Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days among the people across the world. It is celebrated around the world on different days in different countries. The most of people celebrate Mother’s Day by giving a surprise party to their mother. Some people celebrate this day by going outside with family. Each and every person has a different view to celebrate this day. They have only one goal, make this day memorable for their mother.

Mother’s Day

5 Best Places to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016

1. Family dinner at hotel

Are you busy during your day time? No worry, dinner at the hotel with your family members is the best idea to celebrate this day. By going outside to the dinner, your mother will get some fresh air from her routine work at home. Find out popular restaurants and hotels where you can take dinner with your family members. Please try to select a place which will be liked by your mother. Don’t select based on your interest because its mother’s day!

2. Throw a party at home

Celebrating Mother’s Day at home is the best option to stay at home and celebrate the day. You should prepare plan yourself with the help of your brother/sister and father to give surprise party. Decorate your main room with lights, bubbles and so on without giving any clue to your mother. If possible, invite your mother’s parents on this day to give big surprise.

Alternatively, you can order cakes on this day. For dinner, hotel or restaurant is the best place to give a surprise party. It is always recommended to order food which will be liked by your mother.

3. Picnic

If you have time and money, then arranging a family picnic on this day is the best option to celebrate the day. You should plan a short trip to come back within the day. There are a lot of family places where all family members can enjoy in every city.

4. City Tour

Most of the mothers must not have visited the whole city due to their busy schedule at home. It is an unique idea to celebrate mother’s day by visiting your own city with family members. You should carry your mother on a city tour on your bike or car. Try to visit spiritual and religious places if your mother is religious. She will be more than happy to enjoy this ride.

5. Shopping

Women and shopping are synonymous. You would find shopping malls and shopping centres everywhere, even in smaller cities or towns. You should arrange a shopping day with your mother to buy things with her. She will be more than happy to go outside for the shopping with you. You should select her favorite shopping places.

Article last re-published on November 8, 2015.

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