Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour: Ticket Prices, Tour Itinerary, and More

Have you been planning for the Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour? This guide will come handy for you. We have details about the main event and how it is conducted along with useful information such as the tour cost, itinerary, and related deals.

Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour is loved by anyone who travels to Canada. It is one of the major attractions for tourists and thus more number of travelers become a part of this adventure tour. Witnessing the gigantic Niagara Falls from the sky in a helicopter is an experience no one can describe in words. It has to be personally experienced only. There are various reasons other than the scenic views why people love to go for this helicopter ride.

Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour
Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour

Things You Must Know About Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour:

Ticket Prices / Tour Cost:

Generally,  the ticket costs are charged as below;

  • Per Adult: CA$ 125
  • Per Child between 2-11 years: CA$ 80
  • Per Infant under 2 years: Free

You can find latest rates and more ticket prices details from this page here.

How to Buy Tickets for Helicopter Ride Niagara Falls:

Even if you buy the ticket beforehand, you may expect a waiting period of 10 to 30 minutes during peak season. Sometimes, the waiting period may take up to even one hour during busy period as there are plenty of tourists waiting in the line for this moment.

To avoid this lines, please buy tickets from this page for world-class experience.

Niagara Falls New Years Eve Fireworks
Niagara Falls New Years Eve Fireworks

Tour Itinerary:

Understand this simple and easy to remember Itinerary when you embark your journey to watch the magnificent Niagara Falls by helicopter.

1. Takeoff:

The first step for the Helicopter Tours Canada Niagara Falls is the Takeoff. Plan to get ready to takeoff from the Helipad. The experienced trained professionals will guide you on the seating arrangements and how to begin. Your safety is of utmost importance to them.

2. Niagara Whirlpool:

Once you takeoff, you will head to the Niagara Whirlpool. You may ask the team members if you can click pictures from the tip for your memories.  Niagara Falls Helicopter Canada Side Ride offers the best views.

3. Niagara Rapids and Rainbow Bridge:

The third step is experiencing the Niagara Rapids and Rainbow Bridge.

4. The American and Bridal Veil Falls:

While the helicopter takes you further, you will experience the breathtaking waterfalls that they also named as the American and Bridal Veil Falls for its crystal white waves and umbrella like showers.

5. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls:

You will be further flown to the popular Canadian Horseshow Falls from helicopter. Ask any queries and the meaning of these names by your guide present with you in the helicopter. These are one of the Best Deals for Helicopter Ride Niagara Falls.

6. Fallsview Area:

Get clear views of Fallsview Area via the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Center.

7. Back to the Helipad:

The entire journey takes you through a 10 to 12 minutes ride. We are sure you must had the best experience of your life when you land.

For in-depth information, travel tips and final price,  you can check this page here.

Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour
Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour Image Source: ToNiagara

Additional Information and Details:

  • They have about 4 helicopters with capacity of taking up to 7 passengers at a time. These are also customized Airbuses.
  • You will also offered a complimentary taped commentary in 12 different languages as proof of your memory and your adventure.
  • The service is close during bad weather.
  • The adventure ride is also closed on Christmas Day.
  • Helicopter rides for the Niagara Falls are open usually from 0 am until sunset.
  • For any unavoidable circumstances in case the service is closed or you are unable to fly, you can claim for a refund. The refund will be issued to you after deducting $2.99 convenience fee. The claimant has to file for a refund either on their email or onsite.
  • You have a free onsite parking available to add more convenience to your trip.
  • Elder citizens and those who are find difficulty to walk, wheelchair arrangements are made for the weak mobile passengers. Wheelchairs provide direct access to the helicopters.
  • You can also buy limited high quality Niagara-helicopters and Niagara-falls souvenirs for your loved ones or memories to take back home.
  • Personalized photos can be taken prior to takeoff and while landing. These need to be bought by the professional photographer when you get back.
Niagara Falls Canada
Niagara Falls Canada

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Hope you are all set to experience this adventure all by yourself.

Article Title: Niagara Falls Canada Helicopter Tour: Ticket Prices, Tour Itinerary, and More
Article first published on June 14, 2019.

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