Christmas Parade in La Jolla
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La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019: Tickets Prices, Road Closure Info, Route Map

Have you been planning to attend the most awaited La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019? You must gather as much information as you can from booking tickets to road closures. The parade is scheduled for Sunday, December 8th and will begin at about 1:30 pm. Expect a great footfall of the audience as people from different parts of the city come to attend this grand parade.

This guide will help you to know everything that you need to know about the La Jolla Parade.

La Jolla Christmas Parade
La Jolla Christmas Parade Image Source: The Palette

Short guide on La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019:

La Jolla Christmas Parade Ticket Prices:

There will be a huge rush at the ticket booking counter, so ensure that you do it as soon as the counter is open. The La Jolla Christmas Parade Tickets 2019 are pretty reasonable and are charged at a rate of $30. Some corners would be free entry to watch the parade however; you will compromise on the fun as the crowd will occupy the free space soon.

Christmas Parade in La Jolla
Christmas Parade in La Jolla Image Source: Cool San Diego Sights!

La Jolla Christmas Parade Route Map:

If you are all set to begin the parade along with the crowd then keep in mind the beginning, intersection, and end point of the parade. Keep your map handy so that you don’t miss anything.

As per the La Jolla Christmas Parade Route Map 2019, the parade shall begin from the intersection of Kline Street and Girard Avenue. It will then head towards the North and meet the Prospect Street. The parade will further move along the Prospect Seat. Contemporary Museum of Art San Diego is the point where the parade will finally end after entertaining thousands of people.

Please click on image of route map for larger view.

Route Map for Christmas Parade in La Jolla CA
Route Map for Christmas Parade in La Jolla CA Image Source:

La Jolla Christmas Parade Road Closure:

Please adhere to the rules of La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019 Road Closures as these are only to ensure you enjoy to the core. As the event is expecting large number of people like every year, strict security is maintained to ensure safety of people.

Be aware of the road closures around areas like Kline and Torrey Pines, Girard Avenue, and roads between Virginia Way and Herschel. Also, the roads between Torrey Pines and Ivanhoe East would also remain closed for the parade. Make a note of all road closures to avoid your vehicle towing issues.

Live Streaming Information:

If you are missing the chance of attending the parade personally, then you can watch it live on TV. The local cable networks will certainly show you live telecast of the entire parade. Get full coverage of the parade by your local network channels. You can simply relax at home, avoid the hassle, and watch it with your family at home. Check the timings from the local operator when they will show repeat telecast of the parade so that you can watch it too.

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Tips to attend the grand La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019:

  • Enjoy light dances, huge floats, and delicious cuisines in the parade.
  • Many restaurants will offer you fresh food with special recipes on the menu for Christmas. So carry good cash in your wallet.
  • Keep the routes and map clear in your mind or you will face vehicle towing issues.
  • Follow the rules of attending the parade as a responsible citizen.
  • Bring back home wonderful memories of the parade by clicking pictures and sharing on social media.

We hope you have the best time in La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019. Have a blast!

Article Title: La Jolla Christmas Parade 2019: Tickets Prices, Road Closure Info, Route Map
Article first published on June 14, 2019.

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