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5 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone in India [Best Guide]

Safety tips for women travelling alone in India are basic things. In recent years, safety of women travelling alone in India has raised many questions. India is a beautiful country with various types of tourist attractions attracts travellers from around the world. Sometime, they buy travel packages for India or a few times travel directly on their own.

If you follow some common and basic safety tips (travel tips), it’s quite rare to face any problem in India. We are sure that, you would enjoy your journey in India. So, let’s see some of the most important travel tips / safety tips for women travelling alone in India.

Travel Tips
Travel Tips

1. Avoid Walking Alone During Night

A women travelling alone in India must keep in mind that she should not walk alone during night time in less crowded area. It’s a very risky in a few areas to walk alone during night time.

It’s not risky when you are walking alone in crowded public roads in India. Try to avoid making friendship with unknown people in the first meet. A foreign women travelling alone is an easy target for pickpockets too during night. Stay safe!

2. Don’t Eat Anything from Unknown People

If you are travelling alone in any public or private transportation system, then you should avoid eating anything from unknown people. In various incidents, even local people have lost their precious items and luggage when trusting stranger travellers too much.

It is one of the most popular tactics to steal important things from the travellers. A solo woman should not eat anything from unknown person.

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3. Avoid Going to Unknown Person’s Home

In some cases,we have seen that, a solo female traveller trust too much and visit unknown person’s home. It is one of the riskiest things, which you should avoid during your trip. If you are familiar with him / her for long, then it’s okay otherwise be careful!

You should inform your friends, and family members your whereabouts to get help in case of emergencies. You should also keep emergency contact numbers ready especially police station number in your cell phone. 

4. Use Public Transport

Public Transport is the safest way to travel safely in India. In private vehicle, only you have to trust on driver. A public transport system always carries a good number of people who may be helpful in bad incident or event. This may be helpful in saving money as well as for your safety.

In recent years, most of state transport systems offers online ticket reservations. Indian Railways offering online tickets booking to all it’s passengers. It is one of the hassle-free way to travel alone in India.

Delhi DTC Bus
Delhi DTC Bus

5. Avoid Body Contact

You should try to avoid body contact with any stranger person while travelling alone in India. Even hugs and shake hand with stranger people should be avoidable. It will ensure your security more because rape is the fastest growing crime in India according to the latest news report by the Hindustan Times.

Please note that, these are the safety tips when you travel solo in India. Only a few percent people have bad intentions, remaining (majority) people are good. This is the norm in every good country!


Q1: Is it safe to travel to India alone female?
Answer: Yes of course, just follow safety tips given by us.

Q2: Is it safe to travel to India alone female?
Answer: Yes of course, just follow safety tips given by us.

Q3: Can a woman travel alone in India?
Answer: Yes of course, just follow safety tips given by us.

Q4: How can I travel alone in India?
Answer: Most of destinations in India are safe, just follow our tips.

Q5: How can a woman traveller be safe in India?
Answer: By following safety tips given as above.

Q6: Is Mumbai safe for female tourists?
Answer: Mumbai is one of the safest destinations in India.

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Article Title: 5 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone in India [Best Guide]
Article last re-published on February 3, 2019.

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