Christmas Parade in Wellington
New Zealand

Christmas 2018 Wellington: How to Spend, Events, Things to Do, Parade, and More

Be excited to celebrate Christmas this year in one of the most happening places of the world. Wellington is the place to plan get-together with friends, family dinners, and kids’ day out.

There are plenty of options from restaurants to hotels to celebrate this special festival. You can’t resist the desserts Christmas 2018 Wellington has to offer you. Being the season of perpetual hope, Christmas is fun, divine, and magical in Wellington.

Christmas in Wellington
Christmas in Wellington

Christmas 2018 Wellington: How to Spend, Events, Things to Do, Parade, and More

How to Spend Christmas in Wellington:

  • Celebrate the Christmas 2018 Wellington special events on the beach. Camping on the beach during Christmas could be amazing especially when you are holidaying with loved ones.
  • Attend the Santa parade with little girls marching followed by the bands. It is the best Christmas Parade in Wellington. You will experience beautifully decorated floats and other Christmas decorations.
  • Expect to eat delicious food and desserts during Christmas in Wellington. The weather is beautiful which adds to the beauty of the festive season.
Christmas Lights in Wellington
Christmas Lights in Wellington

Christmas Events in Wellington:

  • Capital E will be hosting some amazing Christmas Events in Wellington including a Santa’s Workshop. The event begins from 1st December and lasts until 24th In the afternoon you will get to help the Elves complete their tasks. The place also hosts entertainment shows and live comedy performances.
  • Attend the Big Carol Singing at Wellington Town Hall. Sing all the best carols in a traditional Christmas style. Many families come together to sing Christmas carols and its divine to see this unity in people singing all together at once.
  • Be a part of the grand Fevah Xmas Ball Feat & Farley near the Kent Terrace. It is celebrated with dancing, jumping, and listening to the DJ booth. The DJ plays charismatic songs that will make you dance and shake on the floor. The audience is beautiful so make sure you are dressed in your best attire.
Christmas Parade in Wellington
Christmas Parade in Wellington

Things to Do in Wellington During Christmas:

  • Visit the city center for some amazing surprises. You will face a gorgeous crowd that prefers exploring the place on feet or bike. People gather to exchange New Year greetings with each other.
  • Mount Victoria looks beautiful with scenic views of the city from the east. Many people gather here to enjoy the weather and crowd.
  • Try exploring the Cable Car Museum for a mini adventure ride. It is a beauty for those visiting Wellington for the first time.
  • The beaches are perfect to celebrate a Christmas vacation with family and friends.

Do share your Christmas memories with us if you happen to visit in Wellington this year. We would love to hear from your on the Christmas experience. Have a blessed Christmas 2018.

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Article Title: Christmas 2018 Wellington: How to Spend, Events, Things to Do, Parade, and More
Article first published on September 3, 2018.

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