Las Vegas Prices is one of the most important topics when you travel to this sin city. In past, hotels in Las Vegas were relatively cheap and travel was less expensive. Due to increased number of luxury hotels and resorts in Las Vegas, the prices are very competitive and should remain so for years to come.

Las Vegas is one of the best destinations in the US to celebrate many festivals, which includes (but not limited to) new year, Christmas, 4th of July, and other. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas and doesn’t know about Las Vegas Prices, then read our article ahead.

Trump Hotel Las Vegas
Trump Hotel Las Vegas

Las Vegas Prices: Food Prices, Gas Prices, Hotel Prices, Buffet Prices, Attraction Prices and More

Las Vegas Food and Drink Prices

Food Type Price (US$) Details
Beer (pint) 4.00-8.00 In clubs, beer prices are high. In some casinos, you may get free drinks.
Budget breakfast 5.5-10.5 In most of hotels in Las Vegas, they offers less expensive and luxury breakfast. Choices yours!
Budget dinner 10.50-20.80 In most of hotels / casinos, they offers expensive and cheap meals.
Budget lunch 7.50-15.50 In most of hotels / casinos, they offers expensive and cheap meals.
6.00-9.00 A less expensive desserts and expensive both are available.
Burger 10.00-15.00 Various sizes and tastes
Italian Dinners
15.00-18.00 It’s depend upon restaurant and your choice
11.00-30.00 It’s approx. price range for regular pizza

Las Vegas Attraction Prices

Attraction Type Price (US$) Details
Neon Museum 15.00 A 1hour look at the beautiful neon boneyard. An advance booking is required.
Production shows (top-tier) 165 (Top Shows)
80 (Mid Range)
50 (Lower Range)
In most of luxury hotels and casinos, they have shows, with big-name stars.
Gondola ride at Venetian 29 (Adults) The price is for per person for 4 persons. The price would be doubled for 2 persons.
Adult shows 140 (Top End)
80 (Mid Range)
45 (Lower Range)
These shows are based on nudity and adult themes.
Rollercoaster at NYNY Hotel 14 (Adults) A wonderful roller coaster ride.
Las Vegas Skyjump 109.99 (Adults) A bungee jump is available from the Stratosphere Hotel.
Madame Tussauds Free (0-2 years)
25 (Adults)
World famous museum
High Roller 20 (Adults)
Free (0-6 years)
The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel
3D Trick Art Museum 20 (Age 12+)
10 (Age 3-11)
It’s an interactive experience museum. Get incredible experience
Vegas indoor skydiving 65 A mind-blowing experience of indoor skydiving without actually taking risk.
Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck 16.00
Free (Age 0-3)
Take an amazing view of Las Vegas Strip from Eiffel Tower, located at Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Las Vegas Transportation Prices / Ticket Cost

Transport Medium Price (US$) / Cost
3km taxi ride in Las Vegas 7.55-11.50
Taxi from airport to the Las Vegas Strip 18.50-30.50
Las Vegas Monorail all-day pass 15.00
Taxi from airport to Las Vegas Downtown 35.50-55.50
Las Vegas Monorail ride 5.00
Shuttle bus from airport to Las Vegas Strip 7.50
Public bus from airport to Las Vegas Strip 2.00-3.00
Shuttle bus from airport to Las Vegas Downtown 9.00
Gas Prices 3.00 (gallon)

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Q1: How much does it cost to go to Las Vegas?
Answer: Airfare is totally depends on your location. To stay in Vegas, $200/person is norm for 4 nights.

Q2: How much does it cost to eat in Las Vegas?
Answer: Most of hotels and casinos offers buffet for US$10-25. In expensive restaurants, the price tag is higher.

Q3: What’s the cheapest time to go to Vegas?
Answer: August or October is considered the cheapest time to fly to Las Vegas. February, March, and June are peak months in flights prices.

Q4: What is the cheapest way to plan a trip to Vegas?
Answer: Book a cheap hotel room, get cheap meals, get your citypass, use cheap transport system, and other factors may affect your trip to Vegas.

Q5: How Much Does Vegas cost per day?
Answer: In Las Vegas, you have to ready yourself to spend US$100-200 per day. Your expenses depend on lots of other factors.

Article Title: Las Vegas Prices: Food Prices, Gas Prices, Hotel Prices, Buffet Prices, Attraction Prices and More
Article first published on February 13, 2019.

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