Spend your 4th of July at some of the most interesting locations of Fort Walton Beach and the nearby areas. A variety of food vendors, exciting events, fireworks show, and lively crowd wait for your presence. To add more there is live music and breathtaking atmosphere fill of patriotic spirit.

4th of July Fort Walton Beach

4th of July Fort Walton Beach: Events, Activities, and Fireworks Live Stream Tips

4th of July Fireworks Fort Walton Beach:

4th of July Fireworks Fort Walton Beach will leave you mesmerized. One of the locations that you can’t afford to miss to spot the fireworks is at the waterfront landing park on Brooks Street. Second event to watch is the fireworks display followed by live music with the participation of artists like Emerald Coast Chorus. The area grabs majority of the crowd because of its lively atmosphere and lovely ambience. You will love to see the spirit of patriotism and unity amongst people around. There are some social sites like Facebook and YouTube that share the links of live streaming of these fireworks.

4th of July Fort Walton Beach Events:

4th of July Fort Walton Beach Events welcome you wholeheartedly for a never dying patriotic experience. Destin Harbor area and Walton Beach are the best places to spot these freedom moments. The atmosphere is bright and lively with people gathering. The main event begins from 7 PM. Turn on your radio to Z96.5 PM to hear some musical performances straight from these areas. The Harbor area hosts a Red, White, and Blue themed celebration day honoring the brave heroes and military men. Some artists perform patriotic songs and classic tracks from the old times. They also conduct a patriotic salute with fireworks that light up the entire sky at 9 pm. It’s an amazing sight that can’t be missed. The unity of people gathered to celebrate their freedom is commendable!

4th of July Fort Walton Beach Parade:

Wind Creek Atmore sponsor a torchlight parade and every year they host themed styled parades to honor the freedom moment. Post the parade; don’t leave that soon as there is a musical event and loads of activities waiting for your participation. The Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village hosts interesting 4th of July Fort Walton Beach Parade for the children; scooters, wagon, and bikes are decorated for the parade.

Make it happen soon by planning in advance. We wish you the best of 4th of July Independence Day.

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Article Title: 4th of July Fort Walton Beach: Events, Activities, and Fireworks Live Stream Tips
Article first published on May 18, 2017.

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