Bucharest Airport

How much does a taxi cost from Bucharest Airport to City Centre?

How much does a taxi cost from Bucharest Airport to City Centre?

The cost of a taxi ride from Bucharest Airport to the City Centre is usually around 15€. This price remains the same during both the day and night, provided there is light traffic. Alternatively, you can take the 783 bus to Unirii Square for just 0.85€, but the ride could take up to 60 minutes due to the number of stops and traffic conditions.

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Bucharest Airport
Bucharest Airport

Is taxi expensive in Bucharest?

In Bucharest, taxi prices are generally affordable, and all taxi cabs display their fares on their doors. The starting fare for a ride in Bucharest is €0.4 (equivalent to RON 2), with a minimum rate of €0.35 (equivalent to RON 1.69) per kilometer.

Is Uber cheaper than normal taxis?

Compared to conventional taxi services, Uber is generally more affordable, with fares that can be up to 40% cheaper in most instances. However, in some cases, Uber fares can be nearly twice as high as taxi fares once additional expenses are factored in. This is particularly true during times of high demand or “surge pricing.”

How much is an Uber from Bucharest airport to city centre? Taking a taxi or Uber from Bucharest Airport to the city centre is a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to travel. The fare is usually around 50 to 80 Lei (10 to 17 Euro).

Do taxis take credit cards in Bucharest?

Do you have a question; Are credit cards accepted by taxis in Bucharest? Unfortunately, the taxis at Bucharest airport do not have the required POS system to process credit card payments. If you opt for a taxi ride, it is necessary to carry local currency in small denominations.

How do I take a taxi from Bucharest airport?

Customers who wish to order a taxi from a specific company can still utilize the touch screen terminals for taxi requests. Licensed taxis with fares ranging from 1.89 lei/km to 3.5 lei/km are conveniently located on the ground floor in front of the Arrivals terminal. It is important to note that accessing taxis in public parking areas is prohibited by law.

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