Zurich New Years Eve

Best Hotels to Celebrate New Years Eve 2023 in Zurich

More than 100K visitors plan a trip to Zurich New Years Eve 2023. New Year celebrations by the Lake of Zurich are the talk of the town. It is a sight to see and experience. From spectacular fireworks to colorful crowd, everything is amazing about this place. Don’t mistake Zurich by just a cold destination; it is also popular for its bars, drinks, live music, and more other than just snow and cold weather.

Zurich is an outside affair on New Years Eve; not many people like to stick to their hotel rooms or homes. Be prepared with outdoor environment as you will experience a different world altogether in Zurich. Overall, it is beautiful, pleasant, and exciting for New Years Eve celebrations.

Zurich New Years Eve
Zurich New Years Eve, Image Source: zuerich.com

Best Hotels to Stay and Celebrate in Zurich for New Years Eve:

1. Zurich Marriott Hotel

Zurich Marriott Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels to stay and celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023 in Zurich. They offer world-class party and dinner experience. There are two restaurants in the hotel, first is one Thai cuisines and another one is original Swiss cuisines and dishes.

A brief prices are given below:

Echo Restaurant serves you the local and basic Swiss cuisine if you really want to feel Zurich closely.

  • New Year’s Brunch – CHF 82/person
  • New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) Echo Restaurant (Swiss Restaurant) – 79/person
  • New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) White Elephant Restaurant (Thai Restaurant) – 79/person

New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) Millennium Ballroom

  • Adult: CHF 229 PER
  • Children: CHF 49 and CHF 109

For detailed New Year’s Eve plan, check this article. For room or suite reservation, check this page.

Zurich Marriott Hotel
Zurich Marriott Hotel

2. Storchen Zurich

Storchen Zurich is one of the best hotels to watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Zurich. The hotel offers one of the best New Year’s Eve party experiences in Zurich. They offer delicious dinner too on December 31st. However, an advance reservation is required for room and suite. A brief dinner package info is given below:

  • CHF 335/person including aperitif, menu, best view of the fireworks and cotillons. Exclusive drinks with food.

For detailed info about hotel’s plan on December 31st, check it here. To make room or suite reservation at the best prices available online, visit this website.

Storchen Zurich
Storchen Zurich

3. The Dolder Grand

There is no match for The Dolder Grand to spend your New Year’s Eve in Zurich. The hotel offer best options on December 31st to make your holiday most memorable. The brief options are given below:

4-Course Dinner and Party @ Ballroom

  • CHF 530 per person
  • Special Dress code, Live DJ, Party, Dancing, Best Dinner, Snack and more

NYE Dinner @ The Restaurant

  • CHF 498 per person
  • 9-course gala dinner, 1 Glass of Champagne, snacks (midnight), entertainment and more

In addition to best party, dance and amazing dinner, The Dolder Grand Hotel is a perfect place to watch beautiful New Year Fireworks.

For more plans and options, visit this dedicated article for The Dolder Grand Hotel. To make room or suite booking, checkout here.

The Dolder Grand Zurich
The Dolder Grand Zurich

4. Baur Au Lac

Baur Au Lac is one of the best heritage hotels in Zurich to welcome New Year 2023 with your loved one. The hotel overlooks the Schanzengraben Canal and most tourist attractions are located nearby. The cost of dinner at Pavillion Restaurant is CHF 850/person including the recommended wines, mineral water and coffee.

On the other hand, the gala dinner at Petit Palais will cost you CHF 520/person including a champagne apertif, plus mineral water and coffee till midnight. Room charges for overnight stay are not included, room reservation can be done from here.

Baur Au Lac Zurich
Baur Au Lac Zurich

Hotel Continental Zurich has a perfect environment to spend New Years Eve in a decent manner. It could be an expensive deal on New Years but worth the expenses. A few good hotels with exclusive Zurich New Years Eve Party attractions include: Radisson Blu Hotel, Hotel Bristol Zurich, and Hotel Alexander.

Where to Celebrate Zurich New Years Eve 2023?

Lake Zurich is one of the most popular places to visit for Zurich New Year Events. 2023 will see enchanting fireworks on the mountains of Etzel, Schnebelhorn, Uetliber, and Felsenegg. Put your best clothes and rush to the nightclubs. Most of these have some activities planned for the New Years Eve.

Nightlife at bars and lounges are perfect place to see new faces and get close to the common people of Zurich. If you are traveling with family, book a table at a cozy restaurant and enjoy your dinner with some decent live music played in the background.

Lake Zurich and Mountains
Lake Zurich and Mountains

Food to relish during New Years Eve:

The options of recipes in the menu are simply the best in the town! Another popular place to hang out with family and friends to celebrate Zurich New Years Eve 2023 is at the restaurant Heugumper.

Enjoy the mouthwatering Parmesan and Truffle Soup with some delicious Scallops. Some more good restaurants to name are, Villa Loca Restaurant and Bar, Barfusser, and Chasalp. These places get very crowded during New Year’s Eve Celebrations 2023 in Zurich so make sure you reach much before the event begins.

Echo Restaurant at Zurich Marriott Hotel
Echo Restaurant at Zurich Marriott Hotel

Zurich is worth every planning and every penny spent. You won’t forget the moments spent here for its lovely weather, gorgeous crowd, and beautiful New Year attractions.

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