How much does a taxi cost from Barcelona Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Barcelona Airport to City Centre?

The taxi fare from Barcelona Airport to the City Centre is not a flat fee and can range between €35 and €40.

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Barcelona Airport
Barcelona Airport, Photo Credit: Skytrax Ratings

How much is Uber from Barcelona airport to city?

On average, Uber rides from Barcelona airport to the city centre cost between €20 and €30, which may be more affordable than taxis. However, even with the savings, it is not a significant discount.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Barcelona? The average cost of an Uber ride from Barcelona Airport to the city center is around €27 to €35, which is cheaper than taking a taxi. However, the savings may not be substantial.

How do I get from Barcelona airport to city Centre?

The L9 metro link provides a direct connection between Barcelona Airport and the city centre, with two stops: Aeroport T1 and Aeroport T2. The airport metro operates during the same hours as the regular metro system and is included in the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass.

Are taxi expensive in Barcelona? In terms of taking a taxi in Barcelona, the rates are quite reasonable. You’ll usually be charged an initial fee of €2.10, plus €1.03 per mile. If you have any suitcases, expect to be charged an additional €4 per bag for trips to the airport or cruise port.

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What is the cheapest way to travel around Barcelona?

Barcelona’s bus system is an affordable and efficient way to travel around the city with more than 230 bus routes that reach all areas of the city. Although the bus system in Barcelona is more complex than the metro, practice makes perfect, so make sure you know the name of the station you want to get to.

Do you need cash for taxis in Barcelona?

Taxis in Barcelona can be paid with cash or credit card. If paying with cash, note that the taxi drivers must have €20.00 in change. As a result, if you pay with a high-value banknote, the taxi driver may not have change.

Do you tip taxis in Barcelona?

The culture of tipping taxi drivers is not expected, and rounding up to the nearest amount is appreciated. A generous tip for a taxi ride is considered to be 5% of the total fare. Tipping may be appropriate for longer rides or additional assistance with luggage, but if you don’t have the exact change, the taxi driver won’t mind.

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