Jacksonville is the city in the state of Florida, United Sates. It is the largest city by the population and the largest by area. It contains an area of 2292 sq. km and the population is 8,42,583. In the Jacksonville metropolitan area, Jacksonville is the principal city. Due to the location of Jacksonville on the St. Johns River and Atlantic Ocean, it became highly successful in the development of the city and also in the field of industry. There are many large festival taking place in Jacksonville among them Jazz festival is the second largest festival of America which held in Jacksonville, Florida each year.

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Jacksonville, Florida

1. The Beach

It is a suburb of the city of Jacksonville, Florida. There are many beaches located in the city of Jacksonville near the Atlantic Ocean. The tourist must have to visit the beaches if they went to visit Jacksonville. Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach are the group of the beaches situated on the coastal region of the city Jacksonville.

The Beach Jacksonville

2. World Golf Village

The World Golf Village is located in St. Johns County near the city Jacksonville, Florida. It was established in the year 1988 and is operated by Honours Golf. It is a golf resort but also features the development in residents and commerce. The Resort contains 6300 acres of land and 18000 residents. It was designed by Sam Snead, Gene Sarazen, and Bobby Weed.

World Golf Village Jacksonville

3. Museum of Contemporary Arts

Museum of Contemporary Arts is an art museum situated in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The museum is closed on Monday and timing of the Museum on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday is 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. On Thursday, it remains opened from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. On Sunday,  it remains opened from 12:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is one of the largest contemporary arts museums in Southeastern United States. This museum is owned by the University of North Florida. It was built based on the style of Art Deco and Marsh as well as Saxelbye were the architectures.

Museum of Contemporary Arts Jacksonville

4. Museum of Science and History

The Museum of Science and History is a science museum situated in the City of Jacksonville, Florida. It was established in the year 1969 and it is the most visited museum. It was first children museum in Jacksonville, which was later transferred into Museum of Science and History in the year 1977. It is the museum of science and history and also contains the international collections.

Museum of Science and History Jacksonville

5. Friendship Fountain

Friendship Fountain is a fountain in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, United States. The architect of the fountain was Taylor Hardwick. It is located in the St. Johns River, Jacksonville. It is the largest and tallest fountain in the world and also a popular attraction in the city of Jacksonville. It was opened for the public in the year 1965. It has a capacity of holding 19,00,000 liters of water at a time. The park was first called “Fountain of Friendship in Dallas Thomas Park” but later on due to the indication of Thomas in the name, it was renamed in 1968.

Friendship Fountain Jacksonville

6. Jacksonville Landing

Jacksonville Landing is a museum complex located in the city of Jacksonville. The architect of the complex was Benjamin Thompson and Associates Inc. It was opened on 25th June, 1987 and having 2 floors. The complex contains the more than 65 stores. It was built by Rouse Company at the cost of $37.5 million. It is situated on the bank of river St. Johns River with an area of 9 acres. Later in 2003, Rouse Company sold it to Toney Slieman for 5.1 million.

Jacksonville Landing Jacksonville

7. Downtown Art Walk

Downtown Jacksonville’s Art Walk is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jacksonville. It held the first Wednesday of each month and the timing of this art walk is 5 to 9 pm, rain or shine. As many as 40 local businesses participate in this art walk. Besides artists, musicians, and museums, you will also find a lot of hotels, restaurants, and bars near the venue.

Downtown Art Walk Jacksonville

8. Fort Caroline National Memorial

Fort Caroline National Memorial is the first colony established by French in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. It is located on the banks of River St. Johns with an area of 128 acres of land. It is managed by the US National Park Service. The timing of the park is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Fort Caroline was established on 16th January, 1953. In the year 2005, more than 1,45,000 visitors have visited the site.

Fort Caroline National Memorial Jacksonville

9. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is a zoo situated in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The Zoo occupies approximately 110 acres of land. It was opened on 12th May, 1914 and having 2400 animals as its property. The Zoo contains an Elephant Plaza, an Australian Adventure, a Wild Florida, Range of the Jaguar and many more exhibits. More than 8,00,000 visitors visited the zoo. It is managed by the Jacksonville Zoological Society. The milky eagle owl with other birds can be seen the in zoo.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Jacksonville

10. EverBank Field

Everbank Field is a stadium situated in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. The stadium is specially made for American Football game. It was opened on 18th August, 1995 and has the capacity of 67,246 audience at a time. It is located near the River St. Johns with an area of 4 hectares. The total cost estimated to prepare stadium was $134 million out of them $60 million was given by the city of Jacksonville. The construction of the stadium was started in January, 1994 and was completed in 20 months.

EverBank Field Jacksonville

Article first published on April 13, 2015.

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