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How much does a taxi cost from Edinburgh Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Edinburgh Airport to City Centre?

For the swiftest transportation, you can opt for an Edinburgh airport taxi, which is operational round the clock at Edinburgh airport. In light traffic, the journey takes approximately 25 minutes and charges roughly €26 (£23).

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Edinburgh Airport
Edinburgh Airport, Photo Credit: Skytrax Ratings

How do I get from Edinburgh Airport to city Centre?

With frequent and rapid services to Edinburgh city center, trams are a hassle-free mode of transportation to and from the airport. Trams operate every 7 minutes from 7 am to 7 pm and every 15 minutes outside of these hours, with a complete travel time of only 30 minutes from end to end.

How much is an Uber from Edinburgh Airport to city centre?

The cost of Uber rides is subject to dynamic pricing and can fluctuate; however, during less busy hours, you can expect to pay approximately £18-£24 for UberX, £27-£37 for Uber Exec, and £25-£34 for UberXL.

Should I book a taxi in Edinburgh Airport?

Getting around through public transportation from Edinburgh (EDI) Airport can be intricate and overwhelming, especially after a flight. For the utmost convenience, it’s recommended to take an Edinburgh airport taxi to reach the city center. These taxis are effortlessly accessible 24/7 and ensure speedy transfers to the city.

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Do taxis in Edinburgh take cash?

Due to their spaciousness, Uber rides are suitable for transferring sizable luggage. In addition to regular taxis, you may come across slightly bigger vehicles that resemble minivans, which can accommodate up to seven passengers. Payment options include cash and card; however, it’s recommended to pay by cash, as a 5% surcharge is imposed on card transactions.

Is Uber cheaper than normal taxis? Typically, Uber rides are marginally more affordable than conventional taxis, with fares that can be up to 40% cheaper. However, in certain circumstances, additional costs may cause Uber fares to increase to nearly double that of taxis. This scenario is particularly prevalent when surge pricing is in operation.

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