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Washington DC Prices: Metro Prices, Gas Prices, Zoo Prices, Food Prices, and More

Washington DC Prices is one of the main concerns for travellers from other states and countries. It’s a general perception that, Washington DC is one of the costliest travel destinations in the US. If planned properly for your holiday trip to Washington DC, then it can be less expensive for your pocket.

Washington DC is an amazing travel destination, offers a lot of tourist attractions, including museums, parks, historical places, library, and much more. Traveljee has compiled a list of important prices which covers almost everything.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Washington DC Prices: Metro Prices, Gas Prices, Zoo Prices, Food Prices, and More

Washington DC Food and Drink Prices

Food Type Price (US$) Details
Budget breakfast 6.50-10.50 It’s quite difficult to find fast food and other cheap meal options in Washington DC.
Cocktails (glass) 6.50-15.50 In hotels and clubs, prices are more for cocktails. It ranges from cheap to expensive.
Budget lunch 7.50-12.50 A few fast food options are available for lunch. Not much in budget lunch category.
Beer (pint) 4.50-7.50 A hotel bar is little bit expensive compared to nightlife areas bars.
Budget dinner 10.50-18.50 In Downtown area, it’s quite difficult to find budget dinner. It’s less expensive in the nightlife districts.

Washington DC Attraction Prices

Attraction Price (US$) Details
Kreeger Museum 10.00 (Adults)
8.00 (Students)
8.00 (Seniors)
This museum is only open on Saturdays without reservation. A reservation is required on all other days.
National Cathedral 12.00 (Adults)
8.00 (Kids)
The cathedral has a suggested donation. It is one of the most popular cathedrals.
Lincoln Memorial
Free It’s a popular memorial in Washington D.C.
Washington Monument 1.50 (All) Tickets are free but advanced ticket reservation fee is charged.
National Gallery of Art Free All entries to this gallery is free!
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Free All entries to this zoo is free!
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Free All entries to this museum is free!
International Spy Museum 20.95 (Adults, 12-64)
14.95 (Seniors, 65+)
14.95 (Youth 7-11)
FREE (Kids 6-less)
It’s a world famous spy museum and have more than 20,000 square feet for permanent exhibition space.
Newseum 21.21 (Adults 19-64)
12.71 (Youth 7-18)
16.96 (Senior 65+)
FREE (Kids 6-less)
It’s a popular journalism related museum and exhibition
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
FREE It’s the official museum regarding the Holocaust.
Hirshhorn Museum FREE It’s a museum with the permanent art collection of Joseph H. Hirshhorn

Washington DC Transportation Prices

Transport Type Price/Cost (US$)
Metro ride in Washington DC 2.25-6.00
Taxi from Reagan airport to city 13.50-20.50
3km taxi ride in Washington DC 7.55-11.50
Metro from Reagan airport to city 3.00
Metrobus from Dulles to city 7.55
Taxi from Dulles airport to city 70.55-80.55

Washington DC Hotel Prices

Rating Night/Rate (US$)
1 star 55-120
2 star 62-186
3 star 73-272
4 star 192-326
5 star 335-655


Q1: Is the zoo in Washington DC free?
Answer: Yes, it’s completely free!

Q2: Do you have to pay for the National Zoo in Washington DC?
Answer: No. However, a parking cost about $22.00

Q3: Are Smithsonian museums free?
Answer: Yes, museums and zoo located in Washington DC are free (only Smithsonian)

Q4: Is Sunday a good day to visit Washington DC?
Answer: Yes, Sunday is a good day to visit Washington DC. On this day, the traffic is much lighter through the monuments and museums.

Article Title: Washington DC Prices: Metro Prices, Gas Prices, Zoo Prices, Food Prices, and More
Article first published on February 18, 2019.

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