Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Parties, Events, Hotel Deals, Packages, and Fireworks Live Stream Tips

Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Parties, Events, Hotel Deals, Packages, and Fireworks Live Stream Tips details given here. Kosovo has become a favorite New Year spot for many tourists. Various reasons attract your attention to plan this year’s New Year bash in this amazing country.

Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Parties, Events, Hotel Deals, Packages, and Fireworks Live Stream Tips

Things to do on Kosovo New Years Eve 2019:

The whole country will glitter for Kosovo New Years Eve 2019, but there are some places that look adorable like every year.

Mother Teresa Square: Watch the while place with lights hanging and people gathering to celebrate. Do not miss to walk under these enchanting lights. It’s a breathtaking experience.

Zahiri Pajaziti Square: It is the place where New Year celebrations begin from Christmas. There are exhibitions, flea market, and many other attractions planned for New Year 2018.

Two Most Recommended Kosovo New Years Eve Parties:

Villa Germia: One of the most preferred and visited restaurant is Villa Germia. It is also ideal for planning Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Parties. The scenic beauty of this place is a twinkle to the eye. It offers great food, service, and amazing ambience.

Pinocchio: If you remember the story of Pinocchio, it will remind you to be honest to yourself and break free from all the fears. Partying at this decent place, where food and ambience give you a unique experience.

Two Most Preferred Kosovo New Years Eve Events:

Cocktail: Cocktail is an ideal choice for a romantic date on New Year Eve. They arrange a romantic and classic evening with candle lights and music in the background.

Lili: For an amazing option of Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Events, Lili is a suitable choice. The guests arrive here to enjoy the food and music.

Best Hotels in Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Celebration:

Swiss Diamond Prishtina
Address: Sheshi Nëna Terezë p.n, Prishtinë 10000
Phone: +381 38 220000

Hotel Garden
Address: Tahir Zajmi, Prishtinë
Phone: +381 38 717177

Hotel International Prishtina & SPA
Address: Behar Begolli, Veternik, Prishtinë 10000
Phone: +381 38 600222

Hotel Emerald
Address: Prishtina
Phone: +381 38 588888

Hotel “Graçanica”
Address: Graçanica, Kosovo
Phone: +381 38 729888

Hotel Afa
Address: 15 Rruga Ali Kelmendi, Prishtinë
Phone: +381 38 225226

Hotel Royal
Address: Pashko Vasa, Prishtinë
Phone: +381 38 220902

Nartel Hotel
Address: Prishtina
Phone: +381 38 558855

Hotel Lybeten
Address: Dëshmorët e Kombit, Ferizaj 70000
Phone: +386 49 304 000

Hotel Afa Residence
Address: Rruga Deme Ahmeti, Prishtinë 10000
Phone: +381 38 255210

Hotel Theranda
Address: Farkëtarët, Prizren

Hotel Sirius
Address: Agim Ramadani, Prishtinë
Phone: +381 38 222280

Hotel Baci
Address: Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Prishtinë
Phone: +381 38 548356

Hotel Begolli
Address: Maliq Pashë Gjinolli 8, Prishtinë 10000
Phone: +381 38 244277

Semitronix HOTEL Prishtina
Address: rr.Lidhja e Pejes, Prishtinë 10000
Phone: +386 49 740 222

Hotel Dukagjini
Address: Sheshi i Deshmoreve, Pejë 30000
Phone: +381 38 771177

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Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 Fireworks Live Streaming Tips Online

You could watch Kosovo New Years Eve 2019 fireworks live streaming online from the official YouTube channel or official website of the popular news channel. You con also watch fireworks show online from official live camera sites.

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