Christmas Parade Christchurch
New Zealand

Christmas 2018 Christchurch: Events, Parade, Things to Do, and How to Spend

Have you been thinking how is the Christmas celebrated in Christchurch?  We have the answers for you in this article. From comedy shows to Santa parades, there is every reason to be here.

Christmas 2018 Christchurch has lots to talk and offer you. Dance lover won’t be able to resist the dance performances and Salsa nights at various concerts. There is more to talk about ahead…

Christmas Parade Christchurch
Christmas Parade Christchurch

Christmas 2018 Christchurch: Events, Parade, Things to Do, and How to Spend

How to Spend Christmas in Christchurch:

  • Attend the lovely Christmas Lightshow at the 650 Shands Road. It is worth spending time with kids. Families enjoy being a part of this amazing event by Christmas 2018 Christchurch.
  • The New Brighton Santa Parade Concert is mind blowing! Get ready to grab delicious ice creams and rush to the beach with kids or loved one to have the best Christmas memories of life.
  • Lincoln’s Christmas Twilight Market can bring you a great experience in 2018. Make an Xmas card, listen to your favorite Christmas classics, watch the dance show, and many more surprising events planned for the guests.

Christmas Events in Christchurch:

  • Be a part of the best Salsa Night Fever ever at the Salsa Latina Dance Centre. Learn Salsa and enjoy dancing with a great crowd this December.
  • Christmas Day Buffet is one of the best Christmas Events in Christchurch. People wait for months to taste some delicious food, sip great wine, and try popular restaurants for Christmas specials. It is held every year near Market Place Restaurant & Bar.
  • Rush to the Riccarton Road to attend the grand Santa Parade. They usually keep it during the first week of December. Christmas Parade in Christchurch is the most awaited thing by the local residents.
Christmas Lights Christchurch
Christmas Lights Christchurch

Things to Do in Christchurch During Christmas:

  • Christmas in the Park won’t let you get bored for a moment. Be prepared to experience an amazing crowd, lively streets, and scenic views during the Christmas time. It is hosted on 25th Carols are sung and people exchange Christmas greetings with each other.
  • Coca-Cola Christmas is another highlight in the Park. The place invites families, friends, and kids. Talented singers, dancers, and musicians are invited to perform here. The spirit of the festive season is beautiful and lively.
  • The Captain Club’s Hotel & Spa promises you an award winning Christmas vacation. They have a luxury star accommodation, fine dining options, and entertaining Christmas games. You won’t be able to resist the aroma of food and French cuisine menu. Don’t miss their special desserts prepared for Christmas.
  • Have a wonderful Christmas season in Christchurch. Plan to spend your Christmas holidays with a larger group to have more fun. Click pictures and share it with us and for those who couldn’t make it to Christchurch this year.
Christchurch Christmas Trees
Christchurch Christmas Trees

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Article Title: Christmas 2018 Christchurch: Events, Parade, Things to Do, and How to Spend
Article first published on September 4, 2018.

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