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Best Places to Celebrate Birthday in Rajkot

Birthday is the most important occasion for everyone. Most of us wants to celebrate this day at best places of the city. Each and every person have different likes and dislikes. Some persons wants to celebrate birthday at picnic spot, another one wants to celebrate at luxurious hotel. We have tried to provide you best locations in Rajkot to celebrate your birthday.

Best Places to Celebrate Birthday in Rajkot

1. The Imperial Palace Hotel

It is the most luxurious five star hotel in the city. It is the first five star hotel in Rajkot. It is the best place to celebrate your birthday with your family members and friends. You can ask for special arrangement for your birthday party. They have best facilities for organizing party.

The Imperial Palace Hotel is little bit costly if you are considering for budget places. If you don’t have any budget problems and issues, then Imperial Palace is the best location to celebrate your birthday party in Rajkot.

Address: Dr Yagnik Road, Jagnath Plot, Rajkot

The Imperial Palace Hotel in Rajkot


2. Chouki Dhani

Chouki Dhani is the best location to celebrate your birthday with traditional touch. Besides traditional touch, it has all modern facilities and equipment which required to celebrate your birthday. Please make an arrangement earlier with the management to make it more memorable birthday in your budget.

Address: Near All India Radio Tower, Jamnagar Road, Rajkot.

Chouki Dhani in Rajkot


3. Ishwariya park

Ishwariya park is the best location to celebrate in natural environment. There is no special facility provided by the management of park. You have to arrange yourself with cake, food items and so on in the park. Please inform related persons and take their permissions prior to start your celebration.

Address: Ishwariya Park, Rajkot-Jamnagar Highway, Rajkot

Ishwariya Park in Rajkot

Which is your favourite place to celebrate birthday in Rajkot? We will add more places soon to make it more useful to all visitors.

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Article last re-published on February 19, 2015.

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