4th of July Boston
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4th of July Boston: Fireworks Live Streaming Tips, Events, Things to Do, and Attractions

4th of July Boston fireworks will drive you crazy with its spectacular views in different locations. It’s a grand fest and feast on the annual Independence Day. Make a list of the venues or locations in Boston that will raise your spirit of Independence.

4th of July Boston
4th of July Boston

Top Locations to Spot 4th of July Boston Fireworks:

1. Larz Anderson Park:

It’s a hidden gem for those who wish to spot the best fireworks in Boston. The park has lush green sceneries. The patriotic feeling roams in the environment and you will see that in the crowd that has gathered to celebrate this special moment.

2. Wright’s Tower:

Although, it is closed at the night time, the nearby area of Medford vantage gives you clear views of 4th of July Boston fireworks all the way to the Boston Skyline. The view is splendid during the evening. Many families gather here to enjoy this special experience of freedom.

3. City Hall Plaza:

The flag raising ceremony and parade begins from City Hall Plaza to Granary Burial Ground. Thousands of wreaths are laid on the graves of brave patriots and soldiers who have sacrificed their life and fought for US courageously. It’s a moment of pride and honor. Post the parade, the evening glitters with fireworks in the sky and lots of celebration activities continue.

4. Top of the Hun Restaurant:

Every celebration and good moment begins from freshly served food. Enjoy 4th of July in Boston at restaurant located on the 52nd floor of Prudential Tower. Enjoy some lip-smacking food and drinks while watching the splendid 4th of July Boston fireworks taking place in the sky. The restaurant also organizes a live music concert to celebrate Independence.

5. Old South Meeting House:

The Old South Meeting House in Boston is a perfect place for youngsters and children. With a free entry, you get to play games like scavenger hunt, quizzes, and other interesting activities. It’s a known place for patriotic meets. It’s a proud moment to watch fireworks lighting the sky and the spirits of freedom flying so high.

6. Charles River:

Boston city pops up the 4th July fireworks on the Charles River. Outstanding orchestral performances take place by renowned vocalists and musicians every year. The event begins at 8:30 pm and end on a spectacular note of sparkling fireworks in the sky.

7. Fenway Park Tour:

The celebrations at the Fenway Park Tour begin from 1st July and last till 4th July. There is nothing better than watching the series of games at the park. People come here to watch the baseball tournament and relax. The entire stadium is in the spirit of freedom. These are some of the historic stadiums and so, it’s an amazing sight to experience on the main event of 4th July.

4th of July Boston fireworks bring many reasons to drink, dine, and celebrate Independence with a new spirit. Dress yourself to the best to celebrate this proud moment of freedom.

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