Amsterdam Prices: Food and Drink Prices, Liquor Prices, Weed Prices, Parking Prices and More

Amsterdam Prices is a point of discussion when we start creating our travel plan. Amsterdam is a popular travel destination in Europe and relatively expensive in some aspects. It’s not a cheap destination when it comes to hotel prices, hostel prices, and other tourism related things in Amsterdam.

It’s a relatively small city compares to other global destinations, such as New York City, Mumbai, London, and many others. In this article, Traveljee has compiled a list of approx. prices for various things. So, let’s read it!

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Amsterdam Prices: Food and Drink Prices, Liquor Prices, Weed Prices, Parking Prices and More

Food and Drink Prices

Type of Food Price (in USD) Description
Coffee (Cup) 2.38-3.33 Normal coffee, cappucino, espresso in a cafe or special coffee shop.
.5 litre beer 4.40-5.95 People here order 0.25L in size at half price of 0.5 litre. Happy hour is best way to get good deals / less price.
McDonalds Big Mac 4.17 McKroket is cheaper than McDonalds
Budget breakfast 3.57-7.14 A few and handful restaurants offer morning breakfast. Most of hotels included breakfast in your stay.
Budget lunch 4.76-9.52 A few fast food chains offer under €5 and sit-down options price starts at €5 and more
Budget dinner 7.14-11.90 A good number of budget restaurants available in the city. Pizza price starts at EURO 5.
Chai Tea Small 3-4.50 A tea at Dutch Bros
Dutch Tea 1.75-3 A Dutch tea by Dutch bros
Dutch soda 1.75-3 A Dutch soda by Dutch bros

Amsterdam Transportation Prices / Taxi Prices / Metro Prices

Mode of Transport Price in USD
1 hour canal cruise 15-18
City Canal Cruise 16.13
Amsterdam: Small Boat Canal Cruise 16.13
Taxi from airport to city center 47-59
72-hour tram/bus pass 20
Train from airport to city center 5
48-hour tram/bus pass 14.88
3km taxi ride in Amsterdam 11.01

Amsterdam Attraction Prices

Location Description Type Price in USD
Anne Frank House To avoid queue at Anne Frank House, you should buy tickets online. This attraction has one of the longest lines in Amsterdam Adults

10-17 Years



1 hour canal cruise It’s a perfect cruise when you get to Amsterdam. A few companies charges more than this price. Adults

4-12 Yrs



Rijksmuseum After a good renovation, it’s popularity increased many folds. Adults

Less Than 18 Yrs



Sex Museum It’s a well worth to spend money. Better than Erotic Museum, located nearby. Adults 4.71
Van Gogh Museum If you are a fan of Van Gogh Museum, then you should visit it once. Adults

Less Than 18 Yrs



Madame Tussauds A popular museum chain. Buy tickets online to avoid lines and save €2 also. Adults

5-15 Yrs



Heineken Experience It’s a popular and historic brewery museum. Adults

12-17 Yrs



Hermitage in Amsterdam It’s a popular branch museum of Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, Russia Adults

17 Yrs



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Q1: Is Amsterdam an expensive city?
Answer: It’s a relative term. Amsterdam is a relatively less expensive city compared to Zurich, Geneva, London, Hong Kong, New York City, and other larger cities.

Q2: How much does it cost to visit Amsterdam?
Answer: Please calculate your number of visiting days, places to visit, flight cost, ferry service cost, and other things.

Article Title: Amsterdam Prices: Food and Drink Prices, Liquor Prices, Weed Prices, Parking Prices and More
Article last re-published on February 12, 2019.

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