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Is India Safe for Foreign Tourists? How safe is India and is it safe to travel to India?

Is India really a safe country to visit? This question asked by many foreign tourists especially female travellers. To buy travel packages for India, you should prefer good travel companies to visit several parts of the country. You should prefer only prominent local tour operator to visit any place with your precious luggage. Most of people prefers to buy tour packages for India from popular online travel operators. It is one of the best ways to become more safe instead of travelling in unknown places without any knowledge of those places.

You should not forget to buy travel insurance to avoid any hassle during your lost luggage trauma. A travel insurance should cover many things for your journey in India, including hospitalization charges, better treatment, ambulance charges, doctor fee, lost luggage, and much more. Let’s see some of the best tips and guide on visiting India solo and in group.

Travel Safety Tips
Travel Safety Tips

Is India Safe for Foreign Tourists? How safe is India and is it safe to travel to India?

1. Travelling in Trains in India: Safety Tips

Many foreign tourists use Indian Railways as the medium of transportation. It is always advisable to do not eat food from the strangers / unknown people. Almost 99% people are good but you should not take 1% chance if you are travelling alone in India. Most of Indians having good habit to offering food to strangers while travelling in the train. You can read more tips about safety tips in Indian trains.

2. Avoid Walking @ Night

Walking alone in the night in India is always safe in the public places. But do not walk alone in the night in darker places where there is less crowd. Generally, it is a risky thing if a few bad persons are there. Try to avoid walking in the night in the dark places where there is no crowd. Public places are much safer for all tourists.

Avoid Travelling Alone @ Night
Avoid Travelling Alone @ Night

3. Dressing sense for female tourist in India

Dressing sense is the main cause behind every incident, as analysed in the latest reports. Before a few years ago, Andhra Pradesh Police’s DGP Dinesh Reddy has commented that “women’s provocative dress sense/fashionable dresses are cause of rape cases”.

It is advisable for all solo female tourists to don’t wear any fashionable clothes as it is a risky thing as per recent incidents. Try to wear full clothes which will provide you more security during your tour in India.

4. Avoid too much friendly behave

Are you solo female traveller? Then it is the most important travel tip for you. I think most of us try to behave as much friendly as possible with all persons. But, it may be risky if you are travelling solo as a female in India. It also doesn’t mean that you should not talk with strangers. I am recommending you to avoid friendly behave with strangers/unknown people.

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If above steps are taken then I am seeing India a great place and travellers paradise for all types of tourists.

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Article Title: Is India Safe for Foreign Tourists? How safe is India and is it safe to travel to India?
Article last re-published on May 25, 2019.

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