New York City is not only known for its high-rise buildings but also known for its beautiful places to watch sunset. The city is blessed with many beautiful places where you can easily reach to enjoy the beautiful sunset. So, let’s see where you can watch the beautiful sunset in New York City. In this article, we have featured the NYC’s best beaches, parks and other known sunset points.

8 Best Places To Watch Sunset in New York City

1. Astoria Park, Queens

Astoria Park is located in Queens, New York City. The park is one of the largest open spaces in the New York city to enjoy your evening. It is the perfect place to get the best view of sunset between the Triboro and Hellgate bridges. The park is one of the most popular places to watch sunset in New York city.

Astoria Park Queen Sunset in NYC

2. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is the second most popular place to watch the sunset in the NYC. It is located on 334 Furman Street in the city of New York. Your would have memorable moments while enjoy an evening party in the park watching the beautiful sunset. It is also one of the best tourist attractions in NYC.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Sunset in NYC

3. Staten Island Ferry

It is the best way to enjoy the free ride as well as the beautiful sunset on the Hudson river. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy your evening without paying anything! It is one of the best places to watch sunset in New York city.

Staten Island Ferry Sunset in NYC

4. South Cove Park

South Cove Park is the fourth most popular place to watch the beautiful sunset in the city. It is located in lower Manhattan in New York City. It is one of the hidden gems of a park. You should not miss an opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset from this park.

South Cove Park Sunset in NYC

5. Coney Island Beach

Have you ever seen the sun go down on a beach? If not, then the Coney Island Beach is the best place to watch the sunset in New York city. Besides sunset, you would enjoy eating famous hot dog from Nathan’s as well as hearing the sound of waters.

Coney Island Beach Sunset in NYC

6. Grand Ferry Park, Brooklyn

Have you seen the freedom tower while the sun goes down? Grand Ferry Park is the best spot to watch the sunset when the freedom tower shrouded in the light of a setting sun. It is also the popular place to see the skyline of the city.

Grand Ferry Park, Brooklyn Sunset in NYC

7. Roosevelt Island Tram, Manhattan

Take a ride on the tram to get the panoramic view of the city. It is also one of the best ways to watch the Sunset in New York city. However, you need to catch the tram at the right time to get the breathtaking views of the East River and beyond.

Roosevelt Island Tram, Manhattan Sunset in NYC

8. The High Line

The High Line is a free way to enjoy the beauty of the nature without worrying about the discounts. It is a famous place for its peaceful environment. You can also relax with your friends and family members at the High Line during the sunset. It is also a popular place to see the beautiful skyline of New York city.

The High Line Sunset in NYC

Article first appeared October 1, 2014. Last re-published on February 29, 2016.

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