4th of July Baltimore fireworks have many reasons to invite you and cherish the special moments of Independence. We expect you do something different on this Independence Day as it’s the most remarkable moment for the US citizens!

Many places in Baltimore invite you on 4th of July. There is music, fireworks, food, drinks, dance, and many other games.

4th of July Baltimore
4th of July Baltimore

6 Reasons to Watch The 4th of July Baltimore Fireworks:

1. Inner Harbor Fireworks:

Do not miss the watch the outstanding inner harbor fireworks from the World Trade Center. The entry tickets are only $50 for adults and $25 for children. It’s an out of the world magical moment for people who experience this view.

2. Visionary Pet Parade:

Get ready to watch one of the biggest pet parades organized by the American Visionary Art Museum. The place is known cute pooches and pets in their best form. Why not? After all, it’s a freedom moment for them too. The lovely cute little pets look so adorable and so many in numbers is like double the treat!

4th of July Baltimore Fireworks
4th of July Baltimore Fireworks Image Source: AXS.com

3. North Point Government Center:

Another location to remember in Baltimore is The North Point Government Center for The Dundalk Heritage Fair Association. The parade begins from 08:15 am and the fireworks begin at 9:15 pm. For more information related to the fireworks show and streaming, refer to the site dundalkheritagefair.com.

4. Catonsville:

Catonsville is a home to a fun-filled day picnic with friends, families, and kids. With lots of holiday activities planned, enjoy good live music, delicious food counters, kid games, and a great fireworks show all at one place.

Carry some picnic utilities and stuff with you as the day will be long to spend at Catonsville and you may not want to miss a moment in search of a supermarket store.

4th of July Baltimore Fireworks
4th of July Baltimore Fireworks Image Source: Edwin Remsberg

5. Colorful Streets:

Most of the streets of Baltimore are colored and decorated with a blue, white, and red theme. People wear flag colored hats, get their face painted, kids wear flag colored dresses, and carry balloons of flag colors.

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The patriotic feel could be experienced in the entire place of Baltimore. It’s a different experience altogether. If you wish to celebrate Independence Day with a lively crowd, this is the place to be.

6. Live Streaming:

Watch the live streaming of splendid fireworks filling the sky of Baltimore on channels like YouTube. You are taken straight to the city parades and downtown Baltimore Harbor.

The Light City of Baltimore is another experience to cherish. With pyrotechnic fireworks, everything becomes thrilling on Independence Day. For live streaming of 4th of July Baltimore fireworks, you may refer to sites like https://www.axs.com/ and https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/.

4th of July Baltimore Fireworks
4th of July Baltimore Fireworks Image Source: CBS Baltimore

One of the best ways to watch 4th of July Baltimore fireworks are by making reservations at the nearby restaurants or pubs. Some restaurants in the inner harbor like give you 360 degree spectacular views of these fireworks in the sky. It’s a total deal for the guests who make it!

Article Title: 4th of July Baltimore: Fireworks Live Streaming Tips, Things to Do, and Attractions
Article last re-published on June 30, 2019.

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