How much does a taxi cost from Granada Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Granada Airport to City Centre?

The cost of a taxi ride from Granada Airport to the city center is typically around 27€, depending on your final destination. The ride is metered, with an initial charge of approximately 4€ for airport pick-up. If you have oversized luggage, it may cost you slightly more, at around 0.50c per bag.

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Granada Airport
Granada Airport, Photo Credit: BP

How do I get from Granada airport to city?

Multiple buses depart daily from the airport to the city center, with the service being operated by Alsa Granada Airport Bus Number 0245. Approximately 10 buses run from the airport to Granada city each day, with a travel time of 45 minutes and a cost of 3 Euros.

How much is a taxi from Granada-to-Granada airport?

On weekdays, the fare from Granada to the airport is around 25-30 euros, whereas on weekends and during the nighttime, the fare is approximately 30-35 euros. The distance between the airport and Granada is around 18 km, with an approximate travel time of 30 minutes.

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How much are taxis in Granada?

The one-way taxi fares in Grenada vary from $2.50 XCD to $8 XCD (approximately $1 to $3 USD), depending on the distance of travel. Taxis are easily available in Grenada, and finding one is not a challenging task.

Is Uber available in Granada? Yes, Uber services are available in Granada. How much is a taxi from Granada airport to Alhambra? A faster transportation option to travel from Granada Airport (GRX) to Alhambra is a private transfer, which takes 26 minutes and costs €67.

How far is Granada from airport?

If you don’t have a car, the most convenient way to travel from Granada to Granada Airport is by taking the line 245 bus, which covers the 15-km distance in about 15 minutes. The bus fare is €3. Alternatively, taxis and airport shuttles are also available for hire. The road distance between the two points is approximately 16.9 km.

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