Christmas Market in Poland

Christmas in Poland: Christmas Traditions, Beliefs, Customs, Markets and More

Being a Catholic nation, Poland has many reasons to be special for the Christmas celebrations. Christmas in Poland is celebrated in both ways, traditionally as well as influenced by other cultures and nations. From Christmas trees to Christmas fares and from Christmas feasts to Christmas concerts, you have every reason to be here.

Christmas in Poland will leave you busy throughout your vacations as there are plentiful of options to explore and experience. Christmas markets in Poland attract many visitors that keep rising every year as people look for exclusive stuff to buy for loved ones.

Christmas in Poland
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Christmas Celebrations in Poland:

Cleaning and organizing the house is important Christmas Traditions in Poland for Polish people. They make sure the carpets, rugs, and house is entirely clean to welcome Christmas. The smell of tangerines in the schools and workplaces makes you realize that Christmas is about to arrive. Meat is usually not allowed in any form during Christmas in Poland.

Elders in the family tease children by singing longer carols so that the Christmas presents can take longer to be opened. Streets are decorated beautifully with Christmas trees and decorative. Houses are beautifully lit with colorful lights to welcome Christmas. Churches look beautiful from outside and inside. You can experience the joy of Christmas as you walk on the streets of Poland.

Christmas Celebrations in Poland
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Polish Christmas Traditions and Customs:

Christmas Eve is also referred to as Wigilia in Poland. People love to buy and wear new clothes during Christmas. Their Christmas meal is known as Kolacja Wigilijna. As a part of the Christmas Traditions in Poland, food is eaten only after seeing the first star in the sky. Thus, children are kept busy to look at the sky to spot the first star.

Polish people also cook about 12 dishes as it depicts good luck for another 12 months as Christmas Customs in Poland. Their meal usually does not consist of meat or meat products. Catholics also believe that these 12 dishes represent 12 disciples of Jesus. ‘Makowiec’ is a popular Christmas dessert in Poland, which is a poppy seed roll; it is mainly made up of yeast bread, dried fruits, and nuts. Some of the popular Christmas meals in Poland are dumplings, borscht, carp, herring in cream and more…

Polish Christmas Traditions and Customs
Polish Christmas Traditions and Customs

Sharing of Christmas wafer is another important tradition for Christmas celebration. It is usually followed before the main supper.

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Christmas Markets in Poland:

Poland Christmas Markets will blow your mind with their amazing collection of Christmas gifts and souvenirs. The historic venues and central squares are filled with Christmas ornaments, gifts, goodies, and food for sale. It is the best place to grab some rare and traditional Christmas stuff. Families and children arrive well-dressed to explore the market and buy gifts for each other.

You will find some exclusive ceramics, folk art, amber jewelry, and wooden figurines as a part of wider display in the Poland Christmas Markets. Some of the best Poland stuff can be found during Christmas days and thus you would not want to miss this chance to explore the Christmas market in Poland.

Christmas Market in Poland
Christmas Market in Poland

Santa Claus in Poland:

Santa Claus is in the list of important Christmas Customs in Poland. Get greeted by Santa Claus at schools, markets, town squares, and restaurants in Poland. Elder member in the family is usually dressed as the Santa Claus to offer gifts to the little ones.

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Santa Claus’s main appearance usually takes place on 6th December. The grand feast at St. Nicholas is another important aspect during the Christmas celebrations. It is still an integral part of Christmas celebrations in Poland.

Santa Claus in Poland
Santa Claus in Poland Image Credit: Dziurek/Getty Images

Even if you don’t know the Poland Christmas customs and traditions well, it is perfectly ok. You just need to be in Christmas spirit and go with the flow. People in Poland are very friendly and warm. They would love to exchange Christmas greetings with you. If you are a guest in the family, just be yourself and trust that they would love that.

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