How much does a taxi cost from Dalaman Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Dalaman Airport to City Centre?

The taxi cost from Dalaman Airport to City Centre is €2 (₺31,82 TL), it is a 10-minute taxi ride from airport to the city centre.

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Dalaman Airport
Dalaman Airport, Photo Credit: marmaris .org

Can you get a taxi at Dalaman Airport?

Travelling from Dalaman Airport is easy and convenient, with official yellow taxis readily available outside the arrival’s terminal. Taking a taxi from the airport is the most popular public transport option.

How far is Dalaman area from airport?

Dalaman International Airport is conveniently located just 6.7 km away from the city centre and can be easily reached in just 10 minutes by car or taxi. Do you have a question; Is Uber allowed in Turkey? Yes, Uber is available in Dalaman, Turkey.

Are taxis cheap in Turkey? When you get into a taxi in Turkey and the taxi meter is activated, you should expect to pay 14.50 Turkish liras. The price per kilometer for yellow taxis is 6.50 liras, blue taxis cost 7.99 liras, and black taxis cost 9.50 liras.

How much is taxi from Dalaman Airport to Fethiye?

The cost of a one-way taxi ride from Dalaman International Airport to Fethiye is roughly €10.60 (₺175 TL). This fare remains the same regardless of the day, night or weekend.

Do you tip taxis in Turkey? In Dalaman, Turkey, there is no customary practice of tipping taxi drivers, however, it is customary to round up the fare. For example, if the fare is 38 TL, it is customary to hand the driver 40 TL, with the remaining 2 TL being considered a tip for the driver if the ride was enjoyable.

How much is a taxi per km in Turkey?

In Istanbul, the base fare for a taxi ride is 9.80 Turkish Liras (TL) or 0.50 US Dollars (USD). The price per kilometer is 6.30 TL or 0.30 USD. If the taxi is waiting for more than 5 minutes, 0.35 TL or 0.00 USD will be added for each minute. The minimum price for a journey is 8.70 TL or 0.50 USD.

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