Facts about India: 13 Most Mind Blowing and Amazing Facts

Have you ever wondered about something which are not usual ? India is the most amazing country of the World. There are lots of mind blowing facts about India which are not yet popular and known to all people. India is large country in terms of population and land. So, it is difficult for every people to discover mind blowing facts of the country. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing, awesome, interesting, fun, unknown and mind blowing facts about India.

Facts about India: 13 Most Mind Blowing and Amazing Facts

1. Indian Railways

Indian Railways has total 1.4 million employees which is equivalent to the entire population of many countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Estonia, Mauritius, Bahrain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Vatican City and more. I have only mentioned a few countries names here not all.

Indian Railways Train
Indian Railways Train

2. Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

Shani Shingnapur is one of the most amazing village of India. All houses in the village didn’t have doors including their shops and halls. They have never kept their valulable things in lock and key. No theft has been reported yet in the village, it is the most amazing fact about India. This village is situated in Nevasa taluka of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state in India.

Shani Shingnapur Village House without Doors
Shani Shingnapur Village House without Doors

3. A mob of 200 women killed man in courtroom, Nagpur

Akku Yadav, the famous criminal in the city who has raped lots of women and kidnapped children. Local people has tried to file complaint in the local police station but every time he gets bail easily. Local Police was not co-operative and corrupted. Local people tired from him and they are not seeing any justice in the law system of India.

Akku Yadav
Akku Yadav

A mob of approx. 200 women attacked Akku Yadav and killed him. The mob have stabbed over 70 times on him including throwing chili powder and stones on his face. It is the first incident in the Indian history where 200 women killed rapist and murderer in open courtroom. This incident created headlines across the country.

4. Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai is so much congested city. To overcome from this problem, Government has built new city which is near to original Mumbai and named as ‘Navi Mumbai’. It is the largest planned township on the planet which was developed in 1972.

Navi Mumbai Skyline Image
Navi Mumbai Skyline Image

5. Without ticket case on terrorist!

Mumbai Police had filed case against Ajmal Kasab for entering CST Railway Station, Mumbai without ticket! Ajmal Kasab was terrorist who killed almost more than 50 persons in terrorist attack. This news has been confirmed by Sify News.

Ajmal Kasab at CST Railway Station in Mumbai
Ajmal Kasab at CST Railway Station in Mumbai

6. India’s first rocket was brought on cycle

India is now considered as one of the most advanced country in the world. What happened when India’s first rocket was brought on a cycle? Yes, it happened. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed first rocket with other research organization. They have used cycle as their medium of transportation.

India's first rocket on cycle
India’s first rocket on cycle

7. Science Day in Switzerland

To honour Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, Switzerland has declared 26th May, 2005 as Science Day. On this day, Kalam was visiting Switzerland. It is known that Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is widely popular as the people’s president in the country.

8. Boy worshiped as GOD

Kid as Hanuman Worshiped
Kid as Hanuman Worshiped

Arshid Ali Khan, a 13 years old boy from Punjab is worshiped as god Hanuman. He is also referred as Balaji due to his 7 inch long tail. Local people takes blessings from him to cure their problems. A story was also published in the Daily Mail in UK.

9. 31 Doctors in 1 family

There are 31 doctors in one family of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Most of family members are doctors and you can say “This is doctor family”. In this family, there are 7 physicians, 5 gynecologists, 3 ophthalmologists, 3 ENT specialists, orthopedic, urologist, psychiatrists, pathologists and neurologists are there as per the reports of the Times of India.

31 Doctors in 1 family
31 Doctors in 1 family

10. India never invaded any country

In the history of this country, Indian never invaded any country in her last 100000 years of the history. India is also widely known as the most peaceful country in the world.

11. Largest post network

To reach each and every village, India Post opened post offices in most of the towns / cities of the country. As per the current network, India Post have the largest numbers of Post Offices in the world.

India Post
India Post

12. Muslim Girl won Bhagavad Gita contest

A Muslim girl named Maryam won the contest of Bhagwat Geeta, the holiest book for Hinduism followers. Maryam’s parents supported her idea of participating in the contest and she defeated all the contestants and win the contest.

Muslim Girl won Bhagavad Gita contest
Muslim Girl won Bhagavad Gita contest

13. A Floating Post Office

India is known for its largest postal network in the world over 1 million post offices. In August 2011, the Government of India inaugurated a floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the unique post offices in the world.

A floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar - Jammu and Kashmir
A floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar – Jammu and Kashmir

Do you have any other topics to be covered in this article as the most amazing facts about India?

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Article last re-published on August 2, 2015.

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