Have you been thinking to celebrate this year’s Christmas 2018 New Plymouth style? You have taken the right decision. Plenty of hotels make delicious Christmas meals and arrange amazing activities for the guests.

There are spot prizes, live concerts, musical evenings, singing, dancing, carols, and more. Families dress up nicely and reach the church for Christmas prayers. Majority of the crowd is seen during the first week of Christmas.

Christmas Trees in New Plymouth NZ
Christmas Trees in New Plymouth NZ

Christmas 2018 New Plymouth: How to Spend, Parade, Things to Do, and Best Events

How to Spend Christmas in New Plymouth:

  • Spend time at the Stony river Boutique Hotel. It is beautifully decorated during Christmas. Many families come here to celebrate Christmas together. Admission to their Christmas event is free.They also have a Christmas market with homemade cookies, jewelry, paintings, hand art, Christmas decorative, and clothes to sell.
  • Celebrate Christmas 2018 New Plymouth at the Bowl. The pre-show music begins at 6:30 pm and the special Christmas show starts at 8 pm. They also have a fireworks show at 9:30. Ideally it is like a one day event from morning to night. You won’t be bored for a moment.
Christmas Parade in New Plymouth NZ
Christmas Parade in New Plymouth NZ

Christmas Events in New Plymouth:

  • There is a kids’ market with 40 stalls. The market consists of kids clothing, toys, sports accessories, books, baby accessories, and more than you can expect. The variety will leave you confused on what to leave.
  • Take your kids to the lovely Ashton Family Circus and Dylan Daisy’s Magic Show. Girls dressed in princesses do the aerial stuff and a pole dancer entertains with her skills. There is also a fair with food stalls and games.
Christmas Parade in New Plymouth NZ
Christmas Parade in New Plymouth NZ
  • For more exciting Christmas Events in New Plymouth, rush to the Extravaganza Fair. It is loaded with games, entertaining activities, music, dance, and food fairs.
  • Plymouth Market has some amazing things to do from face painting stuff too Ocean City Sound Choir.Large numbers of families arrive here with their little ones to exchange Christmas greetings and experience the fun with the decent crowd.

Things to Do in New Plymouth During Christmas:

  • A large Christmas parade is held by the New Plymouth Central Lions Club. Regardless of the weather conditions, they have decided to host the parade. Now, that’s the Christmas spirit! Free entertainment activities will also be organized followed by floats, carnival, and carol singing during the 2018Christmas Parade in New Plymouth.
  • Visit the St Jude’s Church for a divine Christmas experience. You can spend some time here and offer your prayers to the lord. It is a beautiful Church and this year, they shall also do some carol singing.
Christmas Decorations in New Plymouth NZ
Christmas Decorations in New Plymouth NZ

Plenty of other options are available to dine and stay. Celebrate Christmas to the best of your efforts as it’s the most divine festival of the year.

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Article Title: Christmas 2018 New Plymouth: How to Spend, Parade, Things to Do, and Best Events
Article first published on December 17, 2018.

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