The joy and charm of having food in the streets of Bangalore is more joyful then having it in the restaurant. The stalls and shops are not like five star, but having food and enjoying movements and gather memories are only possible at street stall. So, let’s see the best street food in Bangalore.

8 Best Street Food in Bangalore

1. Central Tiffin Room

When the name of Malleswaram comes, mouth becomes watery for eating South Indian street food. This place is famous for butter masala dosa. Apart from dosa, tasty Idly – Vada, Kesribata and Poori Sagu are also served. Chilled ice – cream and spicy chats are also available here.

Central Tiffin Room aka CTR, Bangalore. Image Source:

2. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar is located at Basavanagudi in Bangalore. It is the place where best South Indian food is found. It serves hot rice idli which are very soft. Vadas are very crispy here that once eaten, you would not able to stop yourself to order another. Coffee, Tea and Kesaribath are served with steaming. Nothing can beat an idli vada combo which is an extremely tasty dish from this famous bar.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Bangalore. Image Source:

3. Hari’s Sandwich Zone – Jayanagar

Hari’s Sandwich Zone at Jayanagar is famous for the Chocolate Sandwich. The sandwich and other food they serve are tasty. They serves variety of sandwich and chats which are crispy, spicy and yummy.
Lassi Corner is located nearby for having drink after food at the sandwich zone. All the variety they serves are healthy.

Hari’s Sandwich Zone, Bangalore

4. Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall

Pani Puri…. Wow… listening the name makes the mouth watery. It is a small stall located in Jayanagar 3rd block in Bangalore. Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall is a famous stall for tasty chats and delicious Pani Puri. Apart from Pani Puri, they also serve crispy and crunchy snacks like dahi puri, aloo chat, and paapdi chat. You should not miss an opportunity to eat here because it is one of the best street food in Bangalore.

Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall, Bangalore

5. Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls – Indranagar

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls stall is located in Indranagar. Listening the name of Grills and Rolls…. remember Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls stall, which serves delicious and crunchy food. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian street food are also served here. The prices are reasonable in the stall. Famous items served here are, single egg roll, paneer mashroom, mixed vegetable tikka Roll, babycorn tikka roll, mutton bunna, kathi wraps and many more. Khan Saheb is one of the best street food in Bangalore.

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls, Bangalore. Image Source:

6. Puchka’s

Puchka’s is located near the Purva Rivera Apartments in the Silver Spring Layout in Marathahalli. It is a famous and lovely Indori food stall. The prices are relatively higher but it has no match on its spicy, crunchy and delicious food with others. Hot Dog, Puchkas and other famous and tasty dishes are also served here. It is a place which takes care of hygiene and provide only healthy food. Puchka’s is considered as one of the best street food in Bangalore.

Puchka’s, Bangalore. Image Source: TripAdvisor

7. Dadar Vada Pav

Dadar Vada Pav stall is located in Indranagar. They serves spicy and tasty vada pavs with various flavors. The flavors includes paneer, schezwan, aloo and many more. It also serves tasty burger and crunchy french fries. The prices of food are low and the food served is hygiene and healthy. Tikki Vada Pav is one of the best street food in Bangalore which is served here.

Dadar Vada Pav, Bangalore. Image Source: JustDial

8. Spicy Corner

Spicy Corner is located in Jeevanabheema Nagar. Spicy hot tava paratha to dahi vada and other dishes, all are extremely yummy. It is a famous food point for spicy food. It serves one of the best spicy foods in Bangalore. This stall serves number of other tasty variety like dahi puri, manchurian, paneer fried rice, sav dahi puri, szechuan noodles, aloo paratha, gobhi chilly and many more which are extremely delicious. They serve dishes at reasonable prices and equally tasty. It is also considered as one of the best street food in Bangalore.

Spicy Corner, Bangalore. Image Source: Zomato

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Article first published on December 28, 2015.

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  1. Dadar Vadapav !!!, I just love it when it comes to vada pav, I am basically from Mumbai, But I haven’t even tasted such a tasty vada pav in Mumbai also.

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