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New York City Prices: Beer Prices, Food and Drink Prices, Gas Prices, Hotel Prices and More

New York City Prices is a matter of concern for any traveller because it is considered as one of the most expensive cities to visit and live in. A careful planning may save a lot of dollars when you visit this beautiful city. A travel package for New York City at less cost may also helpful in saving money but it’s quite difficult to get one at less price.

In this article, Traveljee has carefully compiled important New York City prices, including food and drink prices, gas prices, beer prices, tourist attraction prices, and much more.

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New York City Prices: Beer Prices, Food and Drink Prices, Gas Prices, Hotel Prices and More

New York City Attraction Prices / NYC Tourist Attractions Ticket Cost

Attraction Cost / Ticket Prices (USD) Remarks
Metropolitan Art Museum 25 (adults)
17 (age 65+)
12 (students)
It’s the biggest museum in the city. These are “suggested donations” to enter the museum. However, you can pay lesser amount if you are on a cheap budget trip.
Madam Tussauds Museum 29.95 (adults) A 20% discount is given if you buy tickets online. It’s an expensive and usually crowded museum.
Empire State Building 38 (adults)
36 (age 62+)
32 (6-12)
It has a superb observation deck. A long queue is usual and complex pricing for extras.
Whitney Museum of American Art 25 (adults)
18 (age 19-25)
18 (age 62+)
On Friday evenings, you can pay what you want. It’s a wonderful museum mixes classical and modern American art.
Circle Line 2.5-hour harbor tour 37 (adults)
31 (child)
A 3-hour trip is more worth than 2.5 hour harbour tour. It’s a highly popular among the tourists.
Museum of Modern Art 25 (adults)
18 (age 65+)
14 (students)
It’s a popular modern-art museum in NYC.
2-hour city bus tour 94 (adults)
70 (age 3-11)
It’s a fast way to explore NYC. You can buy tickets online for this price.
Guggenheim Museum 25 (adults)
18 (students)
18 (seniors)
An exterior of this building is the main attraction of this museum.
Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island 25.50 (adults)
21 (age 62+)
16 (age 4-12)
This ferry is chargable. However, Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty are free.
New York CityPASS
126 (adults)
104 (age 6-17)
Empire State Building, American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Top of the Rock® Observation Deck OR Guggenheim Museum, and Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island OR Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, 9/11 Memorial & Museum OR Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.
New York Explorer Pass
89 (adults)
67 (age 4-12)
The Explorer Pass offers you a chance to visit tourist attraction at your own pace. You can choose three, four, five, seven or 11 attractions from over 80 top tourist attractions and tours. You can visit any of these places in 30 days.
The New York Pass
127 (adults)
94 (age 4-12)
The New York Pass enables you to visit top places at fast pace. You can choose from over 100 attractions, tours, museums, and more. This pass is available in one, two, three, five, seven, or ten days.
The Sightseeing Pass – New York
64 It’s a cost-effective pass to experience New York City’s sightseeing. Available with various days and unlimited attractions.

New York City Food and Drink Prices

Food / Drink Name Cost / Price (US$) Details
Pint of beer 5-8 Manhattan is an expensive to get drunk. If you look around, $1 is the price starts for self-catering cans.
Budget breakfast 4-7 A deli or bagel shop is one of the best options for cheap meals. An usual breakfast is not included in your hotel stay in NYC (in most cases).
Coffee (cup) 1-2 A deli offers cheap and low-cost coffee. In other places, coffee is little bit expensive.
Budget lunch 6-9 A filling sandwiches starts at $4. On other hand, big slices of cheese pizza are around $2.75 each.
Budget dinner 10-16 A good number of cheap and low-cost meals are available in various places.

New York City Transportation Prices / Ticket Cost

Details Price / Cost in US$
3km taxi ride (Manhattan) 5-11
AirTrain (JFK to Manhattan) 17
Taxi (LaGuardia to Manhattan) 27-36
Taxi (JFK to Manhattan) 53
Shuttle Bus (LaGuardia to Manhattan) 13-17
Subway Ride (Unlimited Transfers) 2.75-3

New York City Product Costs / Product Prices

Product Name Cost / Price Details
Cigarettes 15-17 A heavy tax on cigarettes makes smoking highly expensive in NYC.
Cheap Umbrella 2-5 A “dollar store” offers cheap umbrella as low as $1. However, a vendor may charge you higher when rain starts.
2.21 Gas Price

Article Title: New York City Prices: Beer Prices, Food and Drink Prices, Gas Prices, Hotel Prices and More
Article first published on February 12, 2019.

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