head. Chennai has so many theme parks ,best of best restaurants,bars,pubs,restobar. Bangalore is horrible climate and utterly humid. Pissed off road and infra stinks. It is not in league of Chennai which has so many places. BTW, Wonderla ,which started in bangalore but will have largest facility in chennai.

        1. Both chennai and bangalore r developing in good pace…..But there pace which bangalore is talking is like Usian Bolt. Bangalore had slow growth till 2001.Now there is no one to catch it.Chennai is no match.Pune and Gandhinagar are trying to replicate the glory of bangalore. Rather that telling something low about bangalore take good points and replicate

  24. Bhubaneswar is the smartest city of must come in the list .visit this beautiful once,I am 200%sure that you will love this.

  25. Nashik will be the fastest among these…..having all well planned infrastructure as well as environment just little attention is required.

  26. We should accept Mr Balaji’s point, only because of migration Bengaluru is surviving, All the big companies are heading by other state people only, Maximum workers are migrants from Kashmir to Kanyakumari because Kannidagas are unskilled & uneducated, If we all leaves this city together even god can’t help them.The real Kannidagas are in outside Bengaluru only because they are not fit to live in Bengaluru till we lives here.

    1. This is utter rubbish, hw dare you say this to us.
      Karnataka is always known as hospitality state, we accept all citizens means we are unskillfully.
      It was our own Kannadigas who started. Infosys, first Indian CO to be listed in Nasdaq.Who started Wipro, UB groups etc.
      It is considered that we are peace loving people, if you start behaving like this we are the most dangerous people.

    2. Stupid Abhay & Balaji, You guys can leave Bangalore if you don’t want to stay here. You can’t survive without Bangalore. You have to beg for the food if you leave Bangalore. Great people SIr M Vishweshyarayya, Infosys Narayana Murthy, Nandan Nilekani, Anil Kumble, Sabeer Bhatiya, Bharat Ratna CNR Rao, former ISRO chairman U.R. Rao are all Kannadigas. I can give lot of examples. Kannada got 6 Jnanapeeta awards.

      Do’nt under estimate Kannadigas. India is developing because of Bangalore. Do remember!! Get lost from Bangalore

      1. i am kannadiga nd you can see I am Educated as well and skilled more better than you i hope and We kannadigas Respect all its right from our Culture and yup i am non Bangalorean i reside out of bangalore according to you i reside in village you might thought in karnataka not only bangalore or ppl like you come and made us educated rest of the state we have good education,respect and even we are skilled its your ignorance which you cnt see tht. karnataka has lot good clean cities. we are more skilled becuse we know lot of languages like i am fsmiliar with marati and telugu see our skills each person can talk more than 3 langauges incluidng hindi where as tamil nadu they talk tamil they know marati? karnataka ppl can talk all south indian and marati too nicely. martai have historical touch with bangalore yet as shivaji king came bangalore and bijapur cities of karnataka. we know how to respect all but if ppl like u ignite us we know how to handle them. Dont talk rubbish about any ppl state language or religion in this secular country we all living here peacefully and we all have equal rights in this country.

    3. ok come on Leave Bangalore it doent matter us Who lives here who quits from here and keep in mind we are not dependent you outsiders its you outsiders dependent on us if we kick out ppl who think like you then atleast we get our city Population reduced. And what you talking of companies go out of bangalore. i am Hearing this past from many years but y still More Companies using bangalore as Start Up. Show your Jelousy inside your home it will not work on us. change your thinking We and bangalore dont Depend on ppl who think like you & Mr Balaji. Let them go Fucking Companies out of Bangalore we dont care. At the end of day Bangalore still deserves that respect from Govt of karnataka which have so many Defence, Arospace and Central Govt offices and also Lot of Abroad Companies R&D and Head Quarters are at Bangalore & Mumbai i dont divide need to Divide country by states language and cities but ppl Like u & balaji should grow up atleast in this 20th century.

  27. my dear friends if u see noida and gurgaon ,u will feel no city in india can compete with these city. dont forget delhi NCR is fashion capital of india also. most movies of these days are being shot at Delhi NCR region. Gurgaon has almost 100 malls itself. not normal but theme based. most expensive cars of world run in NCR compared to other cityies if india. here farmes too are so rich as they live in california of usa. NCR runs 150 Km from one end to another so pls forget about banglore .banglore is not metro city officially.there are only four… Mumbai. Delhi,Chennai and kolkatta although banglore is nice city. but cant be compared with DelhiNCR and Mumbai .these two are giant. mega.and cosmo city.

      1. Still man puled richshaws can be seen and major commuting mode in Delhi and NCR… South India left these richshaws 20 years back.

    1. hhm you are right madam but here talk goin of particular city. Noida & gurgoan are Satellite cities and also Delhi being capital of india have lot lobby from Central Govt for all infrastructure whatever going on thier this is irrational comparing delhi to other Cities until all other cities get same Budget and Lobby what Delhi getting Now. Mumbai Bangalore chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Cochin Ahmedabad and lot other cities are growing on their Self And lot of hard efforts which i think Delhi Not facing atleast in matter of Budget or Money for City infrastructure.

  28. Delhi is not complete untill we include whole NCR which is richest and most prosperous area in india and gives most employment in india.most advanced infrastucture in gr noida even better than chandigargh, can u imagine f1 track, night safari etc somewhete else in india, no. Noida authorty is richest authorty in the world. U see gurgaon … wil feel hongkong at night and delhi is delhi whats not here my dear

    1. Idiot shitty illiterate girl get a good sleep child. Delhi NCR is a shit. 52 % of delhi lives in slums. More than half of delhi deficate shit in open places. First build toilets for these extreme poor delhi people. Then try to comment here about your shitty city. Forget about hitech industries. It is filled with extreme poor people. guragaon and noida and ghaziabad are tiny tiny small towns. Guragaon doesn’t have a proper drainage system. New delhi is only 28 sq km area which is the only good place there. The rest 1400 sq km is old delhi which is filled with untidy old markets. Delhi is the only waste city in India which doesn’t have any Industries other than corrupt politicians. It produces nothing other than rapists. This shitty old town defamed whole of India in front of the world by rapes. It is the official crime capital and rape capital of the country. Bangalore is one of the most advanced cities in the world. Its new and huge. It is the silicon valley of India and in 2020 it is going to overtake silicon valley of USA and will become the IT capital of the world. Delhi is the fashion shit of India. If you wear revealing clothes in delhi you will get raped. (guragaon is the hong kong and noida riches authority in he world), my idiot shithead illiterate girl have you seen Hong Kong and Up has more poor people than entire Africa. Girl you are really a donkey, you comared your shitty noida with world, common world. are you serious. worlds richest authority. Fuck take my dick and lick it girl. I am sure you are from New Donkey.
      Bangalore is not a metro, hahahaha, joke of this millenium and you are calling tiny small towns like guragaon and noida to be metro, what a illiterate idiot you are. Girl this is 2016 not 1980s. I think you were in coma all these years. Girl get outside delhi and see other cities. Whole NCR cannot be compared to cities like Navi Mumbai or Vizag or Kochi. Forget about advanced cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. The whole of north India has only one city for everything delhi. But In south there are four big metros. There are more than 25 cities in south which are much bigger and developed than your shitty small towns like guragaon and noida. chandigar is a village, not a city. It doesn’t qualify to be a city. Girl you should wash your face with cold water, then you wont say this kind of rubbish. Don’t get excited by seeing two buildings in and around the old and ruining delhi city sorry poor slum filled new donkey city. The world is after that is much better and bigger.

      So I am again calling you illiterate lady, there is a new city known as Amaravati – The capital of the state of Andhra pradesh which is going to be build and is called as Singapore of India. It will become the largest city in India and the worlds largest planned city within a decade. Girl I am 100% sure you haven’t visited the southern part of India and is very much unaware of anything happening outside you old city delhi.

      1. Delhi NCR is the richest and highly developed area of India. Believe it or not. Google it, the authority of Noida is richest in India and one of the richest in the world. Gurgaon is home to more than 250 Fortune companies. And please do not compare the infrastructure of Noida with any other city of India because the Infrastructure of Noida is highly developed than any other cities in India. Delhi NCR has got the largest metro network in India and 10th largest in the world. Noida is the first Indian city to have signal free roads. Noida has so much surplus funds with it that it can run the city even if it do not take any taxes from its allottees for next 5 years in a row (please Google for evidence).And yes Delhi NCR got slums in some areas, you know why? Because people from all over India comming to NCR for employment opportunities because NCR provide huge number of job opportunities than any other cities in India and unlike Bangalore, jobs in NCR are not limited to IT only. And yes NCR also provide the highest salary packages (please check per capital income of NCR in Google).
        As far as Bangalore is concerned, please first improve the road conditions then talk about infrastructure. Lakes are dying in Bangalore and in the comming years Bangalore will have a shortage of water. I think you know this. Chennai is anytime better than Bangalore but if you want to live a rich life and want to experience higher standard of living then Delhi NCR is the place. Yes, we do have some problems like rape and crime and we are looking to solve it. Every city is not perfect. Bangalore and other cities are surviving on central government loan only while NCR authority has a surplus fund. Even Delhi Metro Corporation lend a huge sum of money to Bangalore Development Authority so that they can build the Namma metro for the people of Bangalore and improve the transportation system of Bangalore (everything is giving on Internet, I will not say again and again). Bloody our authority is giving/lending the money to your city authority for development and you are saying Delhi NCR is shit. Level of hypocrisy.

      2. NCR comprises of gurgaon noida ghaziabad greater noida and faridabad . All the area is IT companies . I have gone to both Bangalore and delhi and lived there for 2-2 yrs approx Bangalore has very good climate but delhi has its extremes but yet population of delhi is 3 times of Bangalore why? You can see this on Google. Bangalore has nothing except some malls to visit as told by local people . But delhi has every thing malls to big famous temples parks shopping places etc those who doesn’t understand about this city are saying that. Delhi metro is largest metro in India. Population of Delhi is 2.5 crores and that of Bangalore is 86 lakhs

    2. 100 malls in guragaon, in you dreams, Guragaon, noida and chandigar are villages or tiny small towns and not cities. The biggest mall in the country is in Kochi in Kerala.

    3. We don’t want to expose ourselves to air which has PM2.5 more then 40% of the permissible amount. And Noida still suffers from 5 hours power cut daily (Pune and Mumbai have almost no power cuts at all – We never face power cuts). Mumbai has a skyline way better than Delhi.

      1. i agree Mumbai Skyline will be Untoucable by any other city of india reason Mumbai dont have Place to Grow now so they building Huge Buildings. Delhi bangalore chennai hyderabad pune may find their Skyline in future but right now Mumbai rocking…

  29. Bangalore is a kid compared to Chennai, Better compare with Hyderabad or Pune. even I also Bangalorean .Come to Garvebhavipalya(Bangalore) while raining, u cant eat food for 3days that much bad smell. Tamilians are very smart compared to other people, I am observing from few years other language people always criticize Tamilians don’t do that and Bangalore is Dam but looks like sea, Chennai is Ocean, .Bangalore is a big fish (sear fish),Chennai also big fish but it is blue vale.Understand my dear Local guys

    1. When it rained in chennai…All blue whale(Before telling very smart learn English and type) were saved by Bangalore ppl.I personally was given food by a bangalore organisation and my government did put amma sticker…Sry my tamil brothers talk cheaply about bangalore without seeing bangalore ppl kindness.

  30. To all people commenting about that city this city , please read the head line , this is about the most ADVANCED city in India. Bangalore has more HI -TECH industries than all of the other Indian cities combined, Majority of the software and semiconductors world uses are designed and produced in Bangalore. Even India’s Mars Craft is manufactured in Bangalore. India’s first fighter jet is manufactured there, HAL- India’s only large scale aerospace company is in Bangalore. Bangalore is also India’s BIO technology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing hub apart from the silicon valley tag. Bangalore is going to overtake the original silicon valley of USA and is going to become Worlds IT capital around 2020. So compared to that other Indian cities are so humble and simple. Nowhere in India we can see this much concentration of advanced tech-driven industries. It is also known as the most westernised Indian city. So be proud that a global city like Bangalore exists in India.

    1. Mumbai is the financial capital bro but bangalore is more advanced in technology, but delhi no way man other than political things it is nothing.

    2. Great Marata if bangalore is last as per you then During Olden days your king Shivaji Visit Bangalore for a trip How come Marata you are who dont knw Choice and Intrest of King Shivaji

  31. 1. Bangalore
    2. Pune & Hydrabad
    3. Gurgaon & Ahmedabad
    3. Mumbai
    4. Chennai & Delhi
    5. Kolkata
    6. Jaipur & Chandigarh
    7. Indore & Lucknow
    8. Coimbotore & Vijaywada
    9. Rajkot & Bhopal
    10. Kochi & Kanpur

      1. Ofcourse Nagpur is undoubtedly a best place as far as strategically concern regarding business but has been neglected by Maharastra government

  32. Hey Balaji… What the f*** your a man,
    from were you got that useless brain… better go and consult in Kilpakam.
    Your brain might be collapsed due to chennai Hot.

  33. Yooo Mr Katpaddi Balaji.., If your dare enough of come to Bangalore man, will show what is kannadigas are you B……, what the f*** you know about Bangalore city are Kannadigas,
    Even am a Tamilian, though I love Bangalore city a lot, which the city has given every thing to people from beautiful envirnoment to high tech life, we got every thing in this beautiful city.
    And all kannadigas are masters in all Languages, we are not stuck up with one bleedy language, we Kannadigas are warm hearted peoples and they equally respect other state peoples and they welcome other state peoples,
    So U better shut both your mouth and your Shit h…..e,

    1. Girl Bangalore is the second biggest IT hub of the world. You open your eyes and realise things, it is also one of the most advanced cities in the world, you should read the word ADVANCED, Mumbai is the financial capital of the country but HI- TECH industries are not there as much compared to Bangalore, and how come you put delhi – what is in delhi to make it advanced – are you joking.

  34. Vizag?
    visakhapatnam one among the fastest growing smart city.. it is the 10th richest city of india..
    perfect heaven for living here. also growing as a IT Hub and tourism.. indeed it is well worth to get itself placed among top 10 list of anything.

  35. Saketh Balaji, Perhaps, New York times rated Chennai the best, but the whole USA has given us more business than any other cities. because they know our potential and they like Bangalore……….. Simple!

  36. Mr. Balaji, we are masters in Language, every individual in Bangalore speaks more than 5 languages……… Can you? Every one is a polyglot here…….. The city is a land for thousands of international call centers non like other cities……. The reason is our English is the best in India……….. If you have problem learning English out there come to us, we teach English better than your teachers. kannadigas are warm hearted we welcome all and treat every one as our family members………. That’s the reason we have highly growing population……….. Get back to me for any doubts I CAN CLEAR THEM BETTER THAN YOUR TEACHERS

    1. Please do not forget 80% of the population working in the call centre are from different states of India…..please accept that and not Kannadigas.

      1. ok i am kannadiga so do you see or feel that i am unskilled or illiterate ? Mr Balaji wrote comment which he himself dont know about the facts. And mind it 80% from outside it shows our whole heartly Welcome and respect not discrimation for outsiders. ppl who reside in bangalore they know it being outside you cant comment anything simply rubbish.

    1. I support you..Bhubaneswar is growing very fast in employment generation. It has good investment in IT, Semiconductors, Food processing, manufacturing sectors. Odisha Govt. itself about to generate 30,000 jobs in power sectors.

  37. There should be cochin(Kochi)in the top 10 list. It is smaller but advanced. Roads make Kochi the worst. However, it is emerging in IT, ITes, Tourism.. It’s also free of slums.

  38. My rating would be Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Kolkata,Hyderabad & Bengaluru.
    Except weather whatelse in Bengaluru ? Then how come first rank?
    Who gave this rating ? Pakka cheating.
    Compared to Chennai & Hyderabad, Bengaluru is very small in size & infrastructure.
    Kannadigas will speak hindi,But English ? They are very poor in communication.
    If outstation peoples leaves Bengaluru, Bengaluru condition will be disaster.
    People are not qualified,no public manners,Thats all about garden city.(once up on a time)

    1. Mr. Balaji, Bengaluru’s population is 9 million which is clearly higher than Chennai (7 million) and Hyderabad (6 million). And moreover, here the comparison is about which city is more advanced and not about size. I’m from Chennai but I admit that Bengaluru is most advanced city in India. And don’t create a rift between the states by talking bad things. All states make India. Single Bengaluru or Mumbai or Chennai will not make India. We should unite each other to make India strong. My punishment to you: I just spit on your face now for creating this rift. Because many people would have already read this. Folks, please don’t take these comments as these creates divide.

      1. Understand the locality, Chennai’s City limit 426 Km with 7 million population. Bangalore’s City Limit 741 Km with all areas. If Chennai Merged with Tambaram, Avadi, Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur then Chennai’s Population will be 14 million. Where Bangalore already included all the areas and total population is 8 million

    2. Yoooo Kathpadi Balaji…. Even am a Tamilian, Even though I love Bangalore city a lot, The city has given every thing to the citizens of Bangalore from beautiful environment to high tech life, We got every thing in this city.
      And all kannadigas are masters in all languages so we can survive any corner of this world, and we are not stuckup with one language like you useless…, So better shut your S…….e

    3. balaji I am Kannadiga I can Speak English and you dont need to worry about us You tell same minded ppl like you to leave bangalore we dont need such rubbish thinkers it will spoil our city Environment. What you talking about size of Bangalore ? have you ever seen BBMP new Updated Size go google it first. And I knew Keeping chennai Last Making you Say so he he he i agree chennai should come atleast above Delhi and Hyderabad. Chennai is Detroit of india but still it will be Second after Bangalore in advanced cities

  39. Infrastructure(road,water,electricity, urbanPoor) and sanitation are the major problems of indian cities. Most of the indian cities are top in the ranking becuz of population dencity not because of standard of living.

  40. To me the list would be
    6.New Delhi

  41. Bangalore is resonable metro city .It is just known coz of IT industries and Pubs.other then that nothing much is there.Delhi nd Mumbai is a typical metro cities with wide roads and much developed infrastructures.Nd one can’t compare these two cities with any other cities of India.These cities were developed much more prior to any other cities.Nd yes let me say that if u r talking about Gurgaon and Noida then u cant compare these with metro cities.They don’t hold the position of metro city.Bangalore nd Chennai are much bigger cities compared to them.But Gurgaon and Noida is most DEVELOPED REGION of India compared to any other parts.

    1. Man guragaon even doesnt have its own administration, 50% of Mumbai lives in slums and 25 % of delhi lives in slums, you should read the word ADVANCED – Bangalore has more HI _TECH industries than all of the Indian cities combined.

        1. Bengaluru – King of South India
          Bengaluru – Gateway of South India
          Bengaluru – Largest city in south India
          Bengaluru – Coolest Metro city in India
          Bengaluru – Silicon Valley of India
          Bengaluru – Garden City of India
          Bengaluru – Busiest airport in South India
          and the list continues..

          1. The New York times disagrees with you (Chennai is the only Indian city in their list of places to visit)
            Lonely Planet disagrees with you ( Chennai again only Indian city in the top 10)
            India today disagrees with you (Chennai -best indian city 2014)

            I wouldn’t even consider Bangalore a south indian city, only 40% of you guys are actually kannadigas..

          2. chennai-detroit of south asia
            chennai-health capital of india
            chennai-largest automotive hub in the
            chennai-most visited indian city by
            foreign tourists
            chennai-gateway of south india
            chennai-oldest corporation in the world
            after london
            chennai-9th best cosmopolitan city in
            world(listed by world’s no 1 travel guide book lonely planet)
            chennai-best city in indian ranked by
            india today in 2014
            chennai-motor city of india
            and the list continues…

  42. in case of modern/advanced cities: Kolkata started the first telephone service in india.
    kolkata is the first wifi integrated city in india.
    first place for 4G service to start in india.
    Kolkata is also the cultural capital of india.

  43. I am glad to see Bangalore top this list. I have been staying here for over seven years now, and have not missed anything apart from cleanliness! Yes, this is a big issue with this city. I know some Bangaloreans would say this city is very clean, but guess what when my brother said when he came here for a visit? I asked how he liked the city, and he answered, “Dirty!”. Please note, we are not from a foreign country; we are from Shillong. For those of you who don’t know, it’s in the North-East. I invite you all for a visit to Shillong so that you know what a clean city looks like! I just hope BBMP officials wake up and make Namma Bengaluru a better city to live in.

    1. 100 Shillongs make one Bengaluru. So, managing a Megacity is difficult compared to smaller cities. You should compare with a Megacity with another Megacity like Mumbai, Delhi

        1. Mr. Saketh, Megacity is calculated based on district agglomeration population[10.3 million] which much higher than urban agglomeration population[8.4 million]

    2. Better be content with atleast this damn city in the list. Worst city of all time. IT sectors and zombies but traces of human beings found too…but they are definitely not from B’lore origin hahaha!!

    3. Brother What is population of Shillong?
      When Shillong Become like Mumbai or Bangalore then ask your Brother what he says you know?
      dirty….. Think about Population and Density before Commenting. Go check Majestic Bus Stand busiest part of the city but How clean it even though being busiest. If shillong get Bangalore population then lats see how much clean Shillong look..

  44. yess the list is awesome…but you have forgot something dear…… forgot to incorporate the name of Kolkata in this list…….Kolkata is the third largest city in India after Delhi and Mumbai……

    1. This list is about most advanced Indian cities in modern time, not most backward ‘big’ Indian cities! I am sure Kolkata would top that list 😛

      1. What is your ur problem with kolkata mate?? Have i or anybody insulted ur city?? A shame if anybody did that.. Bcoz we r indian first.. If some things bad happns in kolkata.. Tht is ur shame also.. And vice versa.. Bcz we r represntng india.. N all d cities comes undr it.. Try to luv evry bit of ur country. I dnnt knw frm which city u r.. Bt i not think i have any problm with any city..

      2. Hi soubhi ghosh, u cannot fight an uneducated. Let him speak everything here, later, he will say these words in a b’lore asylum hahahaha!!!!!!

    2. @Ripan Mukherjee , No dear , this is about “ Most Advanced Cities of modern India”.This list is well deserved. Cities in List have better Modern IT Infrastructure, Nice airport, advance and friendly work culture and well developed modern infrastructure. But Kolkata may be developed in British era. But now the reality is this is the biggest dustbin, worst work culture, not having well infrastructure including airport … city with dirty drains , overpopulated not having well infrastructure can not be advanced modern city in the basis of no of population .

      1. Kolkata is dustbin?? Have u ever visited Kolkata?? What modern infrastructure u r talikng about which is not in Kolkata. India’s first telephone, cellular telephone, WiFi, 4G, Metro Railways, happened in Kolkata. What modern airport u r talking about?? Have visited Kolkata airport recently?? 4 major Metro Railway projects are ongoing… In most of the cities have serious problem of water, road quality, road congestion, public transport system, quality of food. In all parameters Kolkata has always adjudged as one of the best, if not the best city to live. Know before commenting purely based on perception.

      2. Tanvir, its okay man!!! i understood from which origin you are, or may be don’t know that shit about your own city. So better be good and stink your own dung town from where you are.

  45. I went few times to India but the cities there very stingking. dirts all over places. less cleanness
    people dont follows systems. public toilets dirty and sucks like animals shelter.

    And the people also need to cleanup too. smell’s bad. many cheating people also

    Hope to see some improvement years to ahead.

    1. Most of the cities are very young when compared to population it has, we should see another 20 years and then judge whether they can sustain the poverty, congested traffics, old buildings, etc. just like Mumbai and Kolkata faces today. Moreover these cities are only relying on IT. Noida and Gurgaon should not been in the list as they are not stand alone cities and extended part of Delhi. Otherwise, we ourselves know where other cities of Harayana and UP stand. Delhi too stands because of being capital. If capital is shifted to some other place, Delhi will lose its value immediately.

      1. Oh really? Delhi is one of the older cities with 3 world heritage sites, which have been preserved pretty well I might add. The “BIG” gardens in the city are well maintained and so is the transport and road infrastructure.

        You can take the tag of “capital” out of Delhi, but it will still be in any list of top 10 cities in India (be it good or bad). 😉

        Having said that, I am a Delhite and I am well aware of the problems we have, but nothing compares to cold / dim-lit evening in Old Fort listening to some of the local (national) artists create magic! I am sure everybody feels the same about their respective cities, but we shouldn’t be slagging off any other cities to prove our point! 🙂

      1. I am sure you have not come to Odisha to witness advancements of Bhubaneswar. Though Bhubaneswar is small but it does not lag in amenities to make it consider for this list.

        1. Moreover, no other state is in comparison to Odisha as far as resources are concerned and the growth process of this state will be tremendous and with this Bhubaneswar will be way and way ahead of other cities in forth coming years, the transformation will be so huge as apparent we never can imagine. Currently India is developing and so the intermittent stages show the cities racing but when the actual shape will take place we reach to the conclusion

  46. Chennai is the fastest developing city of India. I visited Chennai after around 2-3 years and I could see the difference…

    1. I visited too Chennai recently after some years and I could see still Chennai suck… near its central railway station I was about to come under wheel of a fast running vehicle when I was crossing in a crowded junction.

  47. Chennai is the best city in India. It provides all the facilities for all the sectors. So, “CHENNAI” is always ahead.

    1. dude stop lying i have been to channei and know how the city is!!! most of the people don’t even know to speak English and hind, infrastructure is worst, transportation is terrible and people are rude and dirty

  48. There should be Trivandrum in this list, Cochin too. Cochin consists of the top IT parks in India. It is also capital of Indian Navi. It has advanced facilities not depending upon the size.

  49. Bangalore, Karnataka is the best place to live in India because they welcome all people unlike Chennai and other north cities. Bangalore is included in the top 5 cities in Asia which are growing faster. Bangalore is well known as Silicon Valley of India and its pleasant climate throughout the year. Public Transport is the best compare to whole India.

    1. Before coming o bangalore, biharis, marwari, punjabi came to chennai for business. After the cities like Bombay, Madras,Delhi Calcutta got saturated, people started moving to Bangalore.Dont say, it never welcome outsiders. Starting from Film industry to IT industry in Chennai, most of the top level people are outsiders. We accepted them as Chennaites. But in bangalore, kannadigas wont accept non-kannadiga in any public related industries or services. No, non-kannada movies can be dubbed in Kannada.HEro should be from kannada soil. State goverment jobs are only for Kannadigas, like that many things.But this is not the case in Chennai. Only thing, we speak only Tamil and English. No other languague can dominate and climate is very sunny

      1. Mr Chennai Sathish, Bengaluru has 21% Tamilians and we treat them as our friends. Please don’t talk about dividing people.

        1. Climate,cool temperaturr these are all god given to bangalore, but what u people have done, then why all IT companies are going out of the state to search talent pool from AP, TN, KL and north india. I know that north karnataka people r stuggling like anyting to survive and also ur govt forgot to look them, and also many north KA people are telling that south KA people are very lazy fellows. First u do hard work, dont speak about the climate, environment, temp, these and all you have not brought to bangalr……

          1. Dude i am being North karnatka Guy yes you are Our Government Neglecting us As only Mysore bangalore and south West Coastal karnataka have developments. in north part they only see Hubli Belgaum we all other city ppl are useless as per govt of Karnataka. But some points about u like Climate ok god gift and People of bangalore creted Infosys, Wipro then what else you ignored about them. Local Support is more important for anything if they neglected outsiders then one of your friends also will be not working in bangalore with good package.They go pool campus because they want to give chance to all people after all who recruiting its Local infosys Narayan murthy and local wipro itself na

  50. Bhubaneswar is the best city in India and growing as IT hub in the country. The World Bank reports Bhubaneswar as the 3rd best place in India.

    1. Bhubaneswar first smart city in india second runner’su in the world do gou know Bhubaneswar siliconvalleyof india infocity2 now very fast growing area future city of india mind blowing city …..jai hind jai jagannath Himanshu badabarena badamba cuttack

    1. Hyderabad is really a modern and awesome city which is growin in IT and people…u will really enjoy your time un hyderabad as it has many malls like GVK MALL,CITY CENTER,INORBIT MALL,HYDERABAD CENTRAL MALL,MANJEERA MALL,FORUM SUJANA MALL,ASHOKA METROPOLITAN MALL etc. And many more…..u will really enjoy your stay as u will find many places to roam like OLD CITY,HITEX CITY,CHARMINAR,GOLCONDA FORT,HUSSAIN SAGAR LAKE,FALAKNUMA PALACE,CHOUMALAHA PALACE,RAMOJI FILM CITY,JALVIHAR WATER PARK,OCEAN PARK,GANDIPET etc. And much more enjoyment and when u r in hyderabad u should definetly eat hyderabadi BIRYANI in PARADISE RESTAURANT and can stay in many hotels like PARK HYATT,AVASA,ITC GRAND KAKATIYA etc…u will enjoy your stay at hyderabad and i MEAN IT

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