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4th of July Bakersfield CA: Fireworks Live Stream Tips, Parade, Events, and Celebrations

Unite, sing, and dance along with thousands of other patriotic people gathered to celebrate 4th of July. With a salute to the brave fighters, the celebrations take place with loads of activities including the splendid fireworks show. Kern County has collaborated with Bakersfield Association for the record breaking broadcast of live singing. Many other reasons about Bakersfield invite you to be a part of this special day.

Bakersfield CA
Bakersfield CA

4th of July Bakersfield CA: Fireworks Live Stream Tips, Parade, Events, and Celebrations

4th of July Fireworks Bakersfield CA:

4th of July Fireworks Bakersfield CA offers you a magical evening. The celebrations begin from 06:30 in the evening. The Park at River Walk features international artists who perform live before the fireworks take place. There is food, games, and entertainment for all the visitors. The fireworks will begin from 9 PM and you can watch the streaming from online websites or news channels on YouTube. What’s more? The fireworks and live entertainment are free to watch!

4th of July Bakersfield CA Events:

4th of July Bakersfield CA Events held at River Walk are the best! Apart from the fireworks that take place throughout Kern Count. The place will organize a bounce house for kids, food corners, and live music. The Bright House Networks Amphitheatre is a perfect place to watch the entire musical evening. The area of the Park gets filled pretty fast, so reach before time to book your space. Another happening event on the occasion of 4th of July takes place at Coy Burnett Football Stadium and the Central Park. The guests participate in the hot dog eating contest, taste the lip-smacking food from barbecue counter, and enjoy the dog race.

4th of July Bakersfield CA Parade:

Rush to the Sixth Street for a free admission to watch the lovely parade in the memory of soldiers. The Philip Marx Central Park also hosts a small 4th of July Bakersfield CA Parade with live music. The entry is open for the guests and the fireworks take place by 9 PM after the parade and other activities are over. The gates are open from 4 PM and its fun to see the lively crowd. You are surely going to get a cheerful atmosphere throughout the day.

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Article Title: 4th of July Bakersfield CA: Fireworks Live Stream Tips, Parade, Events, and Celebrations
Article last re-published on June 29, 2018.

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