Christmas in Riga, Latvia

Christmas in Latvia: Customs, Pegan Traditions, Christmas Tree, Customs and More

Christmas in Latvia could be exciting to many and it is double the fun if you know the exact places to celebrate Christmas and areas that conduct special Christmas activities. Latvia’s Christmas celebrations have a special place in the hearts of local residents and they look forward for this divine season.

In Latvia, people celebrate Christmas with so much joy and happiness. It is one of the best Christmas destinations in Europe for amazing celebrations.

Christmas in Old Riga Town, Latvia
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Learn How to Celebrate Christmas in Latvia:

Latvia makes you feel like home and we bet people here would not let you miss your homeland for a moment. The colorful streets, friendly approach, and excitement in the air for Christmas makes you feel like coming again over and over.

Christmas in some areas of Latvia is celebrated traditionally whereas some areas know how to balance tradition and craze at the same time. On one corner you would hear mesmerizing Christmas carols by well-dressed children and on the other, there is grand Christmas feast with music and dancing. All you are expected to do is just go with the flow if you wish to feel what Christmas in Latvia is like.

Christmas in Riga, Latvia
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Christmas Tree Tradition:

Christmas Traditions in Latvia will keep you busy throughout. Do you know that the tradition of tree decoration during Christmas actually began from Latvia? Latvians take pride to claim the Christmas Tree Tradition. It was in 1510, when the first Christmas tree in the Old Town Riga was erected for decoration. That was the period when Christmas Traditions in Latvia begun to follow every year as a significant ritual during Christmas.

Even today, a Christmas tree is put up in Baltic during Christmas every year to remember the legends and the tradition. We all know that the trees are beautifully decorated with oodles of ornaments and decorative. However, the scene of Christmas Tree Traditions in Latvia is simple gorgeous due to snow!

Christmas Tree Tradition in Riga, Latvia
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The Yule Log:

If you are new to this term, Yule derives from the shortest day of the year, which arrives some days prior to the arrival of Christmas. Yule represents the Sun and thus, as a part of tradition, people burn Yule logs and candles to shower respect to the sun god.

It is to ask the sun god to come again soon. For Latvians, this is an important tradition as they offer their prayers to clear the bad events and welcome the good days from Christmas and New Year.

Christmas Dinner:

Other than the Christmas Tree Traditions in Latvia and the Yule Log, comes the grand Christmas feast for Latvians! It is a big night for families; from bacon rolls to roasted meat, everything is well prepared to celebrate Christmas as a part of their tradition. To add more, gingerbread cookies, traditional gray peas, and 12 more dishes are prepared as an important part of Christmas Dinner in Latvia.

Christmas Dinner in Latvia attracts many tourists and travelers from different corners as the taste and the serving style wins the hearts of many. It reminds the actual meaning of family celebrations together.

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Christmas Dinner in Latvia
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Christmas Market:

If you are in Latvia especially in the areas of Riga, you must not miss the Christmas Markets in Latvia. There is so much to explore, experience, and try in these markets. Some of the important stuff to remember includes hand-knitted shawls, scarves, and mittens. To add more, handmade candles, gingerbread cookies, and mulled wine cannot be skipped.

Christmas Market in Latvia
Christmas Market in Latvia

Christmas Markets in Latvia attract many tourists and people loved to shop gifts for their loved ones from here. The streets of the market are beautifully decorated; you will also get to taste some of the finest samples of good food at the Riga Christmas Market. It’s a once in lifetime experience for many.

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If you wish to experience real Christmas, this is the place to be!

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