Lithuanian Christmas Decorations

Christmas in Lithuania: Christmas Traditions, Decorations, Celebrations in Capital

Celebrate Christmas in Lithuania and get the best times with family. It is a city for perfect holidays with loved ones. People celebrate Christmas in old and new traditions and that’s what makes it more exciting. For instance, as a part of a tradition, some families also place hay on the table and manger to remember how Jesus was born. Similarly, people of Poland a Christmas feast consisting of 12 meatless dishes is prepared among-st families.

Being a winter festival, you can imagine the thrill and excitement in Lithuania as people are dressed in their best winter jackets busy shopping to welcome the divine occasion.

Christmas in Lithuania
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Christmas in Lithuania: Christmas Traditions, Decorations, Celebrations in Capital

Lithuanian Christmas Decorations:

The houses are typically decorated to give the feel of Christmas in traditional Christmas style. Christmas Traditions in Lithuania involves decorating the Christmas tree with lots of colorful objects and decorative. If you are visiting Lithuania by any chance nearing Christmas, do visit the Vilnius Town Hall Square for the grand Christmas tree. The decorations here are breathtaking!

The decorations also include handmade objects like the straw ornaments. Plastic straws and real hay are also used as a part of decoration. As a part of Christmas Traditions in Lithuania, they also break wafers before the main meal. Fish is also served at times as an exception to the vegetarian meal.

Lithuanian Christmas Decorations
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Christmas Celebrations in Vilnius:

For the best Christmas in Lithuania, you must personally plan a visit rather reading about it or hearing about it from others. Christmas Celebrations in Lithuania are at its best in the capital city of Vilnius. Public Christmas Trees have recently become a part of Christmas tradition. Most parts of the capital city celebrate Christmas with public Christmas Trees lately.

Take a tour at the Christmas fleas and fairs where you would find plentiful of stalls selling handmade gifts, seasonal treats, and Christmas goodies. The market usually begins at the historic center during Christmas season. At the Town Hall, you will find a Charity market organized by the International Women’s Association of Vilnius. Get greeted by Santa here and buy some exclusive Christmas gifts for your family back home.

Christmas Celebrations in Vilnius
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Best Ways to Celebrate:

  • Apart from the Lithuanian Christmas Decorations, there are other Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Lithuania. Enjoy great poppy milk freshly prepared for Christmas by traditional families.
  • Lithuanians also believe that animals talk at midnight and exchange Christmas greetings with each other too. You will find children busy with their pets at midnight waiting to hear some of these exchange of greetings.
  • Greet the Santa Claus and click some amazing pictures with him. You will find it in plenty of stores.
  • Watching Christmas movies on a wintry night is a Christmas tradition for Lithuanians. Home Alone and Harry Potter are a part of every family’s Christmas celebrations regardless of how many times they watch it.

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Christmas Tree in Lithuania
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  • Attend the mass at the Church which is the most divine thing to do. Offer prayers and wishes to your loved ones. The churches in Lithuania are also beautifully decorated for Christmas arrival.
  • Taste the finest mulled wine and traditional dishes of Christmas prepared by families together.

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