Best of India: 8 Incredible Things to Do in India During Your Holiday

India is the most popular tourist destination in the Asian region. There are so many things which you can do during your stay in the country. Most of travelers have limited time, budget and information. They need information which can be useful to visit best places and things to do while visiting India. It is the impossible thing to explore India within a short time.

If you are planning to explore whole country, then you have to spend lots of months in the country to fulfill your dream. I think most of us, didn’t have so many months to explore all places. That’s why I have provided best things to do during your travel in the country in a short time as well as limited budget.

Best of India: 8 Incredible Things to Do in India During Your Holiday

1. Visit Indian Religious Places / Sacred Places

India is the land of religious places / sacred places. All religious pilgrims such as Muslims, Hindu, Christians, Buddhism, Jains, Sikhs visit India as part of their spiritual tour. India has so much popular sacred places which are being visited by millions of pilgrims every year. I have identified some of the most sacred places in India for your spiritual tour.

1. Haji Ali – Mumbai, Maharashtra
2. Vaishno Devi – Jammu and Kashmir
3. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah Sharif – Ajmer, Rajasthan
4. Siddhivinayak Temple – Mumbai, Maharashtra
5. St. Paul’s Church, Diu
6. Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab
7. Tirupati Balaji Temple – Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh
8. Ayodhya – Uttar Pradesh
9. Mathura – Uttar Pradesh
10. Lord Krishna Temple Dwarka – Gujarat

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Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai
Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

2. Visit Parliament of India and Vidhan Sabha

Parliament of India is the most important political center of India. It is the place where laws are created and amended for the country. All elected Members of Parliament (MPs) gathers here for discussing various issues of the country. Anyone can visit the gallery of Parliament of India to see how Indian Parliament works. There are two houses, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. You can visit this official website to get further information.

Every Indian state has their own Vidhan Sabha (House of Assembly) where MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) gathers to make decisions/orders on important issues of the state. Generally, anyone can join Vidhan Sabha as the visitor in the visitors’ gallery of the assembly.

If you are interested to see working style of largest democracy in the world, it may be fantastic experience for your life. It will give more enjoyment than any other places.

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3. Enjoy Indian Cultural Festivals

India is the land of cultural festivals for the whole year. Every month, there are lots of cultural festivals across the country from small to large level. Most of people take part in the festivals without seeing their ethnic background. I have listed some of the major cultural festivals in India which are being celebrated every year.

1. Diwali
2. Eid Ul Fitr
3. Makar Sankranti (Uttarayan), Kite Festival
4. Eid Ul Adha
5. Holi
6. Christmas
7. Raksha Bandhan
8. Krishna Janmashtami
9. Onam
10. Maha Shivaratri
11. Navratri (Festival of Dandiyaras) and much more.

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Holi in Vrindavan
Holi in Vrindavan

4. Shopping at Traditional Indian Markets

Do you want to buy something special for your dear one? Are you confused what to buy in India as special gifts for your friends / family members ? Then it is very easy to buy something special for your loved one from traditional Indian markets. I am recommending you to do not buy any modern items which can be bought anywhere in the world. I am recommending you to buy only products which are available in India.

You can find traditional shopping areas / markets in every city where you can buy handicrafts, mud items, clay items, traditional clothes, decorative items and much more.

Sindhi Market Ahmedabad
Sindhi Market Ahmedabad

5. Taste Indian Foods in Traditional Food Street

Why you should waste your time eating modern foods which can be eaten in your country. I am recommending you to eat only traditional Indian foods which is not available in your country. Eating Indian food at traditional food street will provide you the best experience of the country. I have mentioned some of the most popular food dish/food items of India.

1. Biryani
2. Paratha
3. Tandoori Chicken
4. Chole Bhature
5. Dal
6. Dosa
7. Idli
8. Vada pav
9. Pani puri
10. Dahi vada
11. Dhokla
12. Pav bhaji
13. Khakhra
14. Undhiyu
15. Bhajiya

List of popular Indian foods is endless. I have provided only some of the popular Indian foods which are available in major Indian food streets in every town.

6. Visit Ancient Sites in India

India has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. In ancient time, Indians have developed a superb and marvelous architecture with unique design. India has lots of ancient sites which can be visited during your journey in the country. I am also recommending you to please visit the archaeological sites of India.

There are only a few ancient sites where visitors are not allowed to visit the site. I have provided list of ancient sites to be visited during your journey in the region.

1. Taj Mahal – Agra, Uttar Pradesh
2. Ajanta and Ellora Caves – Maharashtra
3. Red Fort – New Delhi
4. Dholavira – Ahmedabad, Gujarat
5. Lord Krishna Temple – Dwarka, Gujarat
6. Somnath Temple – Somnath, Gujarat

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Red Fort, Delhi
Red Fort, Delhi

7. Visit Historical Places of India’s Freedom Movement

India got independence from British rule in 1947 after so much bloodbath. India has lost so many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many others. India has also lost countless people to get freedom from the British rule. There are lots of historical places preserved to remember the Indian freedom movement. I have compiled a list of places which are directly connected with the movement of freedom India.

Some list of Historical Places which is related to Indian freedom movement.

1. Kirti Mandir, Porbandar (Gujarat) – Birth place of Mahatma Gandhi
2. Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar (Punjab) – British Massacre Event
3. Rajghat, New Delhi – Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi

8. Eat Desi Food in Dhaba at National Highway

Most of us eat modern food at luxurious hotels as well as well furnished hotels. But what about Desi Dhaba in India? Have you tried it ever? Most of tourists haven’t tried eating at Desi Dhaba at National Highways of India. It provides the best experience of tasty food. I have visited so many Dhabas during my journey.

Which things you have liked much from the list of the 8 Best Things to do in India?

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