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Hawaii Packing: Should You Bring a Jacket or Raincoat to Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of those places which easily find mention in some of the most visited and loved vacation spaces of the world. This Tropical paradise, however, has unpredictable weather which makes the packing for this trip really tricky business. But that is hardly what one has in mind while packing in haste and to make you avoid the same we are here with this article.

You may have questions like should you bring a jacket or raincoat to Hawaii or when should I need to bring a raincoat or jacket to Hawaii. The answers are fairly simple and you will find all of it in great detail in this particular article.

Hawaii Island Beach
Hawaii Island Beach

Hawaii Packing: Should You Bring a Jacket or Raincoat to Hawaii?

When should you pack a jacket for Hawaii?

Many people travelling to Hawaii have this question in mind as to do I need to bring a jacket to Hawaii. The answer strictly depends on the time of your travel. In Hawaii, November to May is the coldest months and even these months are often not as cold as you think due to the tropical location.

So it is better to be safe and sure while you pack your baggage for the Hawaii trip and keep a jacket handy. At least a light jacket would surely be helpful in this regard as you can also wear it for the protection from the extreme sun rays.

When should you pack a raincoat for Hawaii?

The wettest of months in Hawaii is from October to March. So if you are travelling at this time and the question of do I need to bring a raincoat to Hawaii is bugging you, we would say just pack one for safety. There are some islands which have more rainfall than the others and due to the unpredictable weather conditions, it is tough to predict the weather conditions to come.

The Kauai islands, in particular, are one of the rainiest destinations in Hawaii and if you have that as a part of your travel plans then you should most definitely pack a raincoat.

Hawaii Beach
Hawaii Beach

5 Scenarios where you should pack a jacket or raincoat

  1. If you have plans to go trekking through the forests then you would probably need a raincoat and even a light jacket due to the fall in temperatures.
  2. If you intend to go out for all night then it is a good idea to have a jacket handy as at certain times the temperature of the place during the night falls all of a sudden to give you the shiver.
  3. If you have plans of traveling to the Eastern or Northern part of the Big Island then also you might need to carry a raincoat or a light jacket.
  4. If you go for some elevation hiking then with the increase in heights the temperature will reduce and you will need a jacket.
  5. If you travel from October to March you surely need to carry a raincoat as you never know when the rains would come.

Hawaii no doubt serves as one of the greatest retreats for the vacation seeking tourist. The beautiful islands and the picture-perfect beaches are the ideal backdrops to a perfect holiday.

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The weather however as we discussed is largely unpredictable and so you can never be sure how the next few days would be like except for a common pattern. So pack wisely and put all your doubts on should you bring a jacket or raincoat to Hawaii with the insights from this article.

Article Title: Hawaii Packing: Should You Bring a Jacket or Raincoat to Hawaii?
Article first published on May 9, 2019.

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